Sunday, 30 March 2008

Reviews, RawMan and a Recipe :)

Raw Emotions’ has been on sale for about 3 weeks now and the feedback for it continues to GlOOooOOOOOooWWWW :) Thanks to all of you who have been letting us know what this book means to you and the shifts you are setting in motion in your own lives as a result of reading... :) Here’s what Sara in Italy sent us:

“Ciao Angela, I have read your new e-book Raw Emotions, I have to say that it is the best raw food book I have ever read so far (and I have read many :), you have done such an amazing work and I could totally relate on everything you have gone through. Very, very good job! Thanks you so much for it! Sara”

WOW, thanks Sara, feedback doesn’t get much more rewarding than that ;)
Uber-slick ‘Green Living’ site GLiving also recently posted a nice little article on Raw Emotions too, called ‘Raw Emotions: Got Food Issues?’. You can check that out HERE if you didn’t see it on their site yet:

I love the last paragraph especially:

“It actually sounds like worthwhile reading for non-overeaters. After all, we all have issues, regardless of how they manifest themselves. And the fact that this information is coming not from a scientist crunching data in a lab, but from a living, breathing woman whose body is her showroom gives it credibility.”

LOL, thanks guys ;)

On March the 29th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 cup cucumber/spinach/lettuces/beetroot/carrot/pak choi juice
3 cups beetroot/apple juice
bowl of figgy pudding: fresh figs and dried mulberries blended together and swirled with spirulina powder – WOW :)
1.5 quarts water
20oz spinach/carrot/pak choi juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with sunflower seed pate, avocado, finely sliced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce leaves
2 quarts water

While we’re on the subject of little reviews, dear Melissa over at ‘RawMom’ recently posted a write-up of her experiences learning to play and dance with some of our poi. You can check that out here:

You can get your own set of magical poi from our site HERE and if you never saw my poi spinning video, or would like to exercise your...eyeballs watching it again, click HERE ;)

OOOOOOO and while we're on the subject of fun YouTube vids, I would HEARTILY recommend you tickle your amazement nodules by checking out the spectacular 'Adventures of RawMan and Green Girl', made by Ron Gilmore and recently shown at the Raw Film Festival - WOW :) This 7 minute short is JUST like an old-style superhero animation - with RAW superheroes :))) LOVE IT :) We just watched it tonight and were repeatedly exclaiming 'WOW' out loud - thanks for sharing, Ron, I think it's AMAZING :) You can see it HERE:

on March the 30th I had:

1.5 quarts water
slice of watermelon
20oz spinach/pak choi/carrot/cabbage juice
bowl of figgy pudding: fresh figs blended with fresh oranges, lucuma/yacon/vanilla/cinnamon powders and spirulina :)
1.5 quarts water
20oz romaine lettuce/dandelion/red pepper/carrot/cucumber juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with sunflower seed pate, avocado, finely sliced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce leaves
2 cups water
½ a watermelon
2 cups water

Ok, one final special treat for today...many of you seemed to be intrigued to know the contents of Mr Monarch’s spectacular spontaneous Easter surprise cake. WELL, charmer that he is, he pieced together the recipe for me to pass on to you – SWEET :) Here it is:

Ext-RAW-dinary Easter Layer Cake

*Blend 20- 25 Turkish dried figs in enough water to create a creamy consistency.

*Pour mixture into a big bowl and add:
2.5 cups of dried mulberries
1/2 a cup of diced dried figs
4 tablespoons of almond butter
2 tablespoons of tahini

*Let it all soak for at least 4 hours.

*Return to the mixture and throw in a tablespoon of vanilla powder, then mix thoroughly.
*Divide this mixture up into two bowls, making it ALMOST even but not quite.
*Add 1 cup of yacon powder to the bowl that has less in it and mix thoroughly.
*Put a layer of the ‘non-yacon’ mixture on the base of your display plate, then a layer with the yacon mixture, then the rest of the non-yacon mixture
*Then spread the rest of the yacon mixture around the entire top of the cake as a frosting.
*Decorate with dried or fresh fruit pieces, or as desired :)

One love,
Angela. xxx

Friday, 28 March 2008

Successfully Raw... :)

For any of you on the US east coast or ready/willing/able to whisk yourself there very promptly, you are cordially welcomed this Saturday, the 29th at the ‘Successfully Raw’ event being hosted in New York by raw food yumsters of the ‘We Like It Raw’ variety :) As I seem wont to say of late, were I in the States at present, this is another event I would LOVE to it is, we’ve got eventful unfoldments of our own to enjoy here presently in New Zealand (see more below…)
Successfully Raw looks set to be a truly awe-inspiring event – with 4 different speakers sharing their unique perspectives on healthy raw lifestyles. Your raw-licious line-up includes:

*Dhrumil Purohit, the force behind We Like it Raw, sharing on the link between raw foods and spirituality
*Karen Knowler, British raw food coach extraordinaire and long-term raw foodie, talking about successfully living raw
*Anthony Anderson – Mr. Raw Model himself shares his guidance for inner and outer beauty
*Philip McCluskey – my brother in raw weight loss ;) Philip will be sharing thoughts and tips on Emotional Eating
*Chef Joel Odhner gives guidance on quick and easy raw food recipes

What a line-up :) There will also be a gourmet live food lunch for all to enjoy too – WOW :) You can read all the full details for this event HERE.
The usual investment in your health for ‘Successfully Raw’ is $99, however, you, dear readers, are in for a treat, as dear Mr. Dhrumil has granted y’all access to reduced entry tickets at just $79 per person :) Isn’t he nice? :) If you follow this special link HERE, you can claim your special rate ticket and join the loved-up raw tribe for a day of fun :) ENJOY :) We’d love to hear about your experiences... :)

On March the 28th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 cups watermelon/mandarin juice
2 cups cucumber/celery/parsley/lettuces/beetroot/cabbage/carrot juice
2 handfuls of fresh figs, straight from the tree
1 quart water
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with avocado, sunflower seed pate, mixed sprouts, finely sliced broccoli pieces and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps, followed by a little sweeeeeeeet paste: lucuma/yacon/vanilla/maca/cinnamon powders mixed together with a little water
1 quart water
1 pint spinach/lettuce/cabbage/cucumber/carrot/beetroot/pak choi juice
2 cups water

Back in the Southern Hemisphere, myself and the Monarch have quite a few speaking engagements resonating their way through our life tracks the next few weeks...Next Friday, the 4th, we shall present our tales of transformation and joy in sunny Christchurch...Sunday the 13th of April will see us oiling the raw food fascination nodules of minds in Golden Bay...April the 19th will be Wellington’s turn to get juicy and then we finish up in Melbourne on April the 26th with a finale of...exploding eggplants and corn confetti (perhaps...I wouldn’t get your expectations up about that though... ;)
You can see all the left-brain pleasing details of those events HERE... and we hope to see you THERE if you are NEAR :)

All love,
Angelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaahaaa. xxx

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Greening Up at the 11th Hour...

