Sunday, 2 March 2008

Juicy News, Green Powders and Gifts from Gaia...

OOoooo La Laalalalalalaaaa – we are now officially launched into liquid world with the start of the Global Juice Feast yesterday on March the 1st. is all a-buzz with activity and I’m happy to hear that many of you have also been enjoying listening in to the set of JF conference calls we just put up on the RawReform store. I have three pieces of yummy juicy news for you today:

1. We now have the first, FREE conference call up there for download too. This was the hour-long call we did prior to recording the main set of 4 calls and it’s available now as a free download from HERE. We also put together a little package of all four of the main conference calls for a reduced price of $35 for all 4, instead of $10 each if bought separately :) YAY – you can see that package and access all the juicy info HERE.
2. Those juicy yumsters Justin and Heidi over at just posted their review of my book ‘A Juice Feaster’s Handbook’ – thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it :) – you can see their review HERE.
3. I’m also happy to say that I’ve reached a personal conclusion about my participation in this year’s GJF – I’m going to have a straight juicy day once a week – most likely every Monday, depending on scheduling and starting TOMORROW :) Back on the juices for Ms. Stokes on the ‘morrow…yeeeeeeeeeee-HAH… :)

On March the 1st I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups nettle tea
3 mandarins
20oz celery/cucumber/parsley/kale/radish/lettuce/carrot juice
bowl of raspberry bliss: soaked dried mulberries blended with fresh raspberries, with LSA (ground linseed/sunflower seeds/almonds) stirred in, plus more berries for chewability
1 quart water
2 cups peppermint tea
10 amazing, dark prune plums
18oz celery/cucumber/kale/apple/ginger juice
½ watermelon
1 quart water

Here’s a quick reader Q from Mary:

“A question> How do you consume your green powder? I have been taking it regularily now for some weeks just in water, however, I certainly DO NOT enjoy the taste and sometimes it can make me feel a bit nauseous. You do have any tips on how to do it better? Blessings, Mary”

Hmmm...well, to be honest, I just eat green powder with a spoon, straight from the package...LOL...I love it – especially the wheatgrass powder we have here at the moment – it is sweeeeeeeeeeeet – gimme a spoonful of that any day over fresh wheatgrass juice ;) Green powders can vary HUGELY in taste though, depending on which you use – an algae, like spirulina or chlorella? Or grasses/veggie mixes? Or smthg that has a huge range of ingredients in it? Personally, I prefer the tastes of ‘cleaner’ green powders usually – like straight wheatgrass, or straight spirulina for example, rather than complex mixes. I do REALLY like Greener Grasses which is from Healthforce Nutritionals and is a simple blend of 6-8 grasses, no fillers...I find that the taste of green powders starts to get a bit ‘messy’ usually when there’s dozens of different ingredients, besides which, sometimes I really wonder about the body’s ability to decipher the mixed messages in smthg complex like that… ;) So, it really all depends which green powder you’re using...for example, I really don’t appreciate much the taste of chlorella – whereas I LOVE spirulina and can often be found with a green ‘spirulina’ mouth when supplies are nearby ;) If it’s spirulina you’re dealing with, I’d suggest a very simple recipe is to mash up an avocado and stir in 1 tbsp of spirulina and the juice of one lemon (or half, depending on how juicy it is). I used to eat that every day at one point – LOVED it :) Other ways to get more green powder into your life: throw it in smoothies/juices or sneak small amounts of it into sweet meals (e.g. sometimes we sneak some extra greenery into things like the ‘blended mulberry’ meals we make, or ‘apple flax’). If you use small amounts of green powder like that, with stuff that tastes yummy, you’re getting your extra nutrients in, without pulling ‘yuck’ faces ;) Also, the ‘nauseous’ reaction you’re having could be for a number of reasons – it might be you’re simply using a powder that doesn’t agree well with you OR it might be that the power of those greens is creating a little detox reaction in you…
Hope that helped – I’d recommend getting on the tasty greens, like Greener Grasses – or better yet, go mainly for FRESH greens, rather than powders anyway ;)

on March the 2nd I had:

1 quart water
3 cups nettle tea
3 mandarins
20oz celery/cucumber/kale/apple/ginger juice
bowl of the Monarch Savoury Speciality: grated cucumbers, avo, sunflower seed pate, garlic, spring onions, arugula, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, wrapped in lettuce leaves and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water
few slices of dried papaya, ½ tbsp green powder
bowl of mulberry fruit bliss: soaked dried mulberries blended with fresh blueberries and served swirled with fresh cherries and a little LSA (ground linseed/sunflower seeds/almonds)
1 quart water

I am feeling SO blessed and blissed in this little corner of paradise we currently find ourselves caretaking...this morning I awoke and wandered out onto the dewy grass for my morning yoga and was greeted by a graceful slither of rainbow, positioned directly in the space between the trees that guides our view down to the ocean...quite, quite only lasted a few minutes...I took a photo – you can see it here to the right – not sure if you can make out the rainbow from here – I hope so :) Then this afternoon I went for a delicious wander in this local area and found my way into an incredible grove full of ENORMOUS old rocks and unfathomably twisted trees that have worked their way up from the floor of this shady grove towards the sunlight way above, clinging to the sides of the rocks in the most bizarre formations – it’s an incredible little pocket of life there…take a look at this picture I took and you can see one of the trees with these huge roots stretching all the way down to the ground down the sides of this actually almost seemed like a film set, the whole place – it was just so amazing to think that a place like this actually exists, untouched, except for a pathway to gawp from... ;)
While we’re on the subject of beautiful, inspiring locations, dear ladies and gentleman, we have a request for information from a dear raw chap who is seeking guidance on places to enjoy in Kauai for extended stays this summer...anything yummy to share? Or raw-friendly places anywhere in Hawaii would be interesting to know about for that matter...please send any leads to and I’ll compile all the info and post here – thanks :)

One love,
Angelalalalaalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


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