Friday, 17 August 2007

Feedback and FABULOUS cake... ;)

I hope you enjoyed my Raw Summit interview last night – if you didn’t hear it yet, you might be in with a chance of still hearing it for free HERE, depending on when you read this ;) Thanks for all the lovely feedback about it today - such as:

Your words were true and spared nothing in revealing a side of obesity that few people, who've never dealt with it, have ever seen.

I just listened to your interview from last night with Raw Summit. It was the first time I heard someone really share about the aspect of food addictions and how they succeeded on a raw diet in spite of the addiction. THANK YOU!!

I cannot tell you how unbelievable helpful your interview on the raw summit was for me! really remarkable.

THANKS ;) I enjoyed sharing too…

on August the 16th I had:

2 litres water
200ml orange/grapefruit juice
600ml ‘garden’ juice
½ a phenomenal large papaya
500ml water
bowl of apple/flax: blended apples with ground flax seeds, ground almonds, stirred with cinammon, lucuma powder and mulberries
1 litre water
200ml carrot juice with greener grasses powder
little box of jack fruit pieces
meal of romaine wraps with avo, sprouts, dulse, lime juice, tomatoes, cilantro (coriander)
1 litre water

Thanks also for all the messages today affirming the fact that the cover image of me on First for Women magazine really doesn’t seem to look like me…phew ;) It’s a relief to know others don’t see me like that either…Matt really had me laughing about it today…he commented that I seem to have no issue with, for instance, filming myself early morning in my pajamas etc on a liver cleanse, scrunching my face in the camera on Google Vids as I drink Epsom salts, yet print a picture of me dressed up, with make-up and hair done and I feel awkward about it…lol…well, yeah, it’s all about truth, innit ;) ???…it feels odd to see some version of myself that seems like its come through someone else’s filter…anyway, one of you lovelies wrote today to say that this mag is indeedy apparently in wide distribution all over the States and often covers interesting ‘alternative’ topics like enzymes/juicing in a way that brings it ‘to the mainstream’ – so, that’s exciting…raw food renegading…I LOVE it...let’s see how it unfolds…

on August the 17th I had:

700ml water
700ml warm water with lemon juice
1.5 litres watermelon juice
1 tbsp greener grasses powder
800ml ‘garden’ juice
phenomenal ‘banana bread with cream cheese topping’ (see below)
1.5 litres water
1 tbsp greener grasses
1 large papaya
1 little gem lettuce with curry-flavour dehydrated sunflower/hemp seeds, plus sprout mix and dulse
500ml water

The banana bread today was incredible - a Monarch speciality ;) The ‘bread’ was made with a mixture of pulp left over from juicing veggies – mainly carrot pulp, food processed together with bananas and ground flax, then with pecan pieces and sultanas stirred in. The cream cheese is absolutely exceptional – a mix of avocados, dulse, lemon juice and dates – WOW…I’d recommend just making THAT on it’s own – it’s totally amazing…This is just such a cool meal, as it ‘recycles’ the pulp from the juicing and is so yummy and quick to make and filling too – packed with magic and no powders or anything – just ‘real’ foods ;) It may not perhaps look as aesthetically charming as banana breads of your past, yet it’s sure to hit the spot in terms of taste and fulfillment…yummmmmm… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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