Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Printed Version of "A Gentle Start" Available Now :)

You asked, we printed ;)

When we released my new ebook, “A Gentle Start” a few weeks ago, y’all flooded us with requests for a *physical* version of the book…sooooooo, our dear warehouse manager Zack got on the case and I’m happy to let you know that we now have a stash of printed copies of this book in stock for y’all to enjoy :)
The printed version has full colour throughout and can be viewed HERE. So many of you mentioned wanting to purchase this book for friends – we hope that this printed version makes this easier for you :)

Here’s a reminder of what the book is all about:

A Gentle Start” is a handbook of conscious parenting choices for new parents. For many, the prospect of parenthood can seem quite overwhelming, with so many new things to consider…let this book help to guide you into conscious choices for a more enjoyable, nourishing and rewarding family experience.

In “A Gentle Start” you can learn about:

*the unexpected bodily changes that pregnancy can bring
*foods/herbs and activities to avoid during pregnancy
*tips for preparing for your best birth
*Oria Berry Monarch’s unassisted home water birth story
*how to successfully Lotus Birth
*things no-one tells you about life post-partum
*guidance for optimal nourishment during pregnancy and breastfeeding
*practical guidance for “attachment parenting” techniques
*tips for raising a “diaper-free”/“Elimination Communication” baby
*shopping lists for eco-friendly/attachment parenting choices

…and here’s what people are already saying about “A Gentle Start”:

It's great! I learned a lot from it and I think it will totally be beneficial for new mamas! I loved it! :) I think that there are so many people that don't know that much about home birth and natural pregnancy and nutrition and all of that...that this would be such a gift... There is so much information from the water/lotus birth, to unassisted birth, to the burping, to the swaddling, to the supplements...it is packed with practical and simple wisdom! :)
Alexandra Jaye Johnson - www.entheos.me

I think the way you write and connect is sooo different. It's like you’re in the room talking to me. It's really gentle and I think the "everyday" woman would be more receptive to the ideas and choices in it because of that :) Such a different energy to most Baby/Parenting Guides, so refreshing!
Donna Marie Watson - www.facebook.com/MotheringLife

I really like your
book. It is a very genuinely written account of your experience. The honesty comes through in the things that might not normally be talked about in the more visceral and personal challenges of pregnancy/birth. For me this is the most useful in reading other women's testimonies - how to face the challenges, keep faith, and rise above. You are able to cover a wide variety of topics in a concise way, which I think will be helpful for a lot of people. All the main points are introduced and then you follow up with a super helpful list of further reading and extra resources. Personally I appreciate the concluding lists of useful/not so useful baby products. I have spent lots of time browsing through them all only to close the website later on because there are so many choices. I've even Googled something to the effect of 'green baby products best list' :)

Just beautiful Angela. It's clear and informative, supports and encourages parents to listen within for their answers and power...while also balancing that with some knowledge from those with passion and experience of the pregnancy and birthing process. It provided me hope, a rather intimidating reality, and a knowledge that I have the strength to see it through. Thank you for sharing YOU!
Alara Wood - raw mother to be one day.

Soooooo, you can get “A Gentle Start” as either an ebook or printed book HERE – enjoy :)))

All love and reverberations of joy, 
A. C. Stokes-Monarch and Oria Berry Monarch. xxx