Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bloated and Emotional Liver Cleasing... ;)

Two Interview Updates:

*Mr. M and I will be speaking with the marvellous Revvell over at ‘Let’s Talk Raw’ this Sunday, from 6pm Pacific Time – a wedding special ;) See HERE for the details and to send your Qs in for A–ing ;)

*A few days back we did another yummy interview with the lovely Tanisha Marshall on ‘Keep It Real Radio’, about how to overcome the challenges of being raw ;) You can check out the archive of that HERE.

ENJOY... :)

on April the 29th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart beetroot/apple juice
3 cups energy soup with chunks of tomato on the side, followed by half an oatmeal cookie :)
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, Jerusalem artichoke, parsley, dandelion, spinach, ginger, lemon
3 romaine wraps stuffed with avo, dulse, tomato, followed by handful of Celestial Cina–Pecan nutz
3 cups water

OOoOoOoooo, me excited. A version of one of my all–time favourite songs – ‘Change is Gonna Come’ – has just been put up on YouTube from the ‘Playing for Change’ crew – LOVE IT :) You may remember the ‘song around the world’ version of Stand By Me I posted here a while back, which montaged buskers/street musicians from around the world singing the same song (and has been viewed nearly 10 MILLION times now ;O...well, lots of those different musicians gathered together recently in New Orleans and did some shows – LOVE this song – check it out:

The ‘Playing for ChangeCD/DVD apparently just came out too – yummy – I’d love to see and hear those... :)

on April the 30th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart beet/apple juice
romaine wraps stuffed with grated cucumber/avo/sunflower seed/dill/garlic mixture, plus dulse and tomato, followed by ½ an oatmeal cookie
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeen juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, Jerusalem artichoke, parsley, dandelion, spinach, ginger, lemon
2 cups water
big bowl of gorgeous cherries with ice cream :)
3 cups water was Day 4 of drinking the beet/apple juice for the liver cleanse...some observations:

*I am feeling SOOOOOOO bloated from the apple/beet juice...32oz of this mixture is SUCH a lot of sugar, causing masses of fermentation...I feel like every cell of my body is packed out to capacity...even my ring which is usually a little big for me is snug on my finger right now... ;) Looking forward to the FLUSH part of this process sometime this weekend, to get this liver–cleansing over ;)

*Bodily excretions are currently pink/red from the masses of beetroot juice being imbibed...a little bizarre ;) (Sorry if that's TMI for anyone ;)

*Moodiness, sensitivity and emotional turbulence definitely in action the last few days (largely from detoxing cacao of course ;) ...found myself spontaneously crying tears of joy watching some young girls skipping today, for example – lol ;)

Living with Liver Love,
Miss Stokes. xxx

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Liver Cleansing...

OOooOoooo lala, the latest GORGEOUS copy of ‘Purely Delicious’ raw food magazine is out now – see HERE.
Mr M and I are in there, answering readers’ questions and spreading the there are recipes from Matthew Kenney, a feature on Dr. Wolfe, Gabriel talking abt diabetes, an exploration of ‘natural’ beauty care products, exercises to get ‘beach ready’ and more ;)
If you’re not already subscribed to this lovely publication and would like to play, you can get signed up HERE – $25 for a year’s worth of beautiful mags, in the US…bargain ;)

on April the 26th I had:

1 quart water
shot glass of orange juice
shot of wheatgrass
shot of E3 Live
2 cups veggie juice: spinach/fennel/sunflower greens/carrot
big bowl of energy soup with flax crackers, followed by a coconut snackaroon
1 quart water
2 cups veggie juice: spinach/fennel/sunflower greens/carrot
Mr. M’s very belated birthday party feast (from February ;) featuring raw ice cream birthday cake and an assortment of raw chocolate samples – yeeeeeeeee–HAH :)
1 quart water

LOVED this from the Hazelden ‘Gift for Today’ email today:

Don't overlook the wonder of the ordinary.

The extraordinary, the amazing, the phenomenon are daily glorified in the movies, the news, and on television. Our senses become bombarded. We become addicted to drama. The only things that get ou
r attention are the big, catastrophic, knee-jerking events.

Take a closer look at your life, your everyday world, and the people and activities in it. If it were all taken from you in one moment, what would you miss? What sights, what sounds, what smells? Would you miss the view from your kitchen window? If you were never to see that scene again, would yo
u nostalgically reminisce about it, wishing you could see it one more time, remembering how beautiful it was, and how much that familiar sight comforted you in your daily life?

That really speaks to many of us seem to live in such FAST–paced, whirling, info-packed BIG ACTION societies that the subtler things in life may get rarely heard or witnessed above the hubbub and drama...that’s part of the reason why I’m so excited to settle down in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where life seems muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch slower, which suits my nature/preferred pace of life much more... ;)
As ever, you can sign up for the lovely Hazelden free daily emails HERE. Enjoy :)

on April the 27th I had:

1 quart water
mug of berry tea
shot glass of orange juice
30 chlorella ‘nuts’
2 cups STRONG green juice
3 cups apple/beetroot juice
big bowl of energy soup, followed by a slice of Mr. M’s birthday cake :)
1 quart water

on April the 28th I had:

1 quart water
mug of berry tea
2 cups STRONG green juice
3 cups energy soup with tomato slices on the side, followed by a snackaroon
1 quart water
1 quart apple/beetroot juice
2 cups water

As those of you who watch our TV SHOW will know, Mr. M and I are doing a liver cleanse at the moment, based on Andreas Moritz’s ‘Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse’...hence all the apple/beet juice... ;) It’s been almost exactly 2 years since we did our last liver cleanse, which I actually documented on YouTube way back then ;) LOL – here are those video links:

As I write this, we’re 3 days into drinking the juices...we’ll probably do this for abt 6–7 days, then we’ll go for the liver flush sometime later this week – as you can see in the video links above, I hardly relish the Epsom Salts/Olive Oil part of liver flushing...I’m excited to give my liver a bit of a ‘spring–clean’ though, so let’s see how if all flows ;) When we followed this protocol last time, I got lots of green stones out, which had never happened for me before with liver cleanses – just total ;)

All love and livery anticipation,
Miss Stokes. xxx

Sunday, 26 April 2009

WIN a copy of 'Ani's Raw Food Desserts' :)

Ooooo, that raw food beauty Ani Phyo has a shiny new raw recipe book out, called ‘Ani’s Raw Food Desserts’ and she has generously offered a copy as a giveaway prize for this month’s RawReform Giveaway Contest – yummy :)
This book JUST came out and I got to meet it today for the first time. It is SUPER–cute and beautifully designed (just as one might expect with Ms. Phyo ;) Ani’s other raw recipe book ‘Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen’ is probably my favourite raw recipe book – simple, tasty recipes with few ingredients, stylish design and tips for greener living – love it – and this sweeeeet little new companion book follows suit, offering 85 ‘easy, delectable sweets and treats’. The yummies are divided up into 10 sections:

* Frozen Treats * Cakes and Tartlets * Chocolate and Fudge *
* Crisps and Cobblers * Cookies * Fruit Simples * Sun–Baked Treats *
*Sauces and Kreams * Sparkling Desserts with Wine and Champagne *

If you’ve heard me give a talk recently, you’ll know I recommend making the commitment to yourself (if you haven’t already ;) to make everything SWEET that you eat a RAW food...this is a very simple and effective way to take a big step forward in terms of food intake, for most people...and this new book would be a GREAT companion guide for that journey...
To be in with a chance of winning a free copy of this gorgeous little manual, simply send us in your answer to the following question:

What is YOUR favourite raw food dessert recipe?

Email your answers to before May 5th to be in with a chance of winning. The winner shall be drawn at random and with much joy on May the 5th :)

on April the 22nd I had:

1 quart water
water of a young coconut with green powder
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, pistachio pesto, dulse seaweed, tomato, sunflower greens, mixed sprouts, followed by sample of 14–grain raw cookie
3 cups water
cup of green smoothie, an apple, 4 tbsp bee pollen/hemp seed mixture
2 cups water

on April 23rd I had:

1 quart water
water of two young coconuts
2 cups green juice
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, pistachio pesto, dulse seaweed, tomato, sunflower greens, mixed sprouts, followed by slice of lemon cheesecake
1 quart water
water of a young coconut
big bowl of rawnola cereal with fresh apples and coconut water = YUM :)
2 cups water

MmMmMmmmmmmm, we had a SUPER–yummy event in San Luis Obispo yesterday. Thanks to all you gorgeous people who came out to join in the fun – what a lovely community :) This was truly one of strongest love–vibe raw communities we’ve encountered yet...thanks to everyone holding the space there for beautiful, heart–centred raw expansion – we appreciate you :)
This was also our last talk of this little tour – we’re back in S. Cali now and we’ll be soaking up the sun and incredible veggie juices here for the next couple of weeks before we wiggle off on the next leg of our touring journeys...we intend to be playing out in Colorado, Kansas City, Tulsa, OK, St. Louis, MO, Chicago and New York from mid–May...all details will be posted HERE. If you are excited to help publicise events in any of those areas, please let us know ( and we’ll send you outreach materials to share. THANKS :)

on April the 24th I had:

1 quart water
a little cup of spirulina/mesquite powder/water mixture
2 cups celery/carrot juice
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, pistachio pesto, dulse seaweed, tomato, peagreens, mixed sprouts, followed by a piece of 14–grain cookie
1 quart water
an apple and a slice of AMAZING strawberry cheesecake from Brandy and crew in San Luis Obispo
1 quart water

on April the 25th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeen juice: cucumber, celery, fennel, dandelion, romaine, endive, ginger, lime
romaine wraps with avocado, pistachio pesto, dulse seaweed, tomato, peagreens, mixed sprouts, followed by a piece of ‘hemp/lucuma bar’ from the lovebugs in SLO ;)
1 quart water
2 cups veggie juice
2 fresh apples with ‘milk of paradise’ nut butter and pieces of freeze–dried durian, made into apple ‘sandwiches’, piece of chia moon drop ;)
1 quart water

