Friday, 2 November 2012

Win a Blendtec Blender :)

Hey everyone :)

Long time no blogs...I know...I've been fully immersed in "mama-baby world" for the last year, as most of you likely know...

Well, our dear daughter Oria is *just* about to turn a year old in a couple of weeks and I'm feeling a bit more able to be back in the communications world...

...and I wanted to let you know that we're giving away a fabulous, free Blendtec Blender in our current giveaway :)

Just check out the video below to get the deeeets and also to get the link to a new free article download we made called "4 Steps to Better Health" - everyone can download this pdf file for free from our site to print out, read, share etc - check it all out in this video:

Blessings to all :)
All love,
Angela. xxx