We watched the film ‘11th Hour’ by Leonardo di Caprio last night. WOW. If you haven’t seen it, I’d definitely recommend it. I would summarise it as a documentary about how humans are in our ‘11th hour’ in terms of the time we potentially have left here on this planet. There was a lot of very challenging info to integrate in the first half of the film – the shocking realities of what humans have created here and continue to create, moment by moment, day by day, in terms of pollution, deforestation, soil erosion and so on. Some of the stats were absolutely staggering to me. Two that hit me the most were:
1) in a survey in the US, it was found that on average, college kids could recognise 1000 different company logos, yet fewer than 10 plants or animals in their local environment. :O
2) Apparently, back in just 1960, the human population was around 3 billion. Now, fewer than 50 years later, we’re at more than double that – more than 6 billion. :O For many, many thousands of years, the human population never went over 1 billion, as that was simply the sustainable level for the way we were living...then agriculture/industry etc came along, we found ways to exploit resources like oil, to make things work bigger/faster/harder/stronger for us and we multiplied our numbers like some crazy virus, all over this planet, often squashing other species out of the way on the journey. So now here we are with an enormous human population that seems to drive itself ever further away from connection with nature, into cities, mono-cultures and ultimately, self-destruction. One thing I found really interesting was that many of the speakers in the film emphasised the fact that this ‘11th hour’ is really for humans, not the planet – the planet will go on without us, if we really do end up pushing things so far that we self-destruct ;) It’s not about this planet so much as it’s about us...what do we choose? Are we going to pick up the pieces RIGHT NOW and do something different?
An older friend in the audience shared his perspective with us in the intermission. He said that in his opinion, all these issues could easily be straightened out if people did 3 things: stay at home, grow food and save seed. :))) LOVE IT :))) Ahhhhhhhh, how I long to get to our own piece of land and start growing things other than sprouts ;) The Anastasia books continue to inspire us daily in our desires to get growing and creating our own ‘motherland’...personally, I absolutely agree that the greatest solution right now would be for us all to get our hands in the dirt and start growing and enjoying, connecting. I know that doesn’t resonate for everyone though and so I was glad to see many other suggestions given in this film of what people can do – things like fitting energy-efficient light bulbs, using green energy sources and so on. A lot of the solutions seemed like very ‘slick’/’urban’ ideas to me – like greening up skyscrapers etc... ;) I can totally see the value of putting this stuff across though – it’s about introducing baby steps that people can take to start making a difference. Someone who right now is living 32 storeys up in a high rise in New York and works all day in an office may be a little freaked at the idea of going and living and working on the ;) Yet ‘green’ that person’s office and home block and maybe things might start to shift until they DO feel more comfortable to go and connect more with nature. It’s no different to taking someone who is eating SAD and trying to throw them into being 100% raw vegan – that’s a BIG shock to the system – if you help them gently, slowly transition though, with baby steps, then it might work out much more smoothly ;) So, I’m glad that 11th Hour presented many different solutions for people, so that we can all perhaps side-step crisis when ‘midnight’ comes...will YOU turn into a pumpkin, or will you be out tending the pumpkin patch…? ;) We’ll see... You can see more abt this film and action you can start taking, HERE.

On March the 26th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 cups zucchini/carrot/parsley/lettuce/cilantro/green pepper juice
2 big handfuls of fresh figs
1 quart water
little handful of pumpkin seeds with wakame seaweed
3 little apples
2.5 cups zucchini/carrot/parsley/lettuce/cilantro/green pepper juice
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with avocado, mixed sprouts, garlic, karengo seaweed and finely chopped broccoli, served in lettuce wraps
2 cups water
½ a watermelon
2 cups water

So, while we’re on this green-ing up subject, there are a few organisations I’d love to mention who I think are doing really cool work. It just so happens that all 3 are found in the Vancouver, BC region – which may tell us a thing or two... ;)
The first is the ‘Glean Team’ in Nanaimo. This is part of the ‘Nanaimo FoodShare’ initiative and the basic idea is that they match up people who have an excess of food growing on their land, which they’re not going to pick and use themselves, with people who go and pick it. Genius. This is from their site:

“Every year in the Nanaimo region an enormous amount of quality fruit and nuts drop from trees and rot. At the same time people line up at food banks for emergency hampers.
To reduce this food waste, the Fruit Tree Gleaning Project is linking surplus fruit and vegetables with volunteers willing to pick. Gleaners are encouraged to share their harvest with friends, family, neighbours, or a local food bank.”

Love it. You can read more and maybe even duplicate this simple, yet stunningly effective model in your own community by checking out their site HERE:

on March the 27th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.2 quarts watermelon/mandarin juice
20oz celery/cucumber/lettuces/parsley/sprouts/dandelion/cabbage/beetroot/carrot juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with avocado, sunflower seed pate, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps
2 quarts water
little bowl of figgy pudding: fresh figs blended with oranges, vanilla powder, yacon powder and lucuma powder, with a few dried mulberries swirled in for chewiness
1 quart water

Next up is ‘City Harvest’. This is an organisation that uses urban space in Victoria, BC — yards or vacant land — to produce hand-tended, organically-grown vegetables to market. They give land-owners 1/3 of the fresh organic produce in exchange for the garden space :) Fantastic idea and a great way for people who’d rather have someone else do the gardening, to get extremely fresh, nutrient-dense organic produce that is sustainable (and free). Imagine all the gardens and lawns in N.America alone that could be converted into organic farm ground this way… :) Check out City Harvest’s site here:

Finally, ‘Guerrilla Gardening’ – this one is, in fact, not by any means restricted to the Vancouver area – that’s just where it was first introduced to me ;)...the idea is basically about planting up any random public places with trees, flowers, veggie crops and so on. This movement originated in the 70s in New York, it seems and there are now people loving up empty urban spaces into oases the world over…this site has a great list of links for green-fingered ‘guerrillas’ worldwide:

Well, I do hope all of that’s given you some delicious ‘food for thought’... ;)

One love,
Angelaallalaallaalaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Purple Corn Princess...

So, as you may have noticed, we’ve been adding dozens of new products lately to the RawReform Store. You can see all the new yums to play with HERE and below is a partial list of the new goodies:

Raw Emotions Fridge Magnet
Cacao Paste – block of blended cracao – WOH ;O (see picture to right)
Colosan – incredible, gentle colon cleanser
Tat Tvam Asi – divine devotional chanting CD from India
Hemp Maca E3Live Protein Powder
Omega FoodPro Food Processor
Organic Raw Pistachios
Noni Fruit Powder – powerful stuff ;)
Raw Wild Jungle Peanuts
Camu-camu powder – supposedly the highest source of Vitamin C in nature, weight for weight.