MMmmm, here’s another GORGEOUS event I’d love to attend that doesn’t quite fit with my schedule this time round...maybe it matches up for some of you lovely ladies out there though? The uber–yummy Raw ‘Goddess Retreat’ is coming up next month in Sedona, AZ. From May 27th–31st raw goddesses will be gathering there to play, share, rejuvenate, connect, unite, giggle, enjoy, explore, nurture, empower and celebrate the divine goddesses within us all – YUMMMMY :)
Offerings to explore include yoga, meditation, delicious raw catering, rebirthing, health and empowerment talks, healing vortexes, onsite labyrinth, sparkling river waters, body therapies and can even get a colonic there if you like :)
For all the details and to sign up for a delicious exploration into your goddess nature (women only ;), visit the Journeys For The Soul site HERE.

All love,
Angela. xxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Earth Day, Ecuador, Eco-Tours and Eyeball Treats... ;)

Happy Earth Day Everyone :)
We love you Mama Earth <3

On the subject of connecting more directly with our beloved Earth, SO many people have been writing in recently requesting more details abt the community and lifestyle that is arising in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (our future home) and I’m delighted to say that the marvellous Mr. Mike Adams over at has a few wonderful new resources to share on this subject.
He will be holding a Vilcabamba real estate tour in June, preceded by an 'Ancient Cities of the Sun' adventure tour. He will also soon be posting "The Immigration & Traveler's Guide to Southern Ecuador" - yeeeeeee-HAH, that's definitely going to make my life easier :) I'll aim to let y'all know when that's ready, if you're not already subscribed to his site ;)
Another member of the Vilcabamba community, Patrick, has made a lovely little 'Valley of Longevity' website with lots of info about the area, longevity, health and resources. You can check that out HERE (apparently Patrick is 80-years-old - WOW ;O...).
We hope to see you all there in Vilcabamba, in May 2010 for the Raw Food World Conference ;)

on April the 20th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeens/carrot juice
3 tbsp bee pollen with hemp seeds, an ‘I am Strong’ bar
2 cups water
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, dulse, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, with red bell pepper and pumpkin seed butter on the side, followed by a little handful of Celestial Cina–Pecan nutz – yummmmm :)
1 quart water
little tub of fresh pineapple slices, an apple, a mango
2 cups water

If you’re located more to right of the Atlantic and would love a fun adventure trip to go and explore, I am SUPER–excited to announce that our dear friends Matt and Lara from Space of Love in the UK are starting to run ‘Anastasia’–inspired eco–tours to Russia this summer :) WOW :) I am actually really sad that I won’t be in Europe to take part – I’ve wanted to go on a trip like this since I first started reading the Anastasia books...I’ve always felt a bit edgy about the idea of going to Russia though, without a single word of Russian lodged in my brain cells ;) Fortunately, Space of Love Matt is FLUENT in Russian, as well as being one of the main distributors of the Anastasia books in Europe and a wonderful permaculturist :) YUMMY :) Click HERE to see all the details and join up (space limited – book soon ;) (P.S. If you’re one of the fortunate yumsters who goes on this tour, please do write and let us know how it goes – I would LOVE to hear/see pics... :)

on April the 21st I had:

1 quart water
water of a young coconut
40 chlorella ‘nuts’, a Fuji apple
array of samples at the Living Tree Community HQ – WOW ;)
3 cups water
gourmet feast at Café Gratitude in Berkeley – 2 cups greeeeen juice followed by shared meal of pesto pizza, enchiladas, coconut crème pie, lemon/poppy seed cake, plus samples of Roxanne’s vanilla squares and Blessing’s ‘Thumbalina’ thumbprint cookie – phew ;)
3 cups water

Here for your eyeball delectation are some of my recent travel pics...

The beautiful blossoms of Portland :)

Many trees in Portland seem to have adapted to powerlines in their paths by growing out to each side - I've never seen this anywhere else before...interesting... ;)

This is what your footprints look like if you wear Vibram FiveFingers Shoes :) Love it ;)

Mr. Monarch bouncing and speaking at our event in Reno.

Tee-heeeeeee - funny sign we saw in Reno ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Meet our Minister...David Wolfe... ;)

WOW – the Raw Union event just keeps on getting more and more delicious :)
We are excited to announce that David Wolfe himself will be marrying us at our wedding ceremony on June 21st...this is truly unfolding as a raw tribal gathering par excellence and we’re so excited :) Yes, it turns out that the multi–talented Dr. Wolfe happens to also be an Essene Minister (as well as an author, speaker, gardener, musician, engineer, doctor, tree-planter, forager, mover–shaker, all–round–‘superhero’ kinda guy ;) – what a useful being to have in our midst :)
I’m also thrilled to announce that Elena , the wonderful woman behind the outrageously fabulous DVD ‘Birth as We Know It’, will be holding a presentation/workshop on conscious parenting at the festival. In my opinion, it’s worth coming to the festival just for this seminar alone ;) I intend to be there in the front row, absorbing all the wisdom this amazing woman will be sharing...
The beautiful Rainbeau Mars will be joining us for the celebrations too, offering daily yoga classes – fun :) Come along for a free session with Adidas’ official instructor ;)
There’s so much more being added to the site daily as people come forward offering their skills, talents and contributions – this is truly going to be an ext–RAW–dinary community event and we really hope to see you there :) We love you :)

on April the 18th I had:

