Sunday, 1 July 2007

Jubilant Juices...

WOH there, juicy ladies ;) Thank you SOOO much for all the emails that came in this weekend from those of you interested in connecting with my friend in California for Juice Feast buddying. She is very thankful for all your responses and now has a buddy partner lined up. For those of you who may also be looking for someone to buddy with, please take a look at the Juice Feasting Google Group page HERE where you can connect with others…

On July the 1st I had:

1.5 litres water
bag of cherries
soaked chia seed mixed with lucuma powder, mashed bananas, sliced down raw choc treats, pinch of salt
500ml peppermint tea
2 litres water
800ml cucumber/celery/fennel/lemon juice
4 ‘mango nectarines’ (hmmmm ;)
nori wraps filled with ½ avo, sauerkraut, spinach leaves, cumin, lime juice, salt
2 litres water

I tried another raw food I’d never had before today – ‘mango nectarines’ – look like nectarines, yet are the colour of mangoes…and taste like…hmmm, well, nectarines, really…I’d seen these in a local shop here for some weeks and was happy to have satisfied my curiousity at least by finally trying them, if not so much my taste buds…;) I came to the conclusion that any fresh produce whose name has ‘TM’ next to it on the label is likely to be a little bit suspicious…

I was also delighted to discover that replacing the usual apple in my juice today with fresh lemon juice worked just as well for me in terms of taste…NICE :) and the extraordinary thing was that the crazy canine composter who lives here still ate the pulp, dispelling for me the idea that he was only eating the juice pulp ‘cos it had smthg sweet in it…wow…he really astounds me…who else would eat celery/cucumber/fennel pulp for dinner…?

Happy Canada Day, everyone – it’s been all fireworks and big-band spectaculars here tonight – yummy ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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