Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sharing Worldwide :)

Well, back on the Juices for me yesterday :) How are YOUR juices flowing? Are you in a liquid landscape at the moment? I hope you’re enjoying the swelling flow of the Global Juice Feast...I had a good Juicy Monday...as I wrote in my last post, I’ve decided to live on just juices for one day a week during the GJF, as my participation in the juicy journey...most likely I’ll do this on Mondays…and it was very interesting for me to plunge back into that way of living yesterday. Things that I noticed included:

-I drank a LOT of juice – 6 quarts/litres – WOW, that’s 1.5 gallons :)
-I was VERY VERY cold, all day – in terms of the weather here, it was easily the coldest day we’ve experienced here so far and it was pretty full-on to be living it juicy at the same time ;) I felt like I would have happily drunk a whole bottle of hemp oil if there was one around ;) LOL...all kudos to those out there JF-ing in cold climes...WOW...having JF-ed in Costa Rica, coldness was not smthg I came across much...this put a new perspective on it all for me ystrdy, while I was wearing about half of my wardrobe all at once to stay warm ;)
-I had a slight ache in my left kidney on and off during the day.
-It felt nice to get a break from food, if even just for a day ;) I find it’s always nice to get some distance and perspective on that relationship. I also noticed however that I was happy whenever I remembered I was only doing this for 1 day this time, not 92 ;) LOL...I was happy to think I’d be back to solids again today...

…which I was and interestingly enough, the very first thing I ate was 3 mandarins – and as I looked down at their beautiful little segments I suddenly saw the Doctrine of Signatures staring straight back at me ;) The mandarin segments look like tiny little kidneys :) WOW - that’s exactly what my body was telling me hurt during my juicy day...well, I guess the mandarins got to work in some way or another, as no more kidney pain lingers at present – hurrah :)

On March the 3rd, I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups nettle tea
1 quart lettuce/chard/zucchini/cucumber/radish/ginger/apple juice – yummmmmmmmmmm :)
3 cups lettuce/chard/zucchini/cucumber/radish/ginger/apple juice
2 cups ginger tea
little paste of honey, spirulina, bee pollen and cinnamon powder
3 cups lettuce/chard/zucchini/cucumber/radish/ginger/apple juice
1.5 quarts watermelon/orange juice
1 tsp green powder
1 quart green juice: celery/lettuce/cucumber/ginger/carrot
1 pint water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice

UH-OHHHHH...look away now if you can’t handle any more raw food internet inspiration portals, as this one is DANGEROUS ;) LOL...by some slippery twist of the mouse, I ended up on a new part of ‘giveittomeraw’ yesterday and it is AMAZING – Dhru and the team have made a page that aggregates together clips from all kinds of raw blogs, web-wide...WOW...it is a truly sticky web of raw wonder to dip your toes into and probably find you’re still blissfully floating around in it a couple of hours later – there’s blog feeds from all kinds of people on all kind of raw subjects...I think it’s VERY cool :) You can check it out HERE – don’t say I didn’t warn you though... ;)

on March the 4th, I had:

1.5 quarts water
1.5 cups nettle tea
3 mandarins
16oz green juice: celery/lettuce/cucumber/ginger/carrot
mix of 2 little bowls of Monarch Mulberry YUM: bowl number 1 was mulberries soaked overnight in blended raspberries/apples, swirled with ground flax. Bowl 2 was mulberries soaked overnight in blended apples, swirled with cinnamon and ground flax. Both absolutely exquisite ;)
1 quart water
1.5 cups peppermint tea
12oz green juice: celery/lettuce/cucumber/ginger/carrot
bowl of ‘raw noodles’: grated cucumber mixed with sunflower seed pate, avo pieces, mixed sprouts, finely chopped green onions and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets – YUMM :)
1.5 cups peppermint tea
1 quart water

There’s one question people KEEP writing in to ask, so I think it’s best to answer it here, so we all get to know the answer at once ;)
Here’s one version of it, sent in today by Monique:

‘I just am curious as to how in the world, you are able to travel around the world, visit these beautiful and exotic places you talk about, share your daily experiences and not have a traditional job to sustain yourself?’

Thanks for the Q :) I have been able to live and travel as I have through a combination of lots of nice friends, 'relying on the kindness of strangers', trusting the universe to guide me and living my highest truth...no trust fund or hefty bank account bouying me along - just faith, commitment and a love of simplicity ;) (Though growing up in a family where most people worked in airlines was a definite travel bonus in my younger years... ;)
I live pretty simply - no house/car/debt etc, no ties, no kids, simple food, simple lifestyle...so I don’t have many expenses. I have a backpack, clothes and a laptop that come with me everywhere. Through the internet, I am able to run RawReform from wherever I am – I sell my ebooks, along with many other things too now through my Online Store. I give talks and do one-on-one consultations and retreats - altogether it brings me plenty enough money to keep on moving and shaking ;)
As I wrote in a previous post, before RawReform started up, I used to do long-term volunteering work. I always chose programmes that were paid for or very reasonably priced – many out there ask you to pay large sums of money to participate. I wasn’t into those ;) I’ll share here the main ones I DID do, though some of them are really only relevant for people in the UK/Europe – in any case, here we go:

-WYMAWorld Youth Millennium Awards – this is a ‘branch’ of VSO (a HUGE worldwide voluntary service). The programme is for 18-25 year olds and runs for 6 months. I went to Sri Lanka. (NOTE: This programme now seems to have a new name: Global Xchange.)
-CSI - Service Civil International – another worldwide agency that runs mostly short-term projects for very reasonable rates. I worked in Slovakia, The Netherlands and Hungary on various projects.
-EVSEuropean Voluntary Service – INCREDIBLE programme that allows any young person in Europe to get funded to go to any place worldwide (more or less) for a year and do voluntary work. I went to Iceland and worked with people with disabilities.
-WWOOFWilling Workers On Organic Farms – wonderful worldwide organisation that hooks up volunteers to organic farms to help out for 4-6 hours a day. I WWOOFed around New Zealand.
-CATThe Centre for Alternative Technology – I lived at the incredible CAT centre in Wales for 6 months as a volunteer one winter – it’s a phenomenal place for sustainable lifestyles...

Hope that helps ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Thank you so much for answering that one. I was going to ask you about all that, too. Living in this modern world, a life like that seems almost impossible, yet ideal. I'm glad to know that at least someone is out there doing it successfully and happily. It is intriguing, to say the least, and almost the stuff daydreams are made of. More power to you!

  2. Hi Angela!
    Love your blog!
    What is this sunflower seed pate your eating. It sounds great! Do you make it yourself?


    email: redhotsyeah@yahoo.com