Wednesday, 25 July 2007


So, today was the ‘Day out of Time’ in the 13 moon calendar…that seemed to fit my day very appropriately, as I flew through the air/time/space/fields from Canada to England…feeling pretty disembodied still right now, fuzzy and a little jet-lagged…so…I can really resonate with having a ‘day out of time’… ;)
We’re leaving the year of the ‘Red Magnetic Skywalker’ and entering the ‘White Lunar Wizard’. Today was a day in between’s a message someone sent me about this shift:

“The Day out of Time is always synchronized with July 25th.
This day is an extremely powerful opportunity for global focus with
planetary kin who are dedicated to establishing a New Time of Peace on Earth and the Creative Emergence of Galactic Culture and Planet Art for the Benefit of All Beings!”

Hope you had a great one and may your time with the White Lunar Wizard be joyful and abundant ;)

On July the 24th I had:

1.5 litres water
1 litre ‘garden’ juice – cabbage, celery, cucumber, bell pepper, beet greens, sunflower greens, lime juice
big bowl of yummy green smoothie – whole head of romaine with 2 bananas and 3 peaches, with whole goji berries swirled in for chewing
1 litre water
1 litre watermelon juice
kale salad – kale, sunflower greens, baby greens, avo, lemon juice, tomatoes, dulse
1 banana
1 litre water

This was posted by Mark on the Juice Feaster’s Google Group today – he’s on Day 80 of his current Juice Feast – CONGRATULATIONS Mark and thanks for sharing these beautiful words (in response to a request for guidance…;)

“Well, I can't really tell you what to do; I can only tell you what I've done. Don't make too much of it. Don't think of it as anything too special. Think of it as business as usual. Don't think of it in terms of 92 days. 92 days is nothing. It's a heartbeat. Of course, thinking of it in terms of not eating seems like a long time. So don't think about 92 days. Take it one day at a time. Your job on day 5 is to get to day 6 and that is all. Tomorrow your job will be to get to day 7. There is no such thing as 92 days anyway, There is only now. Now you are juicing. In 92 days it will now again. It's always now. Don't get too proud of yourself. Realize that you can fall flat at anytime, so never be too proud. Be humble. Think that if I can do this, anybody can.”

Lovely…you can visit the Google Group to connect with others about Juice Feasting HERE.

On July the 25th I had:

1.5 litres water
1 box blueberries
1 litre water
2 tbsp ‘greener grasses’ powder
500ml water
3 golden kiwis
500ml water
meal of avo/dulse/lemon/spinach/greens and seeds
2 squares of raw food bar
400ml orange/cinnamon tea
1 litre water


Matt Monarch is giving his only UK raw food lecture this year, this Friday, the 27th, in Camden, London. This looks set to be a fantastic event, with people coming together from all over the UK to hear the hairy Aquarian speak… ;) The doors open at 7pm and you can see more details for the event HERE

One love,
Angela. xxx


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