Friday, 8 February 2008

Fruits, Friends and Fundraising...

Today I only ate fruit salads with chia gel...I was having some intestinal issues and my energy was body asked for just fruits, so...that was the menu for the day, with a bit of chia gel added, to offset the sugar bursts a felt good...light enough to not tax my system, yet packed with enough energy to sustain me all also stirred up some childhood memories which I found really interesting...I suddenly remembered that as a kid, whenever I got ill (which seemed often...) I would only want to eat fruit salad – however, back then, that meant fruit salad FROM A TIN - :O – LOL...yes, perverse as it may sound now, back then it seems that is how my brain translated my body’s apparent request for a lighter, fruity load for the day – ‘ahhhhh, yes tinned fruit cocktail’s what we need’ ;) It worked of course, merely by virtue of the fact that – if nothing else - I stopped eating all the other junk I usually ate and gave my body a short break...yes, tinned fruit cocktail is hardly the height of nutritional excellence, yet compared to a day’s menu of processed meats, breads, chicken patties, cakes, chips and so on – it was a huge relief for this body ;) It was fun today for me to re-visit those memories and note how I’m essentially still following the same routine now when I feel a little less than completely vibrant – only now, thankfully the fruit is RAW, organic and delicious ;)

on February the 8th I had:

1.5 quarts water
20oz spinach/carrot juice
bowl of avo/tahini mushed together with diced garlic/tomatoes/cilantro, with assorted sprouts and karengo seaweed stirred in, served with lettuce/cabbage leaves and an Italian Power Wrap
1.5 quarts water
box of cherries and 3 gorgeous kiwis
bowl of bananas mushed with ground flax, goji berries, tahini, maca and dried figs
1 quart water

Oooo, yummy event alert: next Saturday, February the 16th, The Raw Network of Washington (RawNOW) will be holding a Fundraising Gala at the top of Seattle’s tallest building :) The event includes a gourmet 4-course raw vegan dinner, an extensive silent auction, with goodies donated from dozens of different raw companies and individuals – myself and Mr Monarch included ;) David Wolfe will be speaking at the event too – it will be a fantastic gathering I’m sure – we’d definitely be there if we were in the area ;) RawNOW is a non-profit educational charity, fundraising to create a raw food centre in WA state – NICE :) For more information about this vibrant annual Gala, see

on February the 9th I had:

1.5 quarts water
20oz spinach/carrot/kale/watercress/green pepper juice
bowl of fruit salad with chia gel: banana/papaya/kiwi/cherry
1.5 quