Thursday, 16 August 2007

Cover Girl...

WOW…I’m on the front cover of ‘First for Women’ magazine in the US this month, which has a reported readership of over 2 million women – yeeeeee-HAH – raw food weight loss is going mainstream ;)…This picture is the cover shot…eeeeeeek…exciting…and yet…does that really look like ME…??? …it seems so peculiar to me…some of you may recall my musings on the lengthy photo shoot for this mag cover a couple of months back – quite extraordinary the amount of time and energy that is poured into creating one shot like this…and it's so interesting to me that I seem to end up looking as the magazine would like me to come across... ;) hmmmmm, well, it's all good seed-spreading...let’s see what unfolds as more people read about a NATURAL way of healing…I haven’t seen inside the mag yet – so, if you see a copy, please let me know how it looks...I believe First for Women is widely available in book stores/grocery stores etc... ;)

On August the 14th I had:

1.5 litres water
200ml rejuvelac
150ml grapefruit juice
700ml ‘garden’ juice
flesh of one ‘personal’/mini watermelon
500ml water
big salad with greens, sprouts, tomatoes, red pepper, dulse, flax/tomato dressing
1 litre water
box of strawberries
250ml rooibos tea
bowl of blended banana/mulberries/hemp seed with whole pumpkin seeds
3 guava
500ml water
400ml rooibos tea

The weather here on the south coast of England has been phenomenal the last couple of days – extremely strong winds, rain, the sea dashing against the shore…in the town where we’re staying, the sea was separated some decades back from the sheer chalk cliffs that mark the end of this island, with a wide walkway of concrete at the base of the cliffs…it occurred to me while watching the relentless thrashings of the sea in the wind the last couple of days, that it was as if the sea was enraged at no longer being able to kiss the cliffs and had conspired with the wind to beat its way passionately northwards to once again embrace its etsranged lover…

on August the 15th I had:

1.5 litres water
400ml rooibos tea
250ml rejuvelac
200ml orange/grapefruit juice
800ml cucumber/celery/apple/ginger juice
½ a phenomenal large papaya
avo/banana blend with lucuma, maca, mulberries and pumpkin seeds
1 litre water
spinach wraps with avo/dulse/sprouts/tomatoes
500ml water
slice of watermelon
500ml water

I speak tonight on Raw Summit – yeeeeee-HAH ;) Hope you enjoyed Matt’s talk last night…wow, he really went into some stuff…misery, social issues, eating issues, colonics, cracao, sex… ;) There’s no stopping the honesty with this guy… ;) If you didn’t hear it, you can catch it HERE for free still, until mine starts at 8pm EST tonight…ENJOY ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. I don't think it looks like you!

  2. Hello Angela,

    I enjoy reading your posts and congratulatins on your recent engagement and successful weight loss .

    I am writing because I was interested in the Raw Summit and went to sign up for this free event. However after going through all the promotional information, at nearly 100 or 200 US$, it does not seem like it is free. Indeed there seems to be a lot of information from various experienced raw foodists, but I have lost interest in this event due to the seemingly misleading information.

    Did I read this wrong, or did I not go to the right page? Thanks for your clarifications.


  3. Hi gals,
    thanks for your msgs ;)
    Hmmmmm...that's odd Nora - I know there are 'upgrade' packages on the Raw Summit site, you ought to be able to get into the talks for free as they happen though and for the 24 hours following their broadcast... if you go to the link I sent:

    and then scroll down to the bottom of the page, there ought to be a box you can subscribe in and then the email you receive gives you instructions on how to listen in for free - hope that works for you ;)

    All love,
    Angela. xxx