Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Raw 'Insider' List...

OOOOOooOOOOOoooooo, we’ve got a FUN announcement for you would you like to join a raw ‘Insider’ list and get the best deals on raw foods? We know there are a lot of INCREDIBLE independent parents out there, doing their best to bring up sparkly raw families on budgets, plus many others who simply find it challenging to afford all the quality raw foods they’d like…well, help is now at hand ;) We have a big depot full of raw food products and from now on, as the expiration dates start getting nearer for different items, we’re going to send out an email to anyone who wants to receive updates, to let you know what’s on offer, at HUGELY discounted prices. It’s win-win all round :)
For example, in our first round-up we’re going to have items like:

*3lb bags of hemp protein powder for $15
This product is actually no-where near its expiration date – these bags are brand new – we just have an excess of them. ONE lb of hemp protein powder usually costs that amount – here you’re getting 3lbs for that price - :O – bargain...

We also have:
Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Hemp Seed packets, Hemp Protein packets, Flax/Raisin Bars, Coco-Chia Bars, Aromatherapy Inhalers, Raw Power Protein Powders and many more...

You don't need to learn any complex handshakes or anything to join in the fun ;) To join ‘The Insider List’, just send an email to and ***be sure to include the word ‘INSIDER’ in the subject line so that it sneaks past Mr. Monarch’s spamblocker ;) *** We look forward to furnishing your cupboards with many shiny bargains in the future ;)

on February the 12th I had:

1.5 quarts water
12oz celery/cucumber/parsley/apple/radish juice
½ an avo mushed with finely chopped garlic/cilantro, diced tomatoes, sprouts, karengo seaweed, served with cucumber chunks and cabbage leaves
1 quart water
6oz celery/cucumber/parsley/apple/radish juice
bowl of fruit salad with chia gel: banana/kiwi/peach/cherry
3 cups water

After my little update on the Andressohn family a couple of days back, one person wrote in wondering why cheques to support the family are to be sent to Dr Flora and why the parents’ Bail Bond had not been paid back already...well, here’s what I found out... ;)

It was Dr Flora who posted all the bail money for the Andressohns. 50% of it was her life savings; the rest she put on her credit cards. She's not looking for the cash part back, just the credit card principle and interest. Also, Flora is the court-appointed Guardian-ad-Litem for the Andressohn children, and has to account for all funds to the Court. Any donations are deductible on people's taxes. It is also very much appreciated if people do want to send funds to the Andressohns directly, especially for donations. The only issue is that they move house a lot, constantly seeking affordable housing.

Hope that helps ;)

on February the 13th I had:

1.5 quarts water
36oz watermelon/orange juice
24oz spinach/zucchini/carrot juice
bowl of fruit salad with chia gel: banana/papaya/golden kiwi/black plum
3 cups water
12oz spinach/zucchini/carrot juice
bowl of banana ice cream with dried figs
1 quart water

Here down under, ‘tis Valentines Day tomorrow – oooo lala…
Here are some fabulous ‘GREEN’ Valentines Tips from Michael Bloch over at :

“Around a billion valentines are sent each year globally...Valentines Day is big business and as such has the potential to have substantial impact on the environment. For example, the one billion cards laid end to end would stretch around the world 5 times! That's a lot of trees.

If Valentines Day is an important day for you or the one you love; then you can show a bit of extra love for the environment by carefully considering what you buy. Here's some ideas:

- Cards made from recycled or tree-free paper (this will be indicated on the card)

- Consider sending an e-card instead using one of the many quality services around.

- Fair trade and/or organic (RAW ;) chocolate

- Choose organic and/or locally grown flowers

- Make a donation to an environmental organization on behalf of the person (like the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation...)

- If you wish to give jewelry, consider pre-owned or purchasing from jewelers who are certified to be sourcing precious metals and gemstones in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.

- Buy the person a gift certificate for holistic therapies e.g. massage, naturopath, health spa

- Arrange dinner at a local restaurant specializing in organic or locally grown food. Eating locally cuts down on food miles

- Book a retreat in a wildlife reserve, park or natural area. Your business will help support the running of such establishments.

- Give natural perfumes and fragrances. Popular mainstream fragrances are chemical cocktails. By buying natural fragrances, you'll be showing you not only care for the environment, but the person's health."

See the full article HERE. Thanks, Michael :)

Oooo, and wishing YOU all an uber-delicious, joyful to the max, cuddly, yummy, Happy Valentines, until whence we meet again ;)
Kisses to all,
One love,
Ms. Stokes. xxx

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