1 quart water
shot glass of fresh orange juice
3 cups coconut water blended with Greener Grasses powder – WOW :)
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, dried tomato/almond pesto, cilantro, sprouts, dulse, tomato
3 cups water
a small, outrageously caramel–ly, divine durian
3 cups water

Our dear Icelandic raw Goddess friend Solla sent over the following quote in an email yesterday, which really spoke to me:

Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves. ~ Buddha

I love that…sweeeeet, simple inspiration to keep those thoughts joyful, light and uplifting...enjoy :)

on April the 19th I had:

1 quart water
shot glass of orange juice
water of 2 young coconuts with green powder
big chunk of fresh pineapple
water of 2 young coconuts with gorgeous spirulina powder
meat of one young coconut
2 cups water
water of 2 young coconuts
fingertip of royal jelly, 2 tbsp bee pollen
water of 2 young coconuts with goji berries soaked in the water :)
2 cups water

Sooooo, apparently CNN have been showing my weight loss story segment on their channel again this weekend – did you see it? I didn’t know that was happening and didn’t catch it – nice to know the media maestros are still helping spread the healing message though :) A big WELCOME to any new readers who have made their way here after watching that show – all blessings to you for your health and happiness :)

On the subject of spreading the raw message, myself and the Monarch have 3 more speaking engagements this week – tonight we speak in Reno, NV, Wednesday we shall be taking to the stage in Burlingame, CA and Friday sees us sharing in San Louis Obispo, CA – we hope to see you at one of these events if you can make it along :) All the event details can be found HERE.

One love,
Miss Stokes. xxx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Raw Emotions - Now in PRINT :)

I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY – Raw Emotions is in PRINT now and IN STOCK in our warehouse in California :))) The books just arrived a couple of days ago on a huge pallet and have been lovingly stacked onto our shelves, ready to be sent off all around the world :) YUMMY :)
I am so THRILLED to finally see the book in the physical and to be able to share it with others via a medium other than the internet ;) It is 256 pages, full–colour throughout, on gorgeous recycled paper with veggie inks aaaaand we are donating $1 from the sale of every book to charities that either plant trees or protect old forests.

Here’s what the lovely Shazzie said abt ‘Raw Emotions’:

"I’ve always wondered when someone would stop sweeping the issue of raw emotions under the carpet. In this tome of love, Angela gets deep down and squeaky clean!
Her attention to detail, her consistent approach and her truly holistic guidance could cause you the revolution you’ve been begging for. Angela joins the dots with the psychology of happiness, addiction, cravings, emptiness and love. Her book paints a full picture of how you can become an ecstatic raw being.
I’m so glad this book exists. There is a huge book-shaped hole on everyone’s bookshelf that will now be filled with one of the most useful books ever on the subject of food.
Love and blissings to all,

:) Love can see more about Raw Emotions and order printed copies HERE...ENJOY :)

on April the 15th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, parsley, fennel, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke
2 cups energy soup with selection of ‘living nutz’ samples (me like pesto walnutz the BEST)
3 cups water
2 cups juice: greeeens with carrot
little sample of raw ice creams and 7 gorgeous dried prunes
bowl of grated apples with topping of blended coconut meat/coconut water/freeze–dried durian/cinnamon
3 cups water

Here’s a very exciting opportunity:
Lisa, a writer for national women’s magazine ‘First for Women’, is interested to hear from women who have lost weight using the RevitaLive Plan or by eating raw in general. If you have a wonderful story to share along these lines, let me know and I can put you in contact with Lisa, who may choose to feature you in the magazine soon – fun :)
(I was on the cover of First in autumn 2007 – see pic ;)
Email a brief one paragraph summary of your story to and we’ll get you hooked up ;)

on April the 16th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeen juice with coconut water – celery, cucumber, parsley, fennel, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke
yummy mono–meal of durian :)
3 cups water
2 cups greeeen juice with coconut water – celery, cucumber, parsley, fennel, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke
romaine wraps stuffed with avo, sundried tomato pesto, dulse, cilantro, sprouts and sunflower greens, with kale chips on the side = yummmmm :) followed by strawberry cheesecake without the base ;)
3 cups water

on April the 17th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeen juice with coconut water – celery, cucumber, parsley, fennel, lettuce
big bowl of energy soup with flax crackers and sundried tomato pesto, followed by a little Rawnola cereal
3 cups water
20 chlorella 'nuts'
a GORGEOUS cherimoya, a handful of Celestial Cina-Pecan Nutz
3 cup water

WOW, so many exciting things coming in lately to tell y’all are three more of my top picks:

