Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Alright kiddies, this is your last chance to get your paws on a $10 gift voucher for – the RawReform giveaway prize for July…somehow it got to August already, so the next newsletter will be out very soon…if YOU want to be in with a chance of winning, just email you answer to the following Q to

‘What strategy would you recommend for raw foodies to handle mainstream social functions like dinner parties and business meetings?’

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas sent in so far…and if you haven’t entered yet, please do send in your fabulous tips. The winner will be drawn at random and announced in the next RawReform newsletter...(which you can subscribe to HERE if you don’t already receive it ;)

On July the 30th I had:

1 litre water
shot of wheatgrass juice
tbsp wakame flakes
handful of goji berries
2 persimmons
2 tbsps sunflower seeds with wakame flakes
1 litre water
3 persimmons
½ tbsp greener grasses powder
500ml green juice with apple and fennel
avo/dulse/tomato/lemon/spinach/romaine wraps
avo blended with lucuma powder and maca, with sultanas swirled in
400ml spice tea
1 litre water

Thanks to the lovely Jenny for this reply regarding the ‘pickling’ request…
“…for any summer squash or cucumber varieties, I slice them like dill spears or bread and butter rounds and fill mason jars, then add apple cider vinegar, a spoonful of raw honey and a bit of celtic sea salt and/or other pickling spices like dill or mustard or coriander seed, and some cayenne or paprika to make them spicy, and fill the rest with water, then shake it up- if the honey isn't melted, keep shaking every so often. . . and keep let it sit at room temp for awhile or keeps indefinitely in the fridge (i'm not exactly sure how long as they never last very long!!!) These taste so much better and more fresh than store bought white vinegar pickles and the variations and possibilites are quite endless!!
hope this helps. . .
xx jenny”

Mmmmm…sounds yummy, enjoy ;)

On July the 31st I had:

1.5 litres water
3 golden kiwis
500ml green juice with apple and fennel
avo/romaine/spinach/dulse/tomato/lemon juice salad
Cacao balls
1 litre water
2 fresh corn-on-the-cobs
box of blueberries with a head of romaine and some dried figs
500ml water
500ml rose/chamomile tea
1 banana, 1 tsp greener grasses
500ml water

On this evening I had a delightful ‘chance’ encounter with an old school friend I haven’t seen in about 10 years…WOW…fun…those of you who have heard me speak will know that this has been, for me, one of the more entertaining aspects of my transformation with raw foods - seeing people I haven’t seen for a long time and watching their freaked reactions as they realise it’s me ;) This particular lovely laydee was my best friend for a number of years when we were around 10 years old…I happened to be in my town of birth, very briefly, for literally about 30mins this evening – went into the supermarket I used to gorge myself in daily as a teenager, this time to pick up some fresh organics and there she was, standing next to the bananas…wow…I LOVE the way the universe works…I was really happy to see her, called out her name and went to hug her…while she stood looking confused, trying to ‘place me’ in her memory…well, after all, last time she saw me I was likely around 250lbs (18 stone)…it ‘clicked’ for her after a while and she realised it was me…she was SHOCKED to see my new appearance and very happy for me – she’d seen my website in recent years and thought it was all amazing…sweet ;) I love those encounters – great reminders for me of where I’m coming from...

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. You can make pickled ginger this same way - slice it thin and put in a jar, fill with ACV. Yum.