Friday, 13 July 2007

The Fox, The Bees and The Moon...

Fox News published an article covering my transformation and raw foods today – hurray :) Great to see a more ‘mainstream’ media outlet like this embracing the raw food message – Alissa Cohen, Natalia Rose and I all contributed to the piece and I feel it turned out well as a good little intro piece for people to the idea of raw foods – YAY – every little bit helps in spreading this message of health and healing :) You can see the piece here:

On July the 12th I had:

*1.5 litres water
*tiny gorgeous glass of green smoothie
*bowl of luscious raw ‘granola’ – soaked sprouted oats, blended with coconut butter, lemon juice, berries, cinnamon and…I don’t know what else – a WHOLE lot of love…to make a YUMMY smooth creamy breakfast cereal, topped with banana slices, hemp seeds and fresh lavender…WOW…how blessed am I…??? ;)
*salad of spinach, romaine and dulse with a sunflower seed and garlic dressing, with a separate sunflower seed kale wrap
*1.5 litres water
*4 peaches
*700ml peppermint tea
*3 frozen cherries – yummmmmmmm :)
*400ml celery/cucumber/romaine/fennel/apple juice
*bowl of chia seeds with goji berries, apple, spirulina, maca and honey
*1 banana with a tbsp coconut butter
*1 litre water

Ok, time to answer a question from one of YOU delightful little popsicles reading this…Michelle asked:

“Can you tell me why you use bee pollen because I cant find anything online about that. Also why MSM? I read you used that somewhere else.”

Hmmmm…yes…I use bee pollen mainly because I like it – I love the taste and texture of it and that it is such a ‘wonder-food’ in terms of the nutrients…it’s phenomenal in terms of the amino acids - the PROTEIN (hallelujah…;), the B-vitamins, mineral range, enzymes…those little nuggets are incredible power-houses…and it gives me a great energy boost…I love that it’s not fatty, but feels dense and nourishing and enriching…one of my favourite ways to eat it is just to shake it up with an equal amount of hemp seeds and eat it as a snack – PHENOMENAL nutrient intake and feels pretty light and easy to digest too…love it…my favourite kind of bee pollen is FRESH and still MOIST - not stuff that's been dried a lot - the stuff you get fresh like that just meeeelllllllllts in your mouth and is amazing to me...and yes, I'd love to state myself as a 'raw bee-gan' again...or...whatever word you feel comfortable with in place of 'vegan' - bee pollen and honey are the two products that come from animals that I enjoy...
As for MSMhmmmmmmmmmmmdoesn’t really interest me so much INTERNALLY these days – I used it for a while when Juice Feasting…mostly it just tastes unpleasantly bitter to me though and I prefer to use it externally, on my skin in lotions like THIS, rather than drinking or eating it…it definitely brings extraordinary results for SOME people though – there are many testimonies of people dealing with joint issues like arthritis and so on finding tremendous relief with it. You know what they say…everything ain’t for everybody… ;) Here’s what I wrote about MSM in 'A Juice Feaster’s Handbook':

"MSM – (methyl sulphonyl methane) – a sulphur compound that occurs naturally in every cell of our bodies and is necessary to produce collagen/connective tissue. MSM gives flexibility, tone and strength to the skin, hair and nails. Taken as a powder/capsules, MSM is excellent for restoring elasticity and flexibility to skin and joints and for healing scar tissue. Try taking ½ tbsp a day of the powder and increase if you feel it is beneficial to you."

on July the 13th I had:

1.5 litres water
1 litre green juice with apple
1 mango
500ml water
spinach/romaine/hemp seeds/dulse/lemon juice
apple pulp mixed with raisins, cinnamon, maca and honey
little glass of banana/greens smoothie
1 banana
1 apple
1 litre water
3 tbsps hemp seed and bee pollen mixed
1 litre water
green salad with tahini/garlic/lemon dressing, nori sheets and flax crackers
500ml water

Hope you had a great Friday the 13th… ;) Tomorrow, July 14th is the New Moon in Cancer. This is the New Moon of love, carrying the idea of fully opening to the possibility of living each day as a loving, heartful, mindful being. This is what Astrologer Lisa Dale Miller has to say about it:

“This is a New Moon to take responsibility for our inner emotional condition, without all the drama.
This is the best New Moon to work on your home life and the quality of interaction that goes on in your family. We all need time to stop and really appreciate our loved ones: to fully embrace them, look deeply into their eyes, allowing the heart to soar in the recognition of oneness. This is also a great New Moon to engage in healing work around your own childhood/family system issues.
This is the right New Moon to begin letting go of old defense and protection mechanisms that may be doing you, and your relationships, more harm than good.
Cancer is the zodiacal archetypal Mother. This is a great New Moon to begin learning about the Sacred Feminine and incorporating this wisdom into your daily life and by extension, into our world. The Way of the Sacred Feminine is one of love, caring, understanding, compassion, peace and joy.
Open your heart and take care of your emotional life by committing to an insistence on love and kindness in all your interactions. This is the way of Cancer!”

To read her whole beautiful summary, see HERE.

With all love to you all,
Angela. xxx


  1. Congratulations! I love seeing this stuff mainstream - keep up the great work! My little (processed sugar) detox is bringing me one step closer...!

  2. hi angela, I recently went raw 23 days ago. I have felt pretty wonderful and your site and blog have been a godsend. I get most of my meal Ideas from you and they are all wonderful. My problem is that I dont think i'm digesting food well enough. I feel "backed up". I eat lots of fruit and veggies and have added flax oil to my smoothies and juices I'm chewing my food carfully and drinking pleanty of water and even taking e-3 live. I'm at a very healthy weight, but I feel like I need a good internal cleaning done i'm only able to "go" once a day on average and Its never enough. I've been considering taking colon cleansing pills, but I'm really confused as to weather this is a good idea at all and if I should just stick to eating more fruits and veggies instead. do you have any advice?