Friday, 29 February 2008

Raw Emotions and Juices Flowing...

I’m excited to announce that the latest RawReform ‘book baby’ is nearly ready for delivery ;) Raw Emotions was given a ‘due date’ originally of March the 1st...well, for now, that’s looking a little premature for this particular baby – however, we’re expecting arrival by no later than March the 7th though now ;) Which just happens to be the day for the new moon in compassionate, transcendent Pisces – how ideal :) Apologies for any inconvenience, for those who have been patiently awaiting this arrival...Raw Emotions will be gracing the inbox of those who have pre-ordered it, very soon...we’d just love to fully polish up the last details in the next few days for you, so that you get the best version to enjoy...If you’re unfamiliar with this new impending arrival, Raw Emotions is my latest e-book, exploring the emotional and spiritual transformations people tend to experience when they go raw and is packed with tips for easing your own transformation along... So, thanks again to all who have already pre-ordered and if you would like to see more info and perhaps place your order now, if you haven’t already, please see HERE. :)

on February the 28th I had:

1.5 quarts water
2 big handfuls of blackberries, straight from the bushes
little bowl of cherries
20 oz celery/cucumber/parsley/arugula/cabbage/carrot juice
little bowl of salad: finely sliced romaine lettuce, grated cucumber, karengo seaweed, sundried tomatoes, sunflower seed pate
1 quart water
10oz celery/cucumber/parsley/arugula/cabbage/carrot juice
bowl of fruit salad with chia gel: babako/raspberry/blueberries/nashi pear/apple
1 quart water

Tomorrow - March 1st - is the official kick-off day for the Global Juice Feast – yeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH :) (ALL the more reason to let ‘Raw Emotions’ unfold a little slower for now and shine some more light into juicy joys instead ;)
SO, I’m very excited to say that on the eve of this worldwide foray into feasting we’ve just managed to put up a new set of Juice Feasting Calls for download. ;) This ‘Juice Feasting Conference Call’ series, comprises 4 one-hour calls, which were recorded live in May 2007, after my own 92-day Juice Feast was completed. This is a new way to access in-depth information about Juice Feasting - these calls go deeper into the 'knitty-gritty' than my 'Juice Feasters Handbook'.
In this call series, I discussed many different aspects of Juice Feasting with our wonderful interviewer Michelle, based on the questions sent in by listeners.
Here were the call themes:


If you didn't join us at the time and would like to listen in to these calls, you can now gain access to them all, right HERE. You can download all four calls, to listen to and access at your convenience. Hurray :)

on February the 29th I had:

1.5 quarts water
blackberries straight from the bush, plus wild strawberries, concord grapes and a couple of little apples, all straight from the plants in the orchard – blisssssss :)
1 tbsp green powders
bowl of salad: finely sliced romaine lettuce, grated cucumber, karengo seaweed, sundried tomatoes, sunflower seed pate, served in lettuce wraps and nori sheets
1 quart water
30oz celery/kale/cucumber/zucchini/ginger/radish/lettuce/carrot juice
bowl of outrageously divine raspberry pudding – fresh raspberries blended with soaked dried mulberries, with LSA stirred in (ground linseed/sunflower seeds/almonds), plus more whole fresh raspberries and dried mulberries, to chew on
1 quart water

Ahhhh, the Global Juice Feast... I can hear the sound of juicer motors kicking into action the world over ;) I am so excited for all of you out there in liquid wonderland at the moment...or just about to dive in ;) It’s such an incredible journey to take...and indeed, so many people out there are JF-ing at the moment’s truly phenomenal. In fact, I was delighted to discover this evening that there’s even now a COMMUNITY site, which has been set up my masters of the juicy ceremonies, David and Katrina Rainoshek. It's just like – for JFeasters :) There are already over 250 members, supporting each other and tuning in to the global flow...if you’re already a member of GITMR, it’s even easier to join this ‘sister’ site, as your info, friends etc can be transferred over with your ID – very cool – you can see my profile HERE.
I still haven’t decided what my participation in this feast will look like ;) LOL...yet I think, considering the fact that the event officially kicks off in less than 24 hours as I write this – it’s highly unlikely I’ll be in the game for 92 days again this time just doesn't feel like my calling right now...I may indeed dip in and out a bit though – especially with the equinox coming up soon in March (Autumn for us down in this part of the world – Spring for those of you up there ;)
So, happy juicy journeys to all of you about to foray out into fluidity... Oh and if you need any last minute juicy supplies, remember to check out the Juice Feaster’s Epicentre in the RawReform store, HERE.

One love,
Angela. xxx


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