Sunday, 30 March 2008

Reviews, RawMan and a Recipe :)

Raw Emotions’ has been on sale for about 3 weeks now and the feedback for it continues to GlOOooOOOOOooWWWW :) Thanks to all of you who have been letting us know what this book means to you and the shifts you are setting in motion in your own lives as a result of reading... :) Here’s what Sara in Italy sent us:

“Ciao Angela, I have read your new e-book Raw Emotions, I have to say that it is the best raw food book I have ever read so far (and I have read many :), you have done such an amazing work and I could totally relate on everything you have gone through. Very, very good job! Thanks you so much for it! Sara”

WOW, thanks Sara, feedback doesn’t get much more rewarding than that ;)
Uber-slick ‘Green Living’ site GLiving also recently posted a nice little article on Raw Emotions too, called ‘Raw Emotions: Got Food Issues?’. You can check that out HERE if you didn’t see it on their site yet:

I love the last paragraph especially:

“It actually sounds like worthwhile reading for non-overeaters. After all, we all have issues, regardless of how they manifest themselves. And the fact that this information is coming not from a scientist crunching data in a lab, but from a living, breathing woman whose body is her showroom gives it credibility.”

LOL, thanks guys ;)

On March the 29th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 cup cucumber/spinach/lettuces/beetroot/carrot/pak choi juice
3 cups beetroot/apple juice
bowl of figgy pudding: fresh figs and dried mulberries blended together and swirled with spirulina powder – WOW :)
1.5 quarts water
20oz spinach/carrot/pak choi juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with sunflower seed pate, avocado, finely sliced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce leaves
2 quarts water

While we’re on the subject of little reviews, dear Melissa over at ‘RawMom’ recently posted a write-up of her experiences learning to play and dance with some of our poi. You can check that out here:

You can get your own set of magical poi from our site HERE and if you never saw my poi spinning video, or would like to exercise your...eyeballs watching it again, click HERE ;)

OOOOOOO and while we're on the subject of fun YouTube vids, I would HEARTILY recommend you tickle your amazement nodules by checking out the spectacular 'Adventures of RawMan and Green Girl', made by Ron Gilmore and recently shown at the Raw Film Festival - WOW :) This 7 minute short is JUST like an old-style superhero animation - with RAW superheroes :))) LOVE IT :) We just watched it tonight and were repeatedly exclaiming 'WOW' out loud - thanks for sharing, Ron, I think it's AMAZING :) You can see it HERE:

on March the 30th I had:

1.5 quarts water
slice of watermelon
20oz spinach/pak choi/carrot/cabbage juice
bowl of figgy pudding: fresh figs blended with fresh oranges, lucuma/yacon/vanilla/cinnamon powders and spirulina :)
1.5 quarts water
20oz romaine lettuce/dandelion/red pepper/carrot/cucumber juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mushed with sunflower seed pate, avocado, finely sliced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce leaves
2 cups water
½ a watermelon
2 cups water

Ok, one final special treat for today...many of you seemed to be intrigued to know the contents of Mr Monarch’s spectacular spontaneous Easter surprise cake. WELL, charmer that he is, he pieced together the recipe for me to pass on to you – SWEET :) Here it is:

Ext-RAW-dinary Easter Layer Cake

*Blend 20- 25 Turkish dried figs in enough water to create a creamy consistency.

*Pour mixture into a big bowl and add:
2.5 cups of dried mulberries
1/2 a cup of diced dried figs
4 tablespoons of almond butter
2 tablespoons of tahini

*Let it all soak for at least 4 hours.

*Return to the mixture and throw in a tablespoon of vanilla powder, then mix thoroughly.
*Divide this mixture up into two bowls, making it ALMOST even but not quite.
*Add 1 cup of yacon powder to the bowl that has less in it and mix thoroughly.
*Put a layer of the ‘non-yacon’ mixture on the base of your display plate, then a layer with the yacon mixture, then the rest of the non-yacon mixture
*Then spread the rest of the yacon mixture around the entire top of the cake as a frosting.
*Decorate with dried or fresh fruit pieces, or as desired :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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