*There is going to be an ‘EFT World Summit’ starting this Monday, April 20th and running for 9 days. If you’re not familiar with the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’, this is a VERY easy, simple form of emotional release that involves tapping with your own fingers on your body. This online event is going to be HUGE (like the ‘Raw Summit’, for EFT–ers ;) There are over 22,000 people signed up for it already and there are only 2 days left to register for this amazing free event – so, check it out HERE and get yourself signed up for some inspiring free info…enjoy :)

*I’m super–excited to say that Bunny Berry’s first ‘Raw Fu’ Magazine is going to be out VERY soon :) It looks like it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL and as an added bonus, she has 3 brand new Blend–tec blenders to give away to three subscribers – one for each of the next 3 months – WOW :) Very can subscribe HERE.

*The ‘Abundant Life Wellness Centre’ in Alberta, Canada is looking for a raw food chef – you can check out details and contact them through their site HERE.

PhEW...what an amazingly vibrant, beautiful, expanding community we are, raw family... ;)
All love,
Miss A. Stokes. xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Reversing Diabetes - The Simply Raw Way :)

Those yumsters behind the fabulous Simply Raw ‘reversing diabetes’ movie have a very exciting offer on at the moment – buy the DVD for just $29.95 and you get a whole gift bundle of yummy freebies to delve into, including the whole of Mr. M’s ‘Raw Success’ E–book and my whole ‘Revealing the Physical Changes’ e–book – BARGAIN ;)
Some of the other goodies you can pick up include books, audios and offers from Wolfie, Dr. Cousens, Shazzie, the Boutenkos, Paul Nison, Dhrumil, Ani Phyo and many others – there are 53 giveaway goodies in total – phew ;)
You can also choose to get the Simply Raw DVD in a combo set with the ‘Raw For Life’ DVD too if you prefer (I’m in that one ;) – the package deal is $49.90 ($10 off) and you receive all the same bonuses alongside that combo...
This special promo is being launched in connection with ‘The Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally’ which is holding a special action day on April the 25th, with raw events kicking off globally in support of this movement. You can check out all the details on this site HERE, find local events and even download flyers/posters to let others know about reversing diabetes naturally – I’d love to suggest printing some of these out and renegading them around in YOUR area – leave them in libraries, deliver them to your local diabetes clinic or doctor’s office, slip them between packaged foods on supermarket shelves, post them up on noticeboards – let’s spread the healthy message, community ;)

Get in on all the special offer action HERE :)

on April the 12th I had:

1 quart water
mug of vanilla/hazelnut tea
2 tbsp E3 Live
meal at Thrive restaurant in Seattle – big greeeeen juice followed by spicy Thai soup, salad w/kale chips and gorgeous strawberry cheesecake :)
1 quart water

Two Techie Things...

*Mr. M is on the search for a yummy graphic designer who can quickly, efficiently and professionally rustle up a handful of attractive banner ads for The Raw Food World store...does that sound like a fun activity for YOU? ;) If so, please feel free to connect with him HERE and maybe we'll all get to enjoy your artwork sooooon...

*A HUGE Thank You too, to all of you who have been writing in to let us know you've been having issues accessing the main site, which has been bringing up some bizarre 'attack site' messages the last couple of days... Mmmmm, yes, we know abt this issue, thanks and we're working diligently on it now - apparently it's a really 'fierce' virus that is coming out of the UK and the east of Europe at the moment and infecting websites all over the world - :(
Our web wizards are working on it and will have things straightened back out asap, all being well... One bonus is that it seems the main problem is with Google/Firefox's interpretation of the site right now - the site can actually still be viewed just fine in other browsers - e.g. Internet Explorer - we will be asking the Goddess of Google to review the site again soon and hopefully it will all be cleared up after that... ;)
Thanks again for all the messages, support and concern - we appreciate you :)

on April the 13th I had:

1 quart water
3 tbsp E3 Live
2 cups greeeeeeen juice at Thrive
big bowl of rawnola cereal with 2 cups smoothie on it and freeze–dried durian stirred in = yummmmmm ;)
3 cups water
2 cups greeeeeen juice with coconut water
couple of romaine wraps stuffed with avo/tomatoes/dulse, with some nibbles of raw salads on the side, followed by a bite of papaya/strawberry cheesecake
3 cups water

on April the 14th I had:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeen juice with coconut water: celery, cucumber, parsley, fennel, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke, coconut water
big bowl of energy soup with crackers on the side, followed by a coconut snackaroon with a spoonful of coconut/strawberry 'parfait'
mug of rooibos tea
2 cups greeeen juice: celery, cucumber, parsley, fennel, lettuce, Jerusalem artichoke
bowl of yummy Monarch creation: grated apples and diced mango topped with blended coconut meat/lucuma powder/dulse/freeze-dried durian/cinnamon - WOW :)
mug of rooibos tea
3 cups water