One item in particular has been attracting the interest of some of you though – the PURPLE CORN – ahahahaaaaaaa, yes, indeed...why purple and what to do with it? WELL, you’re in luck, dear ones, as it just so happens that a magical friend of ours in the UK – Kate Magic (yes, that’s her real name) - is quite the purple corn princess and has this fabulous info and recipe to share with y’all, from her site

“Purple corn is a powerful antioxidant which comes from Peru. It is a plant which is greatly revered in Mayan culture; it is said to be the plant of remembrance. It is a very ancient plant, and like eating algae, eating it connects us to our ancient cellular memory. There is an ancient Hopi prophecy that says that when purple corn comes to the West, that is a sign that great changes are happening on the planet.”

I'd also add to this, that purple corn is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, is supportive of tissue regeneration, helps reduce cholesterol and improve la la...
Ah-hah :) So...wonderful, you’ve bought your bag of magical, third-eye bumpin’ purple kernels and ground them down to a powder in your blender – whattaya gonna do with them now? Read on for a yummy recipe ;)

On March the 24th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/mandarin juice
1 quart apple/cucumber/celery/dandelion juice
1 pint water
1 quart watermelon/mandarin juice
1tbsp paste: spirulina powder, maca powder, bee pollen, honey, water
3 cups ‘5000’ volts: celery/red pepper/hot pepper/garlic/orange juice, with added cucumber and lettuce leaves
1.5 quarts water

…and here it is - the promised VERY special purple corn recipe to enjoy – with MEASUREMENTS – wow, you can tell this gal’s a pro ;) This is taken from ‘Raw Magic’ by Kate Magic Wood, which will be published by Rawcreation very soon - on April 1st 2008. The world's first superfood recipe book :)

Purple Power Pudding

Serves one
5 mins

Purple corn and cinnamon is an exceptionally tasty combination, and this pudding combines them with Etherium black to produce a treat that makes you feel empurpled and empowered.

1 large avocado
1 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp lucuma
1 tbsp agave
100 ml or 1⁄2 cup water
1 tsp purple corn powder (grind down kernels before-hand)
1/8 tsp Etherium black (optional)
1 tsp cinnamon

Peel and pit the avocado. Put all the ingredients in the blender together and blend for a minute until smooth. Serve topped with blueberries, blackberries, or chopped figs – any purplicious fruit.

on March the 25th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/mandarin juice
couple of handfuls of fresh figs, straight from the trees
1.5 quarts water
1 pint zucchini juice
little bowl of mixed sprouts, karengo seaweed, finely chopped broccoli and sunflower seeds covered with sauce made from blending together cucumber, garlic, curry spice and kelp.
2 cups water
1/2 a watermelon
2 cups water

…and while we’re in the realm of Ms. Magic, I’d love to share a link to a YouTube video she recently forwarded me. It’s called ‘Food Court Musical’ and I think it’s an absolute classic :) As I’m sure you’ve probably gathered by now, I like to be in musical world...and this video brings the whole song and dance routine crashing RIGHT into ‘reality’ in a random shopping mall in the US, as a whole team of planted improv actors from the group ‘Improv Everywhere’ burst into full song in the food court...LOVE IT :)))) ENJOY :))))

One love,
Angela. xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter JOY :)

I hope you’ve been enjoying a yummy, relaxing ‘holiday weekend’, wherever you are :)
Today was so much FUN for me. Here it was Easter Sunday and Mr Monarch recreated some magical childhood wonder for me by planning a secret Easter treasure hunt all around the house and gardens where we’re staying :))))
My Dad used to write out trails of treasure hunt clues for my sister and I when we were little, leading to outrageous stashes of chocolate easter eggs hidden in the washing machine or smthg at the end ;) It was always one of the highlights of the year for me as a child; the thrill of the ‘hunt’, the exhilaration of getting a step closer clue by clue, then the drama of getting stuck on clues, my little brain working overtime trying to puzzle out the rhymes and get to the goodies ;) lol...I loved it then and I LOVE it now too – it was SO MUCH FUN today to run all over the property looking for the ‘pot of gold’...I eventually found it, out in one of the fields, where the Monarch had laid out a beautiful picnic blanket with specially prepared AMAZING Easter cakes for us both...WOW :) This cake was absolutely delicious – I don’t know how he made it – he said it had dried figs, almonds, sesame seeds, vanilla powder, mulberries in it...not sure what was gorgeous anyway. The amazing thing is, he never tries food before he serves it - it just gets created with love, passion and a strong sense of how raw foods work...and the result is YUMMMMMMMMMMM - who needs chocolate with gifts of love like that? ;)

On March the 22nd I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart melon/mandarin juice
an entirely satisfying amount of fresh figs, straight from the tree :)
1 quart water
1 pint veggie juice: celery/cucumber/beetroot/J.artichoke/radish/parsley/lettuces/dandelion/carrot
bowl of mulberry magic: dried mulberries soaked overnight in blended apples, mixed with cinnamon, ground flax seed and ground almonds
1 quart water
12 oz celery/cucumber/beetroot/J.artichoke/radish/parsley/lettuces/dandelion/carrot
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with avocado, homemade tahini, mixed sprouts, karengo seaweed, garlic, served in lettuce wraps
1 quart water

I’ve also been feeling especially yummed-up today as we saw an incredible film last night that really touched me and the energy of which has stayed with me all day. It is called ‘Once’ and if you haven’t seen it, I would HIGHLY recommend it :) It’s the very simple story of a busker and a flower-seller who meet on the streets of’s kind of a musical, yet also kind of’s a love story, yet also kind of is beautiful, uplifting, unpretentious, open and flowing. It was shot in 3 weeks on a very small budget with 2 handicams and went on to win the Oscar for best song. WOW. It is like watching and experiencing spirit in motion to me, watching this film – there’s something so honest, simple and accessible about it all – I didn’t want it to end... ;) Thankfully though there’s YouTube, so I’ve been playing the songs from the film over and over all day – here’s the one that won the Oscar – Falling Slowly - LOVE IT – Enjoy :)

on March the 23rd I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 little mandarins
½ a watermelon
1 quart water
an individual gorgeous Easter cake creation from the Monarch
1.5 quarts water
1 quart celery/cucumber/apple juice
1 quart water

Thanks for all the entries that have been coming in so far for the logo contest for ‘The Raw Food World’. You’re a talented bunch :) This contest is due to finish on March the 26th at midnight Pacific Coast US time. Here’s a reminder of what it’s all about:

We are re-designing and revving up We would LOVE to have a beautiful new logo for the website and we are having a contest, to find our striking new emblem.
You are free to send in as many designs as you like, with whichever themes excite you. We're open to all concepts – new colours, new themes, whatever excites you – perhaps even drawing on the colours from the cover of Raw Success...
To enter this contest, send your logo to The winner of this contest will get to choose from one of the following 3 exciting prizes:

Needak Rebounder
Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator
$175 Superfoods Voucher

You have until midnight (Pacific Time), March 26th to send entries in and the winner will be chosen and announced shortly after that. We look forward to seeing your entries :)
(PLEASE NOTE: your entry does not have to look like the old title for ‘The Raw Food World’ at all – feel free to be creative and let your imagination FLOW ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

Friday, 21 March 2008

Equinox Cleansing Rituals...

