Saturday, 28 July 2007


In case you didn’t see my little announcement yet, I’m really excited to be participating in the Raw Food World Summit, which is kicking off on August the 7th and features 12 top speakers on raw foods, sharing their stuff, tele-conference style…yeeeeee-HAH ;)
You can sign up for FREE, or invest in the other packages on offer, HERE.

On July the 26th I had:

1 litre water
500ml celery/cucumber/apple juice
½ tbsp greener grasses powder
1 litre water
chia seeds with blended apples, goji berries, raisins, maca and lucuma powder
400ml dandelion tea
bag of cherries
1 persimmon
1 litre water
spinach, romaine, avo, dulse, raw cauliflower curry, waldorf salad, flax crackers
1 litre water
400ml orange/cinnamon tea

Somebody left a comment recently asking about drinking tea…yes, I LOVE it – especially in cold places and simple teas like peppermint or dandelion that I feel offer some function too (i.e. aiding digestion). I tend to put hot water on the tea, then drink it much later when it’s cooled down OR add cold water sooner, to be able to drink it sooner – I do not enjoy drinking anything hot anymore…sun teas are my favourite way of making tea as a raw foodie – though England seems to be…hmmmmmm…rather severely clenched in sun-shortage right now…wow…it’s like someone left the tap on since I left last summer ;) Thanks to all of you who braved the winds though and turned out for Matt Monarch’s raw food lecture in London on Friday night – it was FUN to see so many enthusiastic faces here, brightening up grey London…hurray :) Thanks for a great gathering :)

on July the 27th I had:

1 litre water
1 chopped apple and a handful of blackberries
600ml green juice with apple and fennel
bowl of chia seeds soaked in apple juice with lucuma powder, goji berries, dried mulberries and maca
400ml dandelion tea
1 litre water
3 tbsps bee pollen mixed with hemp seeds and cardamom powder
1 litre water
6 persimmons, 1 fig and some incredible raw chocolate ;)
1 litre water

...and so, from one Aquarian to another...the moon is about to be full in Aquarius – this Sunday or Monday, depending which continent you’re on ;)
Lisa Dale Miller describes this as the full moon of ‘the visionary’ or ‘guru’. This is:

“A night dedicated to thanking all our teachers, in every walk of life. An Aquarius Full Moon asks us to especially honor unique and revolutionary teachers: those who vision far out beyond the rest of us. Those dedicated to upliftment, freedom, utopianism and humanitarianism.

This is a night to step into your own sense of teaching and service by breaking down the attraction to focusing only on your own life. Selfless giving to others is a true Aquarian vision of working for the collective upliftment of all sentient beings. This is the Full Moon for involvement in something larger than you.

This is the Full Moon to honor freedom, idealism, humanitarianism, egalitarianism, and the revolutionary impulse toward reform, without causing harm to anyone. Aquarius is the impulse to raise-up everyone and leave no one behind. So in service to these calls to action, become responsible and find out what is really happening around you. Get involved in your community, volunteer your time, and raise awareness in your neighborhood.”

WOW…yummy…a powerful time to step into your OWN power and shimmy on into the light with ALL your brothers and sisters :) You can read the whole of Lisa Dale Miller’s piece HERE.

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Dear Angela,

    I read your menu every day and I am amazed at the amount of water you drink. I know that hydrating your body well is essential for good health, but I wonder - how do you manage to drink so much water everyday? I am asking this question especially in light of the fact that the raw "diet" is rich in water from the veggies and fruits we eat.

    Thank you for any insights (or TIPS!) you may have on this issue.


  2. Dear Angela!
    Just thought you might find it interesting that Sunday 29th of July was Gurupoornima- the Hindu festival in which all teachers, including God, the greatest teacher, are glorified and thanked. I love it when these things all seem to fit together!! Never a surprise really :)
    Love reading your blog as always, wish I could be at the Raw World Summit, what an experience it would be.