Mmmmmm, myself and the Monarch are in Portland, Oregon now and 'tis YUMMY :) Me like it here. I suspect this has a lot to do with it being spring - it is soooooooo beautiful here right now - I'll aim to take some pictures soon to share...
Today we went for a long walk in the neighbourhood we're currently residing in and there are so many gorgeous gardens around, with trees in full blossom, tulips, daffodils, veggies growing and towering old 'grand-daddy' trees who look like they've been here for countless decades, watching the comings and goings...the air is fresh and clean, the streets are scattered with colourful flowers and blossoms and people are SO friendly here - almost everyone we pass on the streets says hello and cars voluntarily stop to let us cross the road in places where there aren't even any crossings... ;)
We're loving it here...and we speak here this Friday, the 17th, from 7pm at the Friend's Meeting Hall - see all the details HERE on our events page. We hope to see you there if you're in the area and can make it... ;)

All blessings,
Angela. xxx

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Our Wedding and Raw in Wintery Washington ;)

WELL...things are coming along GREAT for our wedding plans at the RawUnion Festie – it seems it is going to be a HUGE, vibrant, loved up festie gathering – we are soooo excited :)
...a few days ago we visited the site where the wedding is going to be held on Summer Solstice, June 21stAngel’s Health Food Institute in S. Oregon – it is BEAUTIFUL – you can see a video of our visit here:

on April the 8th I had:

1 quart water
3tbsp E3 Live
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, dulse, Parma and heirloom tomato slices, with Living Nutz Pesto Walnuts on the side – WOW :)
mug of spicy tea
3 cups water
big handful of berries – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
3 tbsp E3 Live
big yummy salad with kale chips, followed by some vanilla/mulberry ice cream from Henry’s Raw Ice Cream :)
mug of spicy tea
2 cups water

on April the 9th I had:

1 quart water
mug of spicy tea
3 tbsp E3 Live
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, dulse, Parma, AMAZING pesto and heirloom tomato slices, followed by a coconut macaroon
mug of spicy tea
3 cups water
3 tbsp E3 Live
finger–tip of royal jelly – WOHHHH... ;O
romaine wraps stuffed with pine nut butter, dulse, sprouts and heirloom tomato slices, followed by some celestial cina–pecan nutz
3 cups water

EVERYONE is welcome to the RawUnion Festie and our wedding – we are so excited to share this gathering with all of you :)

*We have just set up a community area on the site where you can connect with other people on their way to the festie, offer/request ride shares to the event and so on – see HERE.

*We have some VERY cool events/activities in the works, including a Conscious Speed Dating event (WOW – you could meet YOUR soul partner at our wedding – love it ;), talks and demos from all kinds of raw food yumsters, a healing area, a women’s sacred song circle, foraging walks and of course our actual WEDDING, followed by an ‘all–you–can–eat’ raw buffet... This celebration is going to be so much FUN and we really hope you can join us for it :)

*You can register for the event HERE and there are also a few places available for a number of volunteers for the festie – see HERE.

We hope to see you there for this celebration of love, truth, connection and JOY :)

on April the 10th I had:

1 quart water
finger–tip of royal jelly – yeeeee–HAH ;)
pot of pineapple pieces and blackberries
3 tbsp E3 Live
romaine wraps stuffed with avocado, dulse, sprouts, tomatoes, followed by some rawnola cereal – YUMMMMM :)
3 cups water
shot of wheatgrass juice
romaine wraps stuffed with almond butter, dulse, chopped veggies, sprouts, followed by a coconut macaroon
3 cups water

on April the 11th I had:

1 quart water
3 tbsp E3 Live
finger–tip of royal jelly, big glass of coconut water – yummm :)
4 tbsp bee pollen with hemp seeds, a vegan curry powerstick from Gopals
3 cups water
vegan curry powerstick
amazing shared meal at Thrive raw restaurant in Seattle – crudités with dips, YUMMMMY coconut–based smoothies, shared entrees (zucchini pasta and outstanding raw chili – we couldn’t even finish these filling dishes, as we wanted to leave room for dessert ;), AMAAAZING strawberry cheesecake and banana pie – WOHHH – what a FEAST ;)
2 cups water

SO, Mr. M and I are back on tour now in the US - big thanks and kudos to all the amazing people who came out to our event in Seattle yesterday - it was GREAT fun to speak at the huge university auditorium full of vibrant people - love it :) It seems like someone forgot to turn winter off up here though - very chilly... ;)
The ever-wonderful Raw Network of Washington held a fun raffle at our talk ystrdy, from which 4 winners went out to dinner with the Monarch and I at the fabulous new Thrive raw restaurant in Seattle - WOW - this is a really special place - we loved it - you can check out our video from yesterday HERE, including a mini-interview with one raffle-winner, Cindy, who has already released 60lbs in just 4 months since going raw - yeeeeeeeeee-HAH ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Our Wedding - Join us for the 'Raw Union' Wedding Festival :)

Mr. Monarch and I are extremely excited to announce that I am BACK in the USA and we have a date and plan for our wedding :)

Our ‘Raw Union’ will be on Summer Solstice – June 21st –
in S. Oregon aaaaaaaaaand YOU are invited ;)

We wanted to create an event embracing the themes of raw food, love, unity, permaculture, healing and joy, open for ALL to come and enjoy – so, please join us for this love–laced ‘Raw Union’ :)
We actually have a whole week of yummy events planned around the wedding, including a raw food festival, the wedding/party itself, then a 'Honeymoon Retreat' as a can read all about it on the wedding website here:

The festival/expo will be on June 20th and 21st and will feature speakers such as myself and the Monarch, David Wolfe, Shazzie, the Boutenkos, Kevin and Annmarie Gianni, Philip McCluskey, Anthony the Raw Model and many more yumsters...there will also be food demos, many beautiful booths and wonderful music...