Happy Equinox/Full Moon/Easter ;)
WOW, a powerful time, eh? Hope you’re enjoying the’s feeling pretty intense to me...we went to a wonderful Equinox Ceremony last night, which was a great way to connect and release some of the energy. About 70 of us gathered at a Medicine Wheel site under an (almost) full moon to mark the passing here into Autumn-time and release some energies through fire and song. I really appreciated it. I know a lot of you reading this are heading into SPRING now too, rather than Autumn – hurray :) I love springtime – enjooooooooy :)
This full moon is in Libra, drawing the focus to fairness, balance, relationships and deep listening. Here’s a little of what astrologer Lisa Dale Miller shares abt this moon:

“A Full Moon in Libra asks each of us to practice one particular relational skill: listening attentively with an open heart, an open mind, and without interruption or feedback. Think of this day as an invitation to enter into a sacred circle with every one and every thing you encounter.
This is the Full Moon to gather with others and celebrate togetherness, commonality, love and peace. It is important to fully experience how your actions affect the people in your life. If it’s been ages since your family sat down together for dinner, this is the night for a good meal with great conversation. Sharing and listening breaks down barriers and engenders love. If you choose to do a nighttime Full Moon ritual, revel in the natural beauty that surrounds you.
Saying and doing everything with love, compassion and respect is the only way to win.
These principles are applicable to all our relationships, be they intimate, familial or professional. Think of how different our world would be if we all practiced these principles.”

ABSOLUTELY :) You can check out Ms. Miller’s whole piece on this moon HERE.

On March the 20th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 mandarins
½ a watermelon
1 pint celery/cucumber/J.artichoke/lettuces/beetroot/radish/carrot juice
bowl of DELICIOUS ‘figgy pudding’: fresh figs blended with little mandarins and a collection of powders: vanilla/yacon/lucuma/maca/cinnamon
1.5 quarts water
1 pint celery/cucumber/J.artichoke/lettuces/beetroot/dandelion/radish/carrot juice
½ a durian, with the flesh wrapped in romaine leaves, sprinkled with mandarin/lime juice – yummmm :)
1 quart water

You may recall that on my last blog post I was ‘tagged’ and shared 5 things abt me you quite probably weren’t aware of... I passed the tag on to five more raw yumsters and one of them – Ellen – posted in response an eclectic, amusing collection of self-trivia on her site – you can check it out HERE.
Plus, check out this interesting comment about the frogs, left here by Nashima:

“Hi Angela! Always nice to read your blogs : ) On your blog today you mentioned you loved frogs when you were a little girl. That was amazing to read as frogs represent cleansing in the Native American tradition! Maybe you already know all this but just in case you don't you can look up Frog in the 'Medicine Cards' by Jamie Sams & David Carson. All the cards are wonderful btw! Have much fun : ) Nashima”

WOW, interesting, thanks for sharing, gals ;)

on March the 21st I had:

1.5 quarts water
½ a watermelon
1.5 cups celery/cucumber/J.artichoke/lettuces/beetroot/dandelion/radish/carrot juice
quick little wrap selection made by stuffing romaine leaves with pumpkin seed pate/avocado/cilantro/wakame seaweed fronds/lime juice, followed by a little sweet&sticky paste made by mixing together yacon/lucuma/vanilla/maca/cinnamon powders with water
1.5 quarts water
2 mandarins
½ a watermelon
1 quart water

Here’s a reader Q that a few of you have been asking in fact, of late – must be time to answer ;)

“Hi Angela - you mention sunflower seed pate in your recipe (YUUUMMMM) - can you give me the recipe? Do you make it yourself and can pumpkin seeds be substituted? Juni”

Yes, we make sunflower seed or pumpkin seed pates ourselves in the Vitamix. It is SUPER easy and SUPER tasty ;) (To our tastebuds anyway ;) So, as you may be aware by now, I’m not really into measurements/recipes – it seems to go a little smthg like this though ;)

2.5 cups soaked sunflower or pumpkin seeds
1 clove garlic
6 soaked sun-dried tomatoes (optional)

I recommend soaking the sun-dried tomatoes WITH the seeds, if you’re going to use the tomatoes. Either way, soak the seeds (+tomatoes if desired) in pure water overnight, then drain off the soak water. Place the seeds (+tomatoes) into a blender with a peeled garlic clove, blend until smooth and that’s it – DONE :) YUMMMM... Well, that’s my favourite way of making it anyway, with the sun-dried tomatoes – the Monarch is not into the tomatoes anymore though, so the last few weeks we’ve been omitting those – which then means there’s not much saltiness to the taste – so, you might want to add some kelp powder or other salty things instead – we usually eat it with some kind of seaweed, so we get the salty taste that way... So we make the pate, use whatever we want of it immediately and store the rest in the fridge. I LOVE it with either sunflower seeds OR pumpkin seeds – they both taste very ‘cosy’ to me... Remember too that consuming both pumpkin seeds and garlic around full/new moon time can be a GREAT way to encourage parasites to exit the body... ENJOY :)

One love,
Angela. xxx

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Tale of The Frog Princess and The GREEEEEEEEEENS... ;)

I’ve been TAGGED :O To be honest, I’m not totally sure what this is all about – seems like fun though – Poppy wrote:

“Hello Angela!! You're it! Now the rules are: write five things about yourself that we don't already know about you and then tag up to five other people. Good luck!! Poppy x”

Hmmm, ok...5 things y’all don’t know about me...let’s see...

1. I used to hand-carve runes onto stones as a business.
2. I have a great desire to play the character ‘Nancy’ in the musical Oliver...
3. I am allergic to nickel.
4. When I was a child, I had an obsession with frogs – I had pictures of them and toy frogs everywhere, plus I played often with real frogs out in the garden.
5. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was about 11. I still don't really like activities where you add something on to the body to do smthg - like skiing, roller-blading, ice-skating and so on... ;)

Well, I’m guessing most of that was new information for MOST readers ;) So now I get to tag 5 more people, eh...? Ok, me choose 5 other bloggers (in no particular order) so the blogging flow is maintained:

Mr Monarch:

Looking forward to see what YOU all want to share ;)

On March the 16th I had:

2 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/mandarin juice
1 pint celery/cucumber/lettuces/cabbage/dandelion/parsley/beetroot/carrot juice
2 little bowls of yum: one with a blend of apples/mulberries/cinnamon, the other with bananas/blueberries/yacon powder/vanilla
1 quart water
½ tbsp green powder
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1 quart water

on March the 17th I had a juicy day:

1.5 quarts water
3 cups watermelon/mandarin juice
1.5 cups wild berry tea
1 tbsp paste made from spirulina powder, bee pollen, vanilla powder, maca powder and water
1 quart watermelon/mandarin/lime juice
1 quart cucumber/lettuces/parsley/carrot/Jerusalem artichoke juice
3 cups apple/cucumber/celery juice
1 quart water

Hmmmm, a lot of you seem to be having issues trying to place orders in the RawReform Store from OUTSIDE the US (especially Canada). I hear you. This is unfortunately a common issue right now - we CAN send things internationally, from our depot in the US - the site just does not currently handle international orders very happily ;) We're working on it and foresee having a user-friendly new site for ALL customers within the next couple of months. In the meantime, the process for setting up international orders is a little peculiar – breathe deep, here it is:

*create an account for yourself in the RawReform Store (or log in if you already have an account)
*go to 'edit your shipping address'
*leave your postal code as it is in the Zip Code field
*For 'State' put NV, for 'Country' put USA
*write your full city, state/province and country in the field that reads 'COMPANY NAME'

Our customer service reps know to then send it internationally - it's a little trick we set up to 'side-step the system' ;) I hope that makes sense to any of you having issues with this and I apologise for the inconvenience. You are also welcome to call our customer service reps if you prefer, on 001-866-729-3438 OR email Mr. Monarch on and he can help you set your account up for international orders. Once your account is set up, you'll be able to easily order from then on - it just needs to be set up for the first order ;)

on March the 18th I had:

1.5 quarts water
10 fresh figs
2 cups honeydew melon/apple juice
1 cup cucumber/lettuces/parsley/carrot/Jerusalem artichoke juice
1 pint cucumber/lettuces/parsley/beetroot/carrot/J. Artichoke juice
3 peaches
10 fresh figs
½ a watermelon
1 pint water
¾ of a durian
1.5 quarts water

on March the 19th I had:

1.5 quarts water
10 fresh figs
1.5 cups cucumber/lettuces/parsley/beetroot/carrot/J. Artichoke juice
1 small handful wakame fronds mixed with pumpkin seeds
10 fresh figs
1 quart water
2 cups green smoothie: banana/peach/blueberry/romaine/cilantro
20oz juice: lettuces/Jerusalem artichokes/beetroot/radish/dandelion/carrot
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps
little paste of lucuma, yacon and vanilla powders mixed together with water, served with yacon slices – yummmmMmmm :)
1 quart water

Here are a couple of recent reader Qs on travel/food ‘safety’:

“Angela, Congrats on your new e-book! It takes patience and trust to work with the precious timing of the universe and you've got it! My hubby and are traveling to Guatemala at the end of the month-it will be my 1st experience traveling in the raw. I will be sprouting and dehydrating some nuts and seeds, probably make some flax crackers, definitely bringing my spirulina and Vitamineral Greens and enzymes. Did you find it safe to eat fresh greens in Central America? Any advice would be great! I look forward to your blog in my inbox often-thank you for sharing!!xo, Kelly”

“You mentioned that you rarely wash your fruit and veggies - are you not concerned with parasites? I know it is less of an issue in the developing countries but in warmer climates, isn't it dangerous not to disinfect any potentially pathogenic bacteria? Xell”

Thank you, ladies :) Hmm, ok, let’s see...greens in Central America...yes, in Costa Rica there was an adequate supply of organic greens in the areas I was in...I was cautious to stay near the more ‘developed’ areas though, where (rather ironically), organic greens were more readily available – the further I went from the main city, the scarcer organics seemed to get and crops in general seem to be HEAVILY sprayed down there, so I was not at all into using non-organic greens. SO, I commend you definitely on preparing yourself with GREEN POWDERS – that is key, if you don’t want to be delving into unknown greens territory ;) As fresh greens are so high in water content, personally I’m just not into the idea of consuming them if I don’t get a good feeling for how they were grown, otherwise it’s kind of like having a drink of pesticides ;) lol... When I’m in countries that don’t seem to have the greatest range of organic greens available I make SURE to have green powders with me (plus other raw foods like chia seed, goji berries, dried crackers, seaweeds etc) and I tend towards fruits with thick skins, like melons, pineapples, papaya, avocado etc. Of course, in some countries/rural areas (like some parts of N. Italy, in my experience), no ‘organic’ standard seems to exist, simply because people don’t tend to spray anything there ANYWAY – nice :) It’s just taken as given that food isn’t sprayed, so there aren’t necessarily any ‘organic’ labels at markets and so on. I like those places ;)
I guess if you’re in places like Central America, can’t find fresh greens you feel good about and really want some, you could get hold of whatever you CAN find and wash them in something like a solution of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) in clean water. Which leads us into Xell’s Q... ;) Hmm, yes, I’m really not into washing fruits/veggies much. I know people are into all different ideas, like using GSE/veggie washes/H202 etc… All that stuff just doesn’t appeal to me much...sometimes I will wash produce off with water if, for example, we’re breaking off lettuce leaves and there’s a lot of mud or insect life in there... In general though, I feel there is a MAJOR fear factor going on in our societies around bacteria/microbes etc. It just makes sense to me to eat food more or less as it comes from the earth (‘organic’, of course ;). After all, it’s the insane attempts to ‘clean’ our environments with chemicals and ‘kill all germs’ that helps accelerate conditions like asthma and allergies, amongst countless other issues... In terms of parasites, yes, most of the time lately I’m not in places where I’m concerned abt this from my food – as I started to say above though, maybe if someone’s in a country where they DON’T feel good abt the foods available to them, washing with some GSE or smthg might be a good idea. Personally, I’m actually getting very interested in doing a parasite cleanse at the moment – I’ll start smthg very soon in fact I think – it’s more BIG old parasites, from my obese days that concern me though (e.g. potential large worms etc), rather than little microbes etc that might be on my food right now. We’re planning to go up to Thailand in a while, so I’m interested in having any potential parasite situation in check before that too ;) I’ll let you know how it goes...
I know some people will read this and be shocked or even outraged at the idea of not washing foods etc – well, we all have different paths and this is the way I do things right now – I’m not saying everyone ought to do things this way or that I always have or always will do things like this – it’s just what feels good to me at this point ;)
Hope that makes sense and that you’re all feeling great about your food choices too ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Logo Contest, Emotions and Support...

As perhaps you’ve seen, dear Mr Monarch has launched a contest to find a new logo for his site ‘The Raw Food World’. He just announced it last night on his blog and you can win one of three marvellous raw’s the scoop for those who didn’t yet see:

“We are re-designing and revving up We would LOVE to have a beautiful new logo for the website and we are having a contest, to find our striking new emblem. Whoever sends in the logo that most resonates for us as the essence of 'The Raw Food World', will be our winner; they can choose one of three wonderful raw food-related prizes (see below) and the new logo will be used throughout our site, for all to enjoy :) You are free to send in as many designs as you like, with whichever themes excite you. I will say though that currently I see an image of our planet in this logo. We're definitely open to all concepts though – new colours, new themes, whatever excites you – perhaps even drawing on the colours from the cover of Raw Success...
To enter this contest, send your logo to The winner of this contest will get to choose from one of the following 3 exciting prizes:

Needak Rebounder
Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator
$175 Superfoods Voucher

You have until midnight (Pacific Time), March 26th to send entries in and the winner will be chosen and announced shortly after that. We look forward to seeing your entries :)”

Watch out - here comes a double-whammy of Food Logs again:

