Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Cacao at the Summit...

Another Public Service Reminder ;)

Raw Summit, the inspiring free series of teleconference calls with 12 of the world’s leading authorities on raw foods, kicks off TONIGHT with yesterday’s birthday boy, David Wolfe…

THOUSANDS of people from all over the world are already signed up – don’t miss out ;) If you haven’t signed up for the series yet, you can click HERE to see the impressive schedule for the next couple of weeks and get yourself on the list…

You can listen to the whole series for FREE and upgrade packages with lots of bonuses are available too… Visit the link that is emailed to you when you sign up to get the dial-in info for each call…
I speak on August the 16th – hope you can make it along for the call ;)

On August the 7th I had:

1.2 litres water
300ml rejuvelac
750ml ‘garden’ juice
big yummy salad – greens, dulse, avo, sprouts, chives, watercress, lemon juice, sauerkraut, with fresh homemade flax crackers
handful of goji berries with pine nuts
500ml peppermint tea
400ml water
600ml celery/cucumber/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of chia seeds soaked in blended pear/lime juice/ginger mixture, with sultanas, maca, lucuma and pumpkin seeds stirred in…WOW…
raw ‘conscious chocolate’ – yummmmm…
1 litre water

So, as the modern-day cacao-king kicks off the Raw Summit tonight, I'd like to, rather 'synchronistically' muse on the subject of raw chocolate...Ok, so I was away from the UK for about a year before coming back now…I was advised beforehand that it had all gone rather ‘cacao-crazy’ in the raw food movement here and well, yep, judging by the number of new raw chocolate bars I see all over the place here in the shops, it seems to me it is indeed all pretty chocolate-covered here now ;) There are many choices for people – and I can see it's a useful way of potentially opening up larger and larger numbers of people to raw foods in GENERAL – get them ‘hooked’ into raw with chocolate instead of the proverbial ‘carrot’ and THEN get them onto the real carrots and other goodies…in a nation of committed chocolate-lovers, it seems like a winning strategy ;)
BTW, it seems some of you could not find access to the link to the chia seeds yesterday…so here it is again in full, just in case:


Enjoy ;)
One love,
Angela. xxx


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