The actual wedding will be on June 21st, with a fabulous Raw Reception afterwards - expect a sumptuous raw feast and a stunning raw wedding cake, made by none other than the Boutenko family themselves...


*You can register for the wedding festie/expo HERE.

*If you have a business and would love to have a booth at the event, you can set that up HERE.

*If you are a yummy musician and would love to share your talents at the event, please let us know – drop me an email to

We are VERY excited and hope to see you in Oregon for the Raw Union of this whole tribal family ;)

on April the 5th I had:

1 quart water
mug of ‘horchata’ tea
big bowl of fruit salad
2 tbsp Greener Grasses powder
3 cups water
1.5 papayas, a handful of hazelnuts
3 tbsp bee pollen with hemp seeds
3 cups water
2 cups green juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, alfalfa, other greens, carrot
big yummy garden salad with guacamole, cabbage ‘chips’ and flax crackers
3 cups water

SoOooOOoOooooo, I am BACK in the US of A :)

I'm sooooo happy to be back...though I was also sad to leave Vilcabamba... ;( We’ll be back there to our land later this year sometime though, all being well...for now, we’re back here in the US and LOVING it...
We just arrived here yesterday morning after over 24 hours of travel back from Vilcabamba and now we're abt to head out on the road for a mini-lecture tour, which starts in Seattle this Friday... pheeeeew ;)
In the end everything went just fine with the process of re–entering the US with my fiancee visa – in fact one of the border guards had seen me on CNN last year and they were mainly just fascinated to hear abt raw food ;) Nice ;)

on April the 6th I had:

1 quart water
mug of mint tea
2 cups ‘mixed’ fruit juice
plate of papaya
2 tbsp Greener Grasses powder
3 cups greeeen juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, alfalfa, carrot
bowl of chia pudding with lucuma, vanilla powder, maca and goji berries
3 cups water
big chunk of pineapple and a banana
3 tbsp hemp seed with bee pollen
3 cups water

on April the 7th I had:

1 quart water
3 tbsp bee pollen
2 cups green juice, 1.5 cups green smoothie
2 cups water
an apple, a little handful of brazil nuts and a raw bar sample
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce, parsley, ginger
feast of raw food desserts at a yummy potluck, including Henry‘s Raw Ice Creams, carob balls, gorgeous fruit salad and freeze–dried fruits :)
3 cups water
cup of Natural Calm

Guess WHAT? As if there isn’t enough excitement whizzing around our bubbles right now, I arrived to our warehouse here in Ojai, California yesterday (the first time I’ve actually ever seen the warehouse, as it’s been nearly 2 years since I was last in the US ;)...and guess what else had also just arrived at the warehouse? The FIRST EVER printed copy of my book Raw Emotions straight off the press ;O :) :)
I am SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED to meet the book in person :) The full consignment of the printed books is on its way to us and hopefully will be here in the next few days, depending on transport times...I’ll announce it with gleeeeee when they’re here and ready for sale...for now I have been flicking through this first copy with total joy and gratitude...this is my first ever ‘real’ printed book and it feels amazing to see it in the physical.
It was printed on recycled paper with veggie inks and we are donating $1 from the sale of every copy towards organisations that either protect native forests or plant new trees – YUMMY :) This is a revised, extended and updated version than the original Raw Emotions ebook and contains a foreword from my original raw food inspiration, Victoria Boutenko ;) FUN :)

We love yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu alllllllllll,
Miss Stokes. xxx

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Our Last Day in Ecuador... is our last full day here in Vilcabamba, for now ;(
I feel my heart starting to ache already at the prospect of leaving tomorrow…mmmmmm...we are just having such a divinely wonderful time here...well, there are also many adventures afoot in N. America for us to start exploring in the coming months too ;) ...and we’ll be back here in the south at some point in the not soooo distant future, all being well... In the meantime, my desire is to visit our land again today for the last time and get some of our new baby fruit trees into the ground...the house plans are coming along WONDERFULLY – we are sooooo excited – you can see a video of our architect friend Ayrie discussing the plans HERE – enjoy ;)

on April the 3rd I had:

1 quart water
mug of herbal tea
big bowl of fresh fruit salad
2 tbsp Greener Grasses powder
2 cups water
3 tbsp bee pollen/hemp seed mixture, a nori powerwrap
1.5 cups greeeen juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, alfalfa, carrot
a YUMMY papaya
3 cups water
1.5 cups greeeen juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, alfalfa, carrot
plate of fresh garden salad with guacamole, cabbage chips, dulse and pine nut butter
3 cups water

Here is a wonderful little quote that dropped into my inbox recently that I wanted to share – I think it’s really beautiful:

“...the ho-hums in our lives can turn into ah-has
just by changing the way we see them.”