On March the 13th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 mandarins
½ a watermelon
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.2 quarts water
7 fresh figs
16oz celery/cucumber/lettuces/parsley/beet/carrot juice
bowl of green smoothie: raspberries/banana/nashi pear/parsley/lettuces, swirled with goji berries
1 quart water

on March the 14th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
8oz celery/cucumber/lettuces/parsley/beet/carrot juice
bowl of ‘figgy pudding’: fresh figs blended with 3 little mandarins, yacon powder and vanilla powder
1 quart water
1 tbsp green powders
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
2 cups water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
1 cup water

Raw Emotions has been out for a week now and yumminess continues to resonate back to us from those who are reading it – lovely to witness. Here is one sweet comment left anonymously by a reader here:

“I'm going through raw emotions as well, and it's definitely THE most thorough book I've ever encountered in tackling the psychological traps that keep people overweight and unhealthy. The great thing about the book is that I think a lot of it is totally universal in that the principles can be applied to understand and improve ANY less than optimal facet of life, not just our weight and overeating. For instance, I get how people can use it to overcome a lot of modern maladies such as : abuse, bad relationships (like the last poster), depression, procrastination, nihilism, etc.. Other things I appreciate are the lovely, colourful layout and the the warm tone of the book - it never feels judgemental, it feels like a friend.”

Mmmmm, thank you for the feedback :) It’s so rewarding to hear that this book is helping people examine more closely life beyond the food ;) Yeeeeeeeeeee-HAH :)
You can see more abt Raw Emotions HERE...and I’m VERY EXCITED to say that we now have SPECIAL e-book packages including Raw Emotions, which have JUST been added to the RawReform Store.

You can get:

Raw Emotions with Raw Success for $28
ALL 5 of My E-books (incl. Raw Emotions) for $59
ALL 7 of My AND the Monarch’s E-books for $85 – WOW ;O

Click HERE to see all these yummy offers in one place…

on March the 15th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
8 fresh figs
1 quart ‘green juice’: lettuces/broccoli/cabbage/parsley/cucumber/celery/carrot
bowl of figgy pudding (fresh figs blended with lucuma and vanilla powders), with a little side dish of magical Monarch Mulberry mix: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples, swirled with ground almonds/flax
2 quarts water
16oz ‘green juice’: lettuces/broccoli/cabbage/parsley/cucumber/celery/carrot
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water

I’ve decided to start compiling a new, ‘private’ list of people who are raw, are members of Overeaters Anonymous (or any similar 12 Step group) and would like to find a sponsor who is also into raw foods (or even just connect with others who are into raw).
Over the years I’ve had quite a few people contact me asking to help them find a sponsor who understands about being raw. I understand that this certainly can be a tricky issue and I am willing to help connect people as best I can. This will be a free service, open to anyone who is genuinely interested in it. I am not affiliated with OA and do not represent the OA programme – I’m just happy to try to help connect people together for mutual support. When I say that this is a ‘private’ list, I mean in the sense that only those who are on the list will see it – it’s not smthg that will be posted on my website or anything ;) SO, if you’d like to be added to the list of those interested in connecting, email me at with the following 6 pieces of info:

*Your first name (or name you’d like to be identified by)
*Your location (city, state, country)
*The length of time you’ve been in OA (or similar 12 Step programme)
*The % of raw food you currently eat
*Your contact details – a phone number or email, preferably
*Your desired involvement: EITHER: 'I am willing to sponsor' OR 'I am looking for a sponsor' OR 'I am just looking to connect with others on this path', etc.

I’ll put a list together over the next couple of weeks and then send that list out to all of you who have expressed interest – then you can connect to each other as you desire. Perhaps we can even set up a ‘chat room’ for y’all or smthg – let’s see how it unfolds... ;)
...and for anyone reading this thinking “what IS she talking about...?”, you can read more about OA HERE if you like ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Raw Videos, Talks and Events - Get Your Raw Kicks Here ;)

Ooo, check out this new Google Vid of myself and the dear Rainosheks having a JUICY chat a few days ago, on my second Juicy Monday and their 9th day of the Global Juice Feast. We had a little pow-wow on Skype for the first half of this video, talking about juicy adventures, ‘Raw Emotions’ and more - check out Katrina’s lovely thoughts about the obstruction to energetic flow that solid foods create in the system, before they’re assimilated into the body – love it ;) See HERE:

The Rainosheks have been posting videos to Google every day of the GJF so far – you can check them out by going to and typing ‘Global Juice Feast’ in the search box.

On March the 11th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups wild berry tea
3 mandarins
16oz celery/cucumber/cilantro/lettuces/spinach/beetroot/carrot juice
celebration lunch – raw Monarch cake – base of dried mulberries soaked in blended bananas/vanilla powder, mixed with ground flax, sauce of blended soaked goji berries, accompanied by a cacophony of outrageous raw cracao creations – eeeeeeeeek ;)
2 quarts water
24oz celery/cucumber/cilantro/lettuces/spinach/beetroot/carrot juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mixed with pumpkin seed pate, avocado, finely sliced onions, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water

I’m delighted to say that the details of our next few upcoming Raw Food Transformation Talks are now up on the RawReform site – see here:
We’ll be speaking in Christchurch on April 4th, Wellington on April the 19th and Melbourne on April the 26th.
We hope to see you there if you’re around those areas ;)

on March the 12th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
16oz celery/cucumber/cabbage/beetroot/carrot/lettuce/dandelion juice
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mixed with pumpkin seed pate, avocado, finely sliced onions, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets, followed by a few slices of yacon root – MMMMMmmmmMMMmmmm :)
2 quarts water
5 gorgeous little nectarines and 2 ‘blackboy’ peaches
20oz celery/cucumber/cabbage/beetroot/carrot/lettuce/dandelion juice
cake leftovers from yesterday: base of dried mulberries soaked in blended bananas/vanilla powder, mixed with ground flax, sauce of blended soaked goji berries
1 quart water

Talking of events, I just realised I haven’t bigged up the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival here yet – and it’s just days away now – eeeeek. Well, I’m sure many of you have heard anyway about this yummy event kicking off from March the 21st to the 23rd in LA.
It’s the second year for the festie this year, which started as a simple little idea from dear Jinjee to get some people together and show some raw-related flicks, to being a HUGE, action-packed, internationally attended event in Hollywood ;) LOL... It was muchos fun last year – I’d just got back from Costa Rica and the Monarch and myself attended the whole film festival; we met many fabulous beings, absorbed many hours of incredible footage and sampled some delicious treats. My favourite film last year was, as I’ve said before, ‘Birth As We Know It’ – absolutely PHENOMENAL...essential viewing for any pregnant women or those intending to parent, methinks...
This year the line-up looks GLOWING too – you can see info abt the festie HERE, including a key-note speech from world-renowned transformational worker, LOUISE L. HAY - WOW :). Other presenters will include Viktoras Kulvinskas, Victoria Boutenko, Matt Amsden, Happy Oasis, Patricia Bragg, the Rainosheks, Cherie Soria and many more...
I’m especially excited to see Valya Boutenko’s offering, 'Reversing the Irreversible' - she apparently interviewed 37 different people who have all healed various ailments and diseases by going raw – YUMMY :)
I would, as ever, LOVE to be there to play out with all the shiny creative yumsters – we’re quite a trot from LA at the moment, next year for us ;) In the meantime, ENJOY if YOU are going to play out at the festie – and do let us know what you enjoyed if you do attend... ;) Discounted tickets for the event are only available until MARCH 15th - so get in soon, before the prices go up - PLUS, please note that one tree is planted for every ticket purchased - tres cool ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

Monday, 10 March 2008

Goddess Gaia Rising...

