Friday, 21 March 2008

Equinox Cleansing Rituals...

Happy Equinox/Full Moon/Easter ;)
WOW, a powerful time, eh? Hope you’re enjoying the’s feeling pretty intense to me...we went to a wonderful Equinox Ceremony last night, which was a great way to connect and release some of the energy. About 70 of us gathered at a Medicine Wheel site under an (almost) full moon to mark the passing here into Autumn-time and release some energies through fire and song. I really appreciated it. I know a lot of you reading this are heading into SPRING now too, rather than Autumn – hurray :) I love springtime – enjooooooooy :)
This full moon is in Libra, drawing the focus to fairness, balance, relationships and deep listening. Here’s a little of what astrologer Lisa Dale Miller shares abt this moon:

“A Full Moon in Libra asks each of us to practice one particular relational skill: listening attentively with an open heart, an open mind, and without interruption or feedback. Think of this day as an invitation to enter into a sacred circle with every one and every thing you encounter.
This is the Full Moon to gather with others and celebrate togetherness, commonality, love and peace. It is important to fully experience how your actions affect the people in your life. If it’s been ages since your family sat down together for dinner, this is the night for a good meal with great conversation. Sharing and listening breaks down barriers and engenders love. If you choose to do a nighttime Full Moon ritual, revel in the natural beauty that surrounds you.
Saying and doing everything with love, compassion and respect is the only way to win.
These principles are applicable to all our relationships, be they intimate, familial or professional. Think of how different our world would be if we all practiced these principles.”

ABSOLUTELY :) You can check out Ms. Miller’s whole piece on this moon HERE.

On March the 20th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 mandarins
½ a watermelon
1 pint celery/cucumber/J.artichoke/lettuces/beetroot/radish/carrot juice
bowl of DELICIOUS ‘figgy pudding’: fresh figs blended with little mandarins and a collection of powders: vanilla/yacon/lucuma/maca/cinnamon
1.5 quarts water
1 pint celery/cucumber/J.artichoke/lettuces/beetroot/dandelion/radish/carrot juice
½ a durian, with the flesh wrapped in romaine leaves, sprinkled with mandarin/lime juice – yummmm :)
1 quart water

You may recall that on my last blog post I was ‘tagged’ and shared 5 things abt me you quite probably weren’t aware of... I passed the tag on to five more raw yumsters and one of them – Ellen – posted in response an eclectic, amusing collection of self-trivia on her site – you can check it out HERE.
Plus, check out this interesting comment about the frogs, left here by Nashima:

“Hi Angela! Always nice to read your blogs : ) On your blog today you mentioned you loved frogs when you were a little girl. That was amazing to read as frogs represent cleansing in the Native American tradition! Maybe you already know all this but just in case you don't you can look up Frog in the 'Medicine Cards' by Jamie Sams & David Carson. All the cards are wonderful btw! Have much fun : ) Nashima”

WOW, interesting, thanks for sharing, gals ;)

on March the 21st I had:

1.5 quarts water
½ a watermelon
1.5 cups celery/cucumber/J.artichoke/lettuces/beetroot/dandelion/radish/carrot juice
quick little wrap selection made by stuffing romaine leaves with pumpkin seed pate/avocado/cilantro/wakame seaweed fronds/lime juice, followed by a little sweet&sticky paste made by mixing together yacon/lucuma/vanilla/maca/cinnamon powders with water
1.5 quarts water
2 mandarins
½ a watermelon
1 quart water

Here’s a reader Q that a few of you have been asking in fact, of late – must be time to answer ;)

“Hi Angela - you mention sunflower seed pate in your recipe (YUUUMMMM) - can you give me the recipe? Do you make it yourself and can pumpkin seeds be substituted? Juni”

Yes, we make sunflower seed or pumpkin seed pates ourselves in the Vitamix. It is SUPER easy and SUPER tasty ;) (To our tastebuds anyway ;) So, as you may be aware by now, I’m not really into measurements/recipes – it seems to go a little smthg like this though ;)

2.5 cups soaked sunflower or pumpkin seeds
1 clove garlic
6 soaked sun-dried tomatoes (optional)

I recommend soaking the sun-dried tomatoes WITH the seeds, if you’re going to use the tomatoes. Either way, soak the seeds (+tomatoes if desired) in pure water overnight, then drain off the soak water. Place the seeds (+tomatoes) into a blender with a peeled garlic clove, blend until smooth and that’s it – DONE :) YUMMMM... Well, that’s my favourite way of making it anyway, with the sun-dried tomatoes – the Monarch is not into the tomatoes anymore though, so the last few weeks we’ve been omitting those – which then means there’s not much saltiness to the taste – so, you might want to add some kelp powder or other salty things instead – we usually eat it with some kind of seaweed, so we get the salty taste that way... So we make the pate, use whatever we want of it immediately and store the rest in the fridge. I LOVE it with either sunflower seeds OR pumpkin seeds – they both taste very ‘cosy’ to me... Remember too that consuming both pumpkin seeds and garlic around full/new moon time can be a GREAT way to encourage parasites to exit the body... ENJOY :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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