Monday, 20 August 2007

Simply Raw, Speaking and Spirulina...

I’m excited to say I’m going to be speaking at the second annual Simply Raw Festival in Ottawa, Canada on September the 15th :) Home of the infamous ‘Raw Pie Contest’, this is a wonderful FREE family event, from 10am-5pm in Ottawa’s Central Park. I’ll be speaking in the afternoon, along with Matt, Dorit and Brendan Brazier – yeeeeeee-HAH – hope to see you there if you’re in the area…

On August the 18th I had:

2 litres water
½ large papaya
800ml celery/cucumber/apple/ginger/fennel/radish/romaine juice
bowl of exquisite kale salad with heirloom tomatoes, avocado, lemon juice, dulse, red pepper, sprouts and sauerkraut
1 litre water
2 persimmons/Sharon fruit (YAY;)
700ml spinach/carrot/romaine juice
slice of leftover banana bread with cream cheese topping
1 litre water
400ml rooibos tea

One reader - Gail - wrote recently asking me to explain what ‘spirulina sticks’ are – which have been popping up intermittently in my intake of late…hmmmm...well…to be honest, I really don’t know…lol…a friend brought them back from Auroville, the ‘eco-city’ in India - they are tiny little crunchy sticks of spirulina - see pic – absolutely amazing texture and taste – like tiny little bits of crunchy spirulina-flavoured pretzels ;) As far as we know, there is nothing in there but spirulina and it’s hand-harvested and dried in the sun in Auroville…I’m very interested to know more too though , as I’ve never seen spirulina like it…perhaps this is how it looks when it’s just been harvested, before it’s ground to the powder we’re more familiar with…hmmmm…

on August the 19th I had:

1.5 litres water
1 box blueberries
800ml cucumber/celery/apple/radish/ginger juice
800ml ‘garden’ juice
box of strawberries
1 litre water
1.5 durians
3 persimmons
1 litre water

Yep...t'was another durian day ;) We went to play out in London – eat durian and go to the theatre…FUN :) We gave a homeless Chinese guy in Chinatown a whole durian, which he seemed very happy about…and we saw a darkly hilarious film from New Zealand called ‘Eagle vs Shark’ about an archetypal ‘loser’ pair who fall in love…very amusing…and inspired me to get on back to New Zealand…I was there back in 2000 – before I went raw…I absolutely LOVED it…Matt and I will in fact be down there this winter sometime, doing talks and a bit of travelling…we’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions for places you’d like to hear us talk there – email me at and we’ll see what we can dream into being ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Angela,

    Congrats on your cover! I was in the checkout when I saw you staring back at me. I'm a fan of yours so of course I bought the mag right away. I was a bit disappointed with the article, it didn't mention the raw food lifestyle or even your juice feast. The story was about juicing for detoxing but I was looking forward to other readers learning of your amazing journey. Fortunately, your website is listed so readers can learn more about you.

    Take care,