Saturday, 15 March 2008

Logo Contest, Emotions and Support...

As perhaps you’ve seen, dear Mr Monarch has launched a contest to find a new logo for his site ‘The Raw Food World’. He just announced it last night on his blog and you can win one of three marvellous raw’s the scoop for those who didn’t yet see:

“We are re-designing and revving up We would LOVE to have a beautiful new logo for the website and we are having a contest, to find our striking new emblem. Whoever sends in the logo that most resonates for us as the essence of 'The Raw Food World', will be our winner; they can choose one of three wonderful raw food-related prizes (see below) and the new logo will be used throughout our site, for all to enjoy :) You are free to send in as many designs as you like, with whichever themes excite you. I will say though that currently I see an image of our planet in this logo. We're definitely open to all concepts though – new colours, new themes, whatever excites you – perhaps even drawing on the colours from the cover of Raw Success...
To enter this contest, send your logo to The winner of this contest will get to choose from one of the following 3 exciting prizes:

Needak Rebounder
Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator
$175 Superfoods Voucher

You have until midnight (Pacific Time), March 26th to send entries in and the winner will be chosen and announced shortly after that. We look forward to seeing your entries :)”

Watch out - here comes a double-whammy of Food Logs again:

On March the 13th I had:

1.5 quarts water
3 mandarins
½ a watermelon
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.2 quarts water
7 fresh figs
16oz celery/cucumber/lettuces/parsley/beet/carrot juice
bowl of green smoothie: raspberries/banana/nashi pear/parsley/lettuces, swirled with goji berries
1 quart water

on March the 14th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
8oz celery/cucumber/lettuces/parsley/beet/carrot juice
bowl of ‘figgy pudding’: fresh figs blended with 3 little mandarins, yacon powder and vanilla powder
1 quart water
1 tbsp green powders
bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
2 cups water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
1 cup water

Raw Emotions has been out for a week now and yumminess continues to resonate back to us from those who are reading it – lovely to witness. Here is one sweet comment left anonymously by a reader here:

“I'm going through raw emotions as well, and it's definitely THE most thorough book I've ever encountered in tackling the psychological traps that keep people overweight and unhealthy. The great thing about the book is that I think a lot of it is totally universal in that the principles can be applied to understand and improve ANY less than optimal facet of life, not just our weight and overeating. For instance, I get how people can use it to overcome a lot of modern maladies such as : abuse, bad relationships (like the last poster), depression, procrastination, nihilism, etc.. Other things I appreciate are the lovely, colourful layout and the the warm tone of the book - it never feels judgemental, it feels like a friend.”

Mmmmm, thank you for the feedback :) It’s so rewarding to hear that this book is helping people examine more closely life beyond the food ;) Yeeeeeeeeeee-HAH :)
You can see more abt Raw Emotions HERE...and I’m VERY EXCITED to say that we now have SPECIAL e-book packages including Raw Emotions, which have JUST been added to the RawReform Store.

You can get:

Raw Emotions with Raw Success for $28
ALL 5 of My E-books (incl. Raw Emotions) for $59
ALL 7 of My AND the Monarch’s E-books for $85 – WOW ;O

Click HERE to see all these yummy offers in one place…

on March the 15th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
8 fresh figs
1 quart ‘green juice’: lettuces/broccoli/cabbage/parsley/cucumber/celery/carrot
bowl of figgy pudding (fresh figs blended with lucuma and vanilla powders), with a little side dish of magical Monarch Mulberry mix: dried mulberries soaked in blended apples, swirled with ground almonds/flax
2 quarts water
16oz ‘green juice’: lettuces/broccoli/cabbage/parsley/cucumber/celery/carrot
little bowl of cucumber yum: grated cucumber mashed together with avocado, pumpkin seed pate, finely diced onion, mixed sprouts and karengo seaweed, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1.5 quarts water

I’ve decided to start compiling a new, ‘private’ list of people who are raw, are members of Overeaters Anonymous (or any similar 12 Step group) and would like to find a sponsor who is also into raw foods (or even just connect with others who are into raw).
Over the years I’ve had quite a few people contact me asking to help them find a sponsor who understands about being raw. I understand that this certainly can be a tricky issue and I am willing to help connect people as best I can. This will be a free service, open to anyone who is genuinely interested in it. I am not affiliated with OA and do not represent the OA programme – I’m just happy to try to help connect people together for mutual support. When I say that this is a ‘private’ list, I mean in the sense that only those who are on the list will see it – it’s not smthg that will be posted on my website or anything ;) SO, if you’d like to be added to the list of those interested in connecting, email me at with the following 6 pieces of info:

*Your first name (or name you’d like to be identified by)
*Your location (city, state, country)
*The length of time you’ve been in OA (or similar 12 Step programme)
*The % of raw food you currently eat
*Your contact details – a phone number or email, preferably
*Your desired involvement: EITHER: 'I am willing to sponsor' OR 'I am looking for a sponsor' OR 'I am just looking to connect with others on this path', etc.

I’ll put a list together over the next couple of weeks and then send that list out to all of you who have expressed interest – then you can connect to each other as you desire. Perhaps we can even set up a ‘chat room’ for y’all or smthg – let’s see how it unfolds... ;)
...and for anyone reading this thinking “what IS she talking about...?”, you can read more about OA HERE if you like ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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