Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Visionary Age...

Well, well, well...seems my recent post on bowel movements during Juice Feasting stirred up many curious questions in your noggins...we’ve been inundated with stool-related queries here - thank you ;) From ‘how is it that if I eat sweetcorn it comes out a day later having bypassed all the encrusted waste in my intestines?’ to ‘why am I not having bowel movements, if I’m doing juices AND smoothies?’ to ‘I’ve started Juice Feasting and am scared of doing enemas – do they really matter? I’m releasing lots of mucus through my nose…’

Ok…here’s my answer for that last one...
Enemas are very simple and not painful - nothing to worry about ;) You can even see videos of how to do them on YouTube ;) They are discussed to a degree in my book 'Revealing the Physical Changes', which you can see HERE.
Colon cleansing is EXTREMELY important while Juice Feasting - you won't be getting anywhere near the amount of cleansing benefits without doing some form of colon irrigation. Most of us are SO toxic and have so much to release - if you're not keeping up with that through internal cleansing, you can easily run into issues. Use a simple lubricant like coconut oil to help the process, take it slowly and I'd recommend some of the writings of either Dr Norman Walker (Become Younger, Colon Health) or my partner Mr Monarch (Raw Spirit, Raw Success) - you can also read many informative articles for free on Matt's website - see http://www.rawspirit.org and go to ‘Articles’.
If you really can't face the idea of enemas by yourself, maybe doing a PROFESSIONAL colonic would appeal more? Or use more Cascara Sagrada to keep things moving out of the system, or use other herbal formulas (e.g. 'Intestinal Movement Formula' by Healthforce), to move stuff out...it is imperative to keep things moving in some way though, for optimal cleansing...
Mucus is just clearing out of your body as a result of the DETOX you are triggering by Juice Feasting - DO AN ENEMA and you'll find this clears MUCH quicker - your body is just taking the opportunity to throw out stuff that's been building up for YEARS... Other things to help: do a sauna, sweat, exercise, tongue scrape, dry skin brush etc - just help your body RELEASE every way you can... ;)

on Feb the 4th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 quart zucchini/watercress/cabbage/carrot juice
bowl of avo mushed with diced tomatoes/garlic, masses of sprouts – whero peas/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/alfalfa/broccoli/mung beans, karengo and wakame seaweeds, served with cucumber sticks, lettuce leaves and bits of green crackers
1.5 quarts water
1 apple
20oz carrot/celery/spinach/parsley juice
3 dried figs
¼ pineapple
1.5 lbs cherries
3 cups water

Hmmm, sorry to hear the link was broken to Steve ‘Sproutman’ Meyerowitz’s book, in my last post ;( HERE it is again, for those of you who wanted to check it out. PLUS, if you missed his talk on RawVeganRadio many moons ago, I'd definitely recommend it - it's tres inspiring ;) You can listen to that HERE - it's now been moved to the 'Premium' area of the RVR site - they have a NEW offer on right now though, to try out the Premium area for just $1, for a limited time - so, seems like an ideal time to check it out ;)
…and for those of you who still don’t believe raw food fun can happen in the garden in cold places in winter, check out this super-cool picture of ‘Mrs Raw Snowwoman’ forwarded to us from Jan in Georgia this week ;) JUICY :)

on Feb the 5th I had:

1.5 quarts water
8oz orange/pineapple juice
24oz celery/carrot/watercress/kale
bowl of avo mushed with diced tomatoes/garlic, masses of sprouts – whero peas/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/alfalfa/broccoli/mung beans, karengo and wakame seaweeds, served with lettuce leaves and a Mexican power stick
1.5 quarts water
24oz celery/cucumber/lettuce/radish/carrot/cilantro juice
2lbs cherries and a banana
3 cups water

February the 6th is the New Moon in Aquarius - time for radical change, according to Lisa Dale Miller – and this gorgeous occasion comes with a partial solar eclipse - oooo la la, how blessed we are ;) Here’s a few snippets of Ms. Miller’s report for this moon:
“Aquarius is often thought of as visionary: an energy that looks beyond the norm, questions accepted truths, boldly claims originality, flies in the face of reason; and flatly refuses to blindly follow the dictates of others.
The annular solar eclipse will add a bit of heightened energy to this New Moon. Partial phases of the eclipse will be visible primarily from eastern Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. For more information on the eclipse go to NASA’s Eclipse homepage http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/OH/OH2008.html#2008Feb07A
The Aquarius New Moon asks each of us to awaken to the reality of our lives. To see it as it truly is (no rose colored glasses allowed) and then envision a better life; one free of old rules and restrictions that reflect your “I can’ts, I won’ts, I’m unable, and I’m scared”. This is a truth or dare New Moon. Recognize your present circumstances and then dare to vision beyond them, past the boundaries of the known into the unknown.
Aquarius is all about the “power of one” to change the circumstances of the many... Aquarian success comes from connecting to the needs of your generation and making your life a testament to upliftment.
The Aquarius New Moon is all about individuation and freethinking. It is a time to get free of self-imposed restrictions and think out of the box.
Think about how you can become a force for change at your workplace, in your neighborhood, and at home. Change is good! So this New Moon, commit to changing your life and you will change the world. Ride the wave of this mind-altering, life-altering New Moon Cycle.”

Mmmmm, beautiful...from a Leo full moon into an Aquarian new moon :) You can check out Lisa’s FULL report HERE...and GUESS WHAT – in just a few days – on Friday Feb 8th – it’s my own lovely Aquarian’s birthday ;) Yes, Mr Monarch fits the above description of Aquarian energy remarkably accurately, as those of you who know him well will appreciate ;) …and this free-thinking visionary will very soon be embarking on his next trip around the sun...you can send him some big raw birthday love to matt@rawspirit.org (pssssst, don’t tell him I sent you though... ;)

One love,
Angelallalalalalalalalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx


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