Saturday, 8 March 2008

'Raw Emotions' - new book OUT NOW :)

It’s HERE :)

My long-awaited new e-book

Raw Emotions

has finally fully manifested :)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAHAHA :)
After a pretty intense gestation period, I am SOOOOOOO excited to be FINISHED and to now share this piece with y’all – check out the official ‘blurb’ here below and you can order and download your copy NOW from HERE :) Thanks for your patience and…



Are you a ‘comfort eater’? Do you feel at ease with your body and your relationship with food, or are there things you'd REALLY LIKE TO CHANGE?
Do you LONG to feel balanced, healthy, happy and peaceful?
Have you tried Diet after Diet - sometimes lost weight, then put it back on, and want to release that weight for good?
Why don't those diets work? Most ‘weight loss’ programmes just focus on the 'weight'.

RAW EMOTIONS looks at what can bring the weight on - and it's not just food ;)
Raw Emotions goes beyond the physical, to examine the emotional and spiritual factors that contribute to our eating patterns...and gives you PRACTICAL, solid insights into how to create LASTING CHANGE :)
However you currently eat, RAW EMOTIONS, has something to offer you.

You'll learn ways to:

* understand YOUR emotional connections with food
* release patterns that no longer serve you
* examine your history with eating AND create your optimal vision for yourself
* re-connect authentically with your emotions
* address cravings and let go of overeating
* choose inspiring activities and resources to keep on track
* find balance in your food choices and lifestyle
* feel more connected, loving and joyful

Combining proven ‘self-help’ techniques with a raw lifestyle, ‘Raw Emotions’ contains 60 specific tools and action tips for engaging YOUR transformation.
This truly unique book, based on personal experience and extensive research, is a 'first' in the raw foods movement: an invaluable guide on how to 'dance' with and heal emotions that 'come up' when we change how we eat for our health.

ANGELA STOKES, author of RAW EMOTIONS is renowned for her remarkable PHYSICAL transformation - a 160lb weight loss with a raw food lifestyle.
This book is inspired by something people have found even MORE REMARKABLE than her physical changes: the emotional and spiritual shifts in Angela's life.
In this new book, Angela shares the major tips and tools that helped her experience this dramatic shift from a lonely, moody, angry and defensive overeater to a life of genuine JOY, VIBRANCY, LOVE and BALANCE.


Ok, now get ready for a double-whammy of food logs again – blogging absence makes the food lists grow longer ;)

On March the 5th I had:

1.5 quarts water
2 cups peppermint tea
16oz celery/lettuce/radish/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of mulberry yum: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples/raspberries, with some ground flax swirled in
1.5 quarts water
2 cups nettle tea
16oz celery/lettuce/radish/cucumber/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of cucumber yum ;) grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, karengo seaweed, mixed sprouts and sliced green onions, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1 quart water

on March the 6th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups ginger tea
3 mandarins
20oz celery/cucumber/radish/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of mulberry yum: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples/blackberries, with some ground flax swirled in
1.5 quarts water
16oz celery/cucumber/radish/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
2 cups green smoothie: raspberries/pear/banana/romaine/parsley
1.5 quarts water

While you’re checking out the info on Raw Emotions, take a peek at the cheeky fridge magnets we’ve also produced, to brighten up YOUR food prep area…
Made as a companion to the 'Raw Emotions' book, this magnet serves as a daily reminder that…

The ANSWER is not in the fridge… ;)

So, next time you find your hand reaching out towards the refrigerator door handle, in response to a craving, your magnet will be right there to remind you that there is more GENUINE joy to be found beyond the kitchen… ;)

on March the 7th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups peppermint tea
3 mandarins
16oz celery/cucumber/radish/beetroot/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of cucumber yum ;) grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, karengo seaweed and sliced green onions, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water
16oz celery/cucumber/radish/beetroot/lettuce/zucchini/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of apple/cinnamon mulberry yum: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples/cinnamon, with some ground flax swirled in
1.5 quarts water

on March the 8th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups nettle tea
20oz blended cantaloupe melon smoothie
½ a watermelon
16oz cucumber/zucchini/radish/lettuce/beetroot/carrot/ginger juice
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, karengo seaweed and sliced green onions, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water
12oz cucumber/zucchini/radish/lettuce/beetroot/carrot/ginger juice
2.5 cups green smoothie: banana/babako/raspberries/lettuces from garden :)
1.5 quarts water