WOW, what a yummy first couple of days of life-out-in-the-world ‘Raw Emotions’ has enjoyed :) Thank you all SO much for all the beautiful comments that have been coming in – I’m finally getting somewhat caught back up with email again now ;)
Here’s a moving comment left anonymously by a dear soul, on this blog:

“I've started reading raw emotions, and it is truly a blessing. Reading it gave me new insight into my situation, and the courage to think about leaving an emotionally toxic relationship I have in my life (one with a person) and an equally abusive relationship that I have by punishing myself with food. Thanks Angela! Although the focus of your book isn't toxic people, the healthy, loving ideas in it give readers the tools and the confidence to reclaim their lives from toxic people, abusers, and addictions.”

Wow, thanks for the feedback and all blessings to you as your own healing unfolds...
Here is another sweet little review a reader in Alaska recently posted to her blog - :

“I purchased Angela Stokes Raw Emotions today, and it will be my trusted companion for the rest of this journey. I know this is my key to moving forward in the face of an amazing upwell of emotional detox. This book inspired me to break out my highlighter by page 10, the back of page 18 has a poem that I will keep to myself written on it, and by page 21 I was truly connecting to the heart of where I am right now.”

Thanks Kristi – I hope you continue to enjoy the book :) If you haven’t delved into Raw Emotions yet, you can see an excerpt HERE. Enjoy :)

On March the 9th I had:

1.5 quarts water
½ watermelon
16oz celery/lettuce/cucumber/parsley/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of grated cucumber mixed with avocado pieces, mixed sprouts, karengo seaweed and finely chopped cilantro, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water
16oz celery/lettuce/cucumber/parsley/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of ‘gingerbread’ yum: soaked goji berries blended with pine nuts, served with fresh raspberries and banana pieces – YUMMM :)
1.5 quarts water

On another subject entirely, Terri wrote in to say:

“I have another question for you....Where do you get your clothing? What is it made of?
Terri in Texas”

Thanks for the Q Terri. I love beautiful clothing and was often frustrated in my obese days with the limited range of clothes on offer in stores for ‘plus sizes’. Since losing the weight and changing about 10 clothing sizes in the process, I’m now MUCH happier with the clothing choices available ;)
When I first started to fit into smaller clothing sizes, however, I felt quite overwhelmed by all the choices available. I found it hard to focus – it seemed like there was suddenly just so much choice. I also felt uncomfortable still in stores with smaller sizes. As a teenager, I had many unpleasant experiences in clothing stores, feeling awkward and out-of-place while I waited for others to try things on – I always felt shame and avoided the shop assistants, who I feared were disgusted by me. I’ve since slowly softened into the idea though that it is actually ok for me to be in those stores and my awareness of what I really want in life has slowly refined too - so, these days I am delighted to make very specific choices about the clothes I purchase.
I choose almost only organic cotton, bamboo or hemp clothes and aim to buy from small retailers, whom I preferably meet in person. I want to adorn my body with clothes that have been made with love and consciousness, rather than in a sweat-shop by someone who is unlikely living their passion. I am completely willing to pay more for a few beautiful pieces of well-made, loved clothing, than get many cheaper, ‘empty-feeling’ pieces. Life is all about choices and we vote with our ‘dollar’ every single time we buy things. I want to feel great about the choices I make and the businesses I support, so that’s why I aim for eco clothing companies. The mainstream cotton industry is one of THE most polluting industries in the world, with shocking rates of cancer among workers. So, even if I see GORGEOUS clothes made with 100% cotton and it’s not ORGANIC cotton, I’m not really interested these days... My ‘wardrobe’ (read: 'backpack ';) is still in transition though, as my older garments are phased out and all new eco-purchases are added in, as I find garments I really resonate with. As for second-hand clothes, or those made from RECYCLED materials – I’m definitely open to those options too...
Here are ten of my favourite eco-clothing makers and suppliers to check out, in no particular order:

Mountains of the Moon - hemp, organic cotton and more
Organic Avenue - FABULOUS eco-outlet in New York
Sweetgrass - long-lasting, durable hemp clothes
Texture - 2 sweet girls in the Pacific NW making 'clothing with a conscience'
Under the Canopy - eco-underwear - oooooo lala ;)
Spellwear - magical hemp clothes made from the UK
Ecolution - more yummy hemp creations
Rawganique - HUGE warehouse of eco-clothes, based in BC, Canada.
Not Just Pretty - absolutely FABULOUS site also in BC, PACKED with eco-clothes
The Natural Store - UK based with lots of great UK eco-labels like Ciel, Enamore, Gossypium.

March the 10th was my second day of Juice Feasting once a week, as part of the Global Juice Feast currently in process :) Great day - I had 5.5 quarts of juice :

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups wild berry tea
1 quart watermelon juice
1 quart celery/cucumber/zucchini/beetroot/lettuce/carrot/ginger juice
1.5 tbsp superpower paste :) YUMM – mixed together spirulina powder, maca powder, spot of raw honey, bee pollen and vanilla powder – yeeeeeeee-HAH :)
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
1 pint water
1 quart apple/cucumber/celery/dandelion/parsley/romaine juice
1.5 quarts watermelon/orange juice
3 cups water

OOoooooOooooo…ladies, are you ready to gather with your raw sisters and delve into a nurturing, vibrant, luscious celebration of the Goddess within ALL of us…??? Then get on over to Ojai, California in April for a 5-day ladies-only raw retreat… If I was in the US at the moment, I would be at this retreat in a heartbeat to share with all the luscious Goddess energies arising in this raw movement…as it happens, for the time being, I find myself elsewhere – NEXT year though, I’m THERE ;)
The retreat is from April 2nd-6th this year, in Ojai, California (where we used to live – beautiful town ;). There’s a gorgeous line-up of Goddesses heading up the games this year, including Annie Jubb, Happy Oasis, Kerrie Dancing Butterfly and Elaina Love
There’s going to be all kinds of nurturing, delicious activities on offer like energy healing, journey dancing, Goddess card readings, drum circle, yoga, massage, music, nutritional counselling, sweat lodge, raw food meals. Get ready to relax, share, explore, awaken, co-create and THRIVE, all out in the beautiful natural, pristine surroundings of Ojai :)
The investment in your health for this retreat is $995 and there’s limited space, so do contact them soon if you’re interested. For questions you can contact Joy on 949.294.2966 or

For more information, photos and to register online visit:

…and let us all know how it flowed if you get to go and play in the goddess paradise ;)

All love,
Angelalalalalaaaaaaa. xxx

Saturday, 8 March 2008

'Raw Emotions' - new book OUT NOW :)

It’s HERE :)

My long-awaited new e-book

Raw Emotions

has finally fully manifested :)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAHAHA :)
After a pretty intense gestation period, I am SOOOOOOO excited to be FINISHED and to now share this piece with y’all – check out the official ‘blurb’ here below and you can order and download your copy NOW from HERE :) Thanks for your patience and…



Are you a ‘comfort eater’? Do you feel at ease with your body and your relationship with food, or are there things you'd REALLY LIKE TO CHANGE?
Do you LONG to feel balanced, healthy, happy and peaceful?
Have you tried Diet after Diet - sometimes lost weight, then put it back on, and want to release that weight for good?
Why don't those diets work? Most ‘weight loss’ programmes just focus on the 'weight'.

