Monday, 23 July 2007

Getting Connected...

If you could ask me ONE question, what would it be…???

I have an exciting event to announce – on Sunday August the 5th at 6pm EST, I will be doing a FREE, LIVE teleconference call with Chef Dan of Quintessence in New York…FUN ;) You can listen in free from wherever you are in the world by phone or through the internet and the really cool thing is that you can enter questions in a special box on that page, which Dan will ask me during the call…– the details are all on this special page get your thinking mittens on and drop us a line… ;)

On July the 22nd I had:

1.5 litres water
bag of cherries
1 litre green juice with apple and lemon
½ box baby spinach leaves
1 litre water
small glass of aloe vera juice
exciting broccoli salad with shredded cabbage, sliced peppers and zucchini, dulse and a garlic/basil/avo dressing
Square of pistachio halvah cake left over from Live raw restaurant with cacao balls
500ml peppermint tea
1 litre water

Hmmmm…apparently some of you have been trying to send emails to the ‘’ email addresses the last few days and they’ve been bouncing straightbackatcha…apologies…we are in the process of shifting servers at the moment and some mischevious jiggles seem to have been rippling through the site as a result…hopefully all is suitably de-wobbled now for your emailing can also let us know via the alternative address 'rawreform at hotmail dot com' if all else seems hopeless... ;)

On July the 23rd I had:

1.5 litres water
800ml green juice with apple and ginger
3.5 big apricots
bowl of chia soaked in rejuvelac and aloe vera juice with a mashed banana, lucuma powder, mulberries, figs, maca and spirulina
cacao balls
1 litre water
800ml watermelon juice and a few chunks of watermelon flesh
stunning kale salad with tomatoes, avo, dulse, lemon juice and arugula
1 litre water
500ml peppermint tea

It was shown to me, in meditation this morning, the bizarre point that many people do not even ONCE during the course of a day TOUCH THE EARTH WITH THEIR SKIN…no WONDER so many in our societies seem ‘disconnected’…just think about it…we walk on concrete and tarmac, sit in cars or on bikes, wear layers of fabric or plastics to separate our feet from the ground…we are literally out of physical connection with the planet…I would love to encourage that first thing in the morning, ESPECIALLY in the summertime when it’s warm, you go outside and connect to the earth with your physical body – stand barefoot, or lay on the ground and greet the sun, breathe deep, listen to the birds and other sounds, do some yummy-feeling stretches, set your intentions for the day, give gratitude, smile and do what you can for those few moments to keep your attention in the present – not in the past, not in the future…just right there, on your little patch of ground, right NOW ;) If you’ve just woken from a night of sleep, consider that you’ve been away from this physical body and this physical planet for a number of hours – take this little opportunity to ground yourself back in here on waking – you’re about to spend the next 16 or so hours here, most likely, so how about starting it off with a smile and a gentle, loving reconnection…? Enjoy ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Gela, that is so cool you posted about this. I have been having exactly the same thought! Amazing huh, such a simple act...connecting with the ground, and Mother Earth will begin to feel it for sure, if we all starting touching and connecting with her with love! Thanks for spreading the message with such clarity, love and lightness of being.
    p.s. i hear you're coming to the uk soon, u gonna swing by and visit us rawies in Brighton?