SO, hopefully all of you who pre-ordered Raw Emotions are now happily in receipt of it in your inbox and sinking into its luscious pages...if, however, the email gremlins appear to have swallowed your precious product and ‘tis nowhere to be seen, not even the spam box, do email us at and let us know (ESPECIALLY if you are a Yahoo user – ‘tis a tricky beast to deliver to, the Yahoo monster…)
Ahhhhh and here we are the tranquil realm of the New Moon in Pisces, with a new book baby to coo over and a big post-completion exhale for moi ;) What does dear Ms. Dale Miller like to say about this moon...? Let’s take a look...

“...a New Moon ripe for direct revelation of these most basic, yet paradoxically intertwined truths:
We are nothing and everything; full and empty. All dualistic existence is interconnected and sourced in that which abides beyond duality. We can actively awaken to this realization of essential connectedness through the relinquishment of hatred, fear, violence, and greed. This and each successive moment presents an opportunity to choose love and peace.
This is the New Moon to practice compassion and selflessness by radiating peace and calm through prayer and meditation. Pisces acknowledges our essential connectedness and realizes it through the practice of unconditional love and unwavering compassion.
Ultimately, Pisceans are embodied in order to embrace the letting go of self-identification through learning to love unconditionally. Those who can commit their lives to working for the upliftment of all other souls are our everyday Bodhisattvas. Pisces is Bodhisattva consciousness embodied in self-sacrifice. Pisces’ bottom line is to learn to love unconditionally, and to work for the collective enlightenment of all sentient beings; no matter how hard it may be or how long it may take. This is the New Moon to commit to growing up and out of selfishness and hatred. Transcendence comes in many forms, but the first step is accepting personal responsibility for the condition of your life and the lives of all other sentient beings.
Heal your life and you will make a great contribution toward healing this world. Open your heart, let compassion be your guide and become an active peacemaker. Don’t be afraid to do the work of loosening your attachment to self-identification. Love yourself by loving others. We are all in this together, and together we can do the impossible. Be inspired to be a beacon of peace and light for the world. Dive deeply into this powerfully transcendent New Moon cycle.”

BEAUTIFUL :) WOW, it's amazing how many of these exact concepts are things I've JUST been writing about in Raw Emotions - the universe dances with such a gorgeous flow of resonance...clearly, this was JUST the time for this book to birth itself ;) To read her whole piece on our current moon time – see HERE...

As for me, I’m off to get some rest now – though we actually have a radio interview in about 8 starts at 10am EST – I think you can listen in here:

One love,
Angelalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


  1. Angela, Congrats on your new e-book! It takes patience and trust to work with the precious timing of the universe and you've got it! My hubby and are traveling to Guatemala at the end of the month-it will be my 1st experience traveling in the raw. I will be sprouting and dehydrating some nuts and seeds, probably make some flax crackers, definitely bringing my spirulina and Vitamineral Greens and enzymes. Did you find it safe top eat fresh greens in Central America? Any advice would be great!
    I look forward to your blog in my inbox often-thank you for sharing!!xo, Kelly Ordway from

  2. I've started reading raw emotions, and it is truly a blessing. Reading it gave me new insight into my situation, and the courage to think about leaving an emotionally toxic relationship I have in my life (one with a person) and an equally abusive relationship that I have by punishing myself with food. Thanks Angela! Although the focus of your book isn't toxic people, the healthy, loving ideas in it give readers the tools and the confidence to reclaim their lives from toxic people, abusers, and addictions.