LOVE it :) This arrived in one of the free ‘Gift for Today’ emails from Hazelden. I have been receiving their free inspirational emails for a few years now – they are one of the few things I consistently read every day and I love them – so much gratitude for this service ;) You can sign up to receive them too if you like on the Hazelden site HERE – if you don’t get them already ;)

on April the 4th I had:

1 quart water
mug of lemongrass tea
plate of pineapple slices
2 tbsp Greener Grasses powder
plate of yummy garden salad with guacamole and cabbage ‘chips’, half a goji bar
3 cups water
yummy mushy yumpot meal: hand–blended mixtures of pine nut/hemp nut butter with banana, lucuma, goji powder and vanilla/cinnamon powders
3 cups water

Some Reminders:

*Mr. M and I will be back in the US this week, all being well and our first talks will be next weekend in Seattle. On Friday April the 10th we’ll be dressing up and revelling at the 3rd annual gala fundraising event for the Raw Network of Washington – details HERE. Then on the 11th we’ll be speaking at Bastyr University, from 11am–4pm – details HERE. Hope to see you there if you’re in the area... ;) We also have our current speaking schedule posted up on Mr. M’s site HERE.

*Those gorgeous Giannis are out on the road tooooo, in their gargantuan ‘Kale Whale’ vehicle ;) They have a new website under construction to share their full schedule...for now you can check out some of the plan on Facebook HERE.

*Easter is just a short hop away and if you’d love to thrill your tastebuds and open your heart chakra further with some tasty RAW chocolate, remember that The Raw Chocolate Company in the UK is offering readers of this blog 12% off any order until the end of April.
Just enter the code ‘mcraw09’ at the checkout and your goodies will be discounted accordingly. You can order their yummy treats at (To avoid confusion, customers in N. America please use the ‘international’ shipping option ;)
...and if you didn't catch my video of touring the Raw Chocolate Factory when I was back in the UK this winter, you can check that out below:


All love, joy and visions of beauty,
Miss Stokes. xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Raw Food Adventures in Vilcabamba...

OOoooooo, we are loving it, loving it, loving it here in Vilcabamba,'s been quite an amazing week here, exploring our new home and connecting with friends new and usual, you can keep fully up-to-date with our meanderings in '3D' through our daily videos at The Raw Food World, HERE.
Below you'll find more of my recent photos from our adventures here...

Mr. M and I playing out on our land...

Dr. Wolfe creating a cairn to bless the land...thank you :)

on March the 31st I had:

1 quart water
mug of chamomile tea
plate of fresh pineapple
2 tbsp Greener Grasses powder
a few gorgeous olives, some banana bites, a few rambutan
2.5 cups of INTENSE greens/ginger/apple juice
an afternoon of nibbles – both wild and packeted, including bits of foraged greens, guava, wild red bananas, plus some savoury trail mix, bee pollen with hemp seeds, sprouted wheatberries
3 cups water
2 cups green juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, alfalfa, apple
gorgeous plate of garden salad, with fresh guacamole, cabbage ‘chips’ and some nibbles of raw chocolate samples for dessert
2 cups water

Miss Stokes and the Valley of Longevity ;)

Amazingly HUGE local San Pedro cacti...

on April the 1st I had:

1 quart water
mug of chamomile tea
big bowl of gorgeous fresh fruit salad
2 cups water
3 tbsp hemp seed with pollen, a vegan curry powerstick, ½ a ‘bread banana’, a little bowl of garden salad
2 cups water
15 chlorella ‘nuts’
a big bowl of yummy salad with lettuce, tomatoes, dulse, garlic, lemon juice, green onions, avocado, tahini and flax crackers with almond butter on the side
3 cups water

YUMMINESS at the Sambuca Cafe in town -
fresh organic juices, smoothies, salads and more... :)

on April the 2nd I had:

1 quart water
mug of lemongrass tea
slices of papaya, couple of hand–harvested oranges and guavas
20 chlorella ‘nuts’
2 cups water
big bowl of salad with flax crackers
3 cups water
1.5 cups greeeeen juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, alfalfa, carrot
shared plate of pineapple and papaya, with 1/2 a plantain
2 cups water

Mr. M at the local Sunday Farmer's Market in Vilcabamba - pineapples, sapotes, bananas, plantains, cherimoya, greeeeeeens, avocadoes and it :)

We are feeling EXTREMELY blessed and joyous as the path unfolds here...our dear architect friend Ayrie is also here now with us and we're exploring housing options - FUN :) Compost toilets, solar panels and rounded walls ahoy... ;)

With love, excitement and a full, blossoming heart of joy :)
Miss Stokes. xxx