Thursday, 7 February 2008

Gifts and Gratitude...

WOW – ‘tis the season for awards, it seems...those yummy funsters Heidi and Justin over at RawFoodRightNow have been’n’gone’n’created RAW FOOD Inspiration Awards :) YAY :) I am delighted to have received the ‘Juice Feasters Award’...and they’ve created 2 other categories too – the ‘Raw Food Inspiration Award’ and the ‘Raw Food Courage Award’ – you can read ALL about it HERE...
In honour of this award, along with the phenomenal surge of interest in Juice Feasting of late, I finally got it together last night to move my Juice Feast Breaking video onto YOUTUBE, instead of just Google Vids. This is the infamous ‘prune eating video’ which I’m sure most of you reading this have seen before ;) Many people don’t seem as familiar with Google Vids as YouTube however and have issues finding this vid, it’s hopefully more visible ;) FYI, this version also has a ‘bonus’ extra 5 seconds or so on the end for some reason (not sure how that happened) – SO, if you’ve been silently wondering what happened after prune met HERE to find out ;)

on February the 6th I had:

1.5 quarts water
24oz celery/cucumber/parsley/watercress/carrot/apple juice
1 GORGEOUS durian :)
1.5 quarts water
12oz celery/cucumber/parsley/watercress/carrot/apple juice
bowl of fruit salad: banana/papaya/cherries :) Yummmm...
3 cups water

Anyone is welcome to give the new Raw Food Awards out whenever they want, which seems superbly generous ;) be honest, I’m not sure there’s anyone in the raw food community I’ve met who I WOULDN’T want to give at least one of these awards to...for today though, I’m going to pick just one person for each category... ;)

Raw Food Inspiration Award: Happy Oasis
I love Happy… :) Have you met her? She is indeed a blessed being, doing INCREDIBLE movin’ and shakin’ in the raw food movement, with the Raw Spirit Fest growing yearly...a fabulous storyteller and humble fellow Earth-wanderer, Happy radiates shiny-eyed bliss, integrity and giggling joy :) I LOVE the latest Raw Spirit Fest ticket offer too, BTW – call them up on either 928.776.1497 or 928.708.0784 anytime in February to book your ticket, SING THEM A SONG and you’ll get a free goodie bag of Raw Chocolate :) WOW :) Beautiful...

Raw Food Courage Award
: Jatinder Daniels
Dear Jatinder healed her chronic rheumatoid arthritis with a raw food lifestyle. She lives in Spain with her husband and gorgeous kids, who all made the switch to raw years ago and experienced IMMENSE relief from different illnesses. Jatinder was pretty much on her ‘death bed’ when she made the transition to raw. She demonstrated immense courage in seeing this through, however...and these days, though her body bears many ‘scars’, she is generally in fantastic health...she also makes the most INCREDIBLE raw spice mixes EVER :) See her site HERE.

Juice Feaster’s Award
: John Rose
Gotta hand it to the ‘Grand-daddy of JF-ing', Mr Rose ;) Based in Houston, Texas, John has been on this juicy journey for abt 18 years now...his track record with juicing and health is awe-inspiring...twas he that did help raise Master Rainoshek from his death bed with his juicy ways...and look where THAT led... ;) We met John last year in Houston and I was touched by his gentle sincerity and incredible depth of knowledge – a great man :)

on February the 7th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1lb cherries
1lb cherries
36oz watermelon/orange juice
16oz carrot/spinach juice
little handful of dry wakame flakes, straight from the bag ;)
bowl of soaked dried figs blended with HOMEMADE tahini :)
3 cups water
12oz carrot/spinach juice
bowl of raw soup - cucumber/tomato/garlic/tahini/seaweed, served with carrot sticks and a Mexican Power Wrap
3 cups water

Mr Monarch LOVES his nut/seed butters – especially tahini…and unfortunately, New Zealand seems rather unforthcoming with raw versions (if you happen to know of any suppliers here, pls do let us know ;) So...I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some tahini myself, as a little birthday gift for the Monarch for tomorrow...well, the cheeky monkey realised what I was up to and ended up making it himself ;) LOL...well, at least we know he’ll like it that way...we made it by throwing 4 cups of hulled sesame seeds in the Vitamix, blending them and adding in pumpkin seed oil as it blended – about ¼ is YUMMY – we used some immediately for a meal, plus now we have a whole tub of it in the fridge :) YAY :)
Thanks to all of you who have been sending him yummy birthday messages too, for tomorrow...sweet :) Here’s an amusing ‘virtual gift’ sent over by Lenie from N. Carolina – a mock-up version of our very selves gracing the cover of People magazine – oooo la laaaa... If you’d like to see YOURSELF on the front of People, or...Time Magazine, Cosmo and more…click HERE – thanks Lenie ;)

All blessings and bouncy birthday joy,
Angela. xxx


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