Monday, 30 July 2007

A mouthful of durian helps the medicine go down...

I saw Mary Poppins at the theatre this weekend. It was FANTASTIC – in every sense of the word…mmmmmmm…wow, I just LOVE musicals…as I suspect is becoming clear ;) Yes, more to come on YouTube soon, I promise… I grew up on a diet of greasy food, Monty Python and musicals…and seeing Mary Poppins again now, as an adult, was amazing to me…I appreciated it on so many levels that I had never consciously understood as a child…yet now I can see the essence of what it was that I must have loved so much back then…aside from being able to pull whole hat-stands out of her bag, laugh her way up on to the ceiling and so on, she is the most AMAZING light worker…truly ;) LOL…Mary goes around from place to place, spreading light, love, joy and genuine communication between people – there’s no nonsense with this nanny, yet she is pure heart-energy, moving and shaking her way through the skies and down chimneys into peoples’ lives…and when the work is done and the heart spaces are opened with those people, that’s it, she’s off, to the next place…beautiful…if you’ve never seen this show, you’re perhaps quite perplexed at my blatherings here – well, I’d really encourage you to watch it – it’s so innocently inspiring and uplifting…enjoy :)

On July the 28th I had:

1.5 litres water
2 tbsp green powder
1 tbsp sunflower seeds mixed with wakame seaweed flakes
1 litre water
piece of jack fruit and 1 whole durian 2 litres water

Ahhhh, yes, it was definitely a durian day on Saturday for me…as evidenced in the picture above at the pagoda in London’s Chinatown…yummmm…quite magnificently, we also managed to do a re-run of events this time last year, ending up taking durian on the underground again and into the theatre too (see THIS old newsletter for my dramatic durian encounter on a London rooftop last July) ;) LOL…I suspect it was not much of a ‘coincidence’ that the girl sitting in front of me during the play moved halfway through the performance…eeek…sorry people…the durian passion just has me in its grip…along with THIS steamy British laydeee too, so it seems – OOOO la la, madame...

On July the 29th I had:

1.5 litres water
700ml green juice with apple and fennel
bowl of chia seeds soaked in blended jack fruit and apple juice
1 litre water
350ml green juice
leafy green salad with nut balls, followed by lime mousse and chocolate/almond cake (courtesy of the wonderful Raw Fairies catering now offered at Bonningtons Cafe in Vauxhall.)
1 litre water
2 tbsps green powder
500ml water

Q & A
A question from one of YOU to ME…
“When you add lime juice to you green juice do you juice the lime peel and all through the juicer or use a separate citrus juicer, then add the lime juice to your green juice? About how much lime juice do you add?”
…well…I don’t juice the lime peel…I tend to roll the lime on the counter-top first, pushing down on it (a top tip for getting maximum amount of juice out of any citrus fruit, easily, as it breaks open the ‘pods’ inside) then cut it in half and just squeeze into the already prepared juice. I’d usually use about ½ a lime per person…depends on your taste of course ;) Hope that helps…

AAaaaaaaaaaaand…a question from ME to YOU…
One lovely lady just asked me for a raw recipe for pickling summer squash or paddy pan…not being much of a ‘pickler’ myself and having frankly never HEARD of ‘paddy pan’, I have no recipes to share, but if you DO, please either leave a comment here or drop me a line at and I’ll pass the juicies on and post here too, for all to yummy up… thanks ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Hi there,

    I just found your blog and it is very inspirational....I would like to start juicing this is very interesting to hear first hand...

    A "paddy pan" as the lady said is a "patty pan" and refers to small squash in the summer (scroll down on the link to see a picture):

    I just discovered these last summer so I thought I'd share. They are adorable :)