RAW EMOTIONS looks at what can bring the weight on - and it's not just food ;)
Raw Emotions goes beyond the physical, to examine the emotional and spiritual factors that contribute to our eating patterns...and gives you PRACTICAL, solid insights into how to create LASTING CHANGE :)
However you currently eat, RAW EMOTIONS, has something to offer you.

You'll learn ways to:

* understand YOUR emotional connections with food
* release patterns that no longer serve you
* examine your history with eating AND create your optimal vision for yourself
* re-connect authentically with your emotions
* address cravings and let go of overeating
* choose inspiring activities and resources to keep on track
* find balance in your food choices and lifestyle
* feel more connected, loving and joyful

Combining proven ‘self-help’ techniques with a raw lifestyle, ‘Raw Emotions’ contains 60 specific tools and action tips for engaging YOUR transformation.
This truly unique book, based on personal experience and extensive research, is a 'first' in the raw foods movement: an invaluable guide on how to 'dance' with and heal emotions that 'come up' when we change how we eat for our health.

ANGELA STOKES, author of RAW EMOTIONS is renowned for her remarkable PHYSICAL transformation - a 160lb weight loss with a raw food lifestyle.
This book is inspired by something people have found even MORE REMARKABLE than her physical changes: the emotional and spiritual shifts in Angela's life.
In this new book, Angela shares the major tips and tools that helped her experience this dramatic shift from a lonely, moody, angry and defensive overeater to a life of genuine JOY, VIBRANCY, LOVE and BALANCE.


Ok, now get ready for a double-whammy of food logs again – blogging absence makes the food lists grow longer ;)

On March the 5th I had:

1.5 quarts water
2 cups peppermint tea
16oz celery/lettuce/radish/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of mulberry yum: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples/raspberries, with some ground flax swirled in
1.5 quarts water
2 cups nettle tea
16oz celery/lettuce/radish/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of cucumber yum ;) grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, karengo seaweed, mixed sprouts and sliced green onions, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1 quart water

on March the 6th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups ginger tea
3 mandarins
20oz celery/cucumber/radish/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of mulberry yum: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples/blackberries, with some ground flax swirled in
1.5 quarts water
16oz celery/cucumber/radish/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
2 cups green smoothie: raspberries/pear/banana/romaine/parsley
1.5 quarts water

While you’re checking out the info on Raw Emotions, take a peek at the cheeky fridge magnets we’ve also produced, to brighten up YOUR food prep area…
Made as a companion to the 'Raw Emotions' book, this magnet serves as a daily reminder that…

The ANSWER is not in the fridge… ;)

So, next time you find your hand reaching out towards the refrigerator door handle, in response to a craving, your magnet will be right there to remind you that there is more GENUINE joy to be found beyond the kitchen… ;)

on March the 7th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups peppermint tea
3 mandarins
16oz celery/cucumber/radish/beetroot/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of cucumber yum ;) grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, karengo seaweed and sliced green onions, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water
16oz celery/cucumber/radish/beetroot/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of apple/cinnamon mulberry yum: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples/cinnamon, with some ground flax swirled in
1.5 quarts water

on March the 8th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups nettle tea
20oz blended cantaloupe melon smoothie
½ a watermelon
16oz cucumber/zucchini/radish/lettuce/beetroot/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, karengo seaweed and sliced green onions, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water
12oz cucumber/zucchini/radish/lettuce/beetroot/carrot/ginger juice
2.5 cups green smoothie: banana/babako/raspberries/lettuces from garden :)
1.5 quarts water

SO, hopefully all of you who pre-ordered Raw Emotions are now happily in receipt of it in your inbox and sinking into its luscious pages...if, however, the email gremlins appear to have swallowed your precious product and ‘tis nowhere to be seen, not even the spam box, do email us at and let us know (ESPECIALLY if you are a Yahoo user – ‘tis a tricky beast to deliver to, the Yahoo monster…)
Ahhhhh and here we are the tranquil realm of the New Moon in Pisces, with a new book baby to coo over and a big post-completion exhale for moi ;) What does dear Ms. Dale Miller like to say about this moon...? Let’s take a look...

“...a New Moon ripe for direct revelation of these most basic, yet paradoxically intertwined truths:
We are nothing and everything; full and empty. All dualistic existence is interconnected and sourced in that which abides beyond duality. We can actively awaken to this realization of essential connectedness through the relinquishment of hatred, fear, violence, and greed. This and each successive moment presents an opportunity to choose love and peace.
This is the New Moon to practice compassion and selflessness by radiating peace and calm through prayer and meditation. Pisces acknowledges our essential connectedness and realizes it through the practice of unconditional love and unwavering compassion.
Ultimately, Pisceans are embodied in order to embrace the letting go of self-identification through learning to love unconditionally. Those who can commit their lives to working for the upliftment of all other souls are our everyday Bodhisattvas. Pisces is Bodhisattva consciousness embodied in self-sacrifice. Pisces’ bottom line is to learn to love unconditionally, and to work for the collective enlightenment of all sentient beings; no matter how hard it may be or how long it may take. This is the New Moon to commit to growing up and out of selfishness and hatred. Transcendence comes in many forms, but the first step is accepting personal responsibility for the condition of your life and the lives of all other sentient beings.
Heal your life and you will make a great contribution toward healing this world. Open your heart, let compassion be your guide and become an active peacemaker. Don’t be afraid to do the work of loosening your attachment to self-identification. Love yourself by loving others. We are all in this together, and together we can do the impossible. Be inspired to be a beacon of peace and light for the world. Dive deeply into this powerfully transcendent New Moon cycle.”

BEAUTIFUL :) WOW, it's amazing how many of these exact concepts are things I've JUST been writing about in Raw Emotions - the universe dances with such a gorgeous flow of resonance...clearly, this was JUST the time for this book to birth itself ;) To read her whole piece on our current moon time – see HERE...

As for me, I’m off to get some rest now – though we actually have a radio interview in about 8 starts at 10am EST – I think you can listen in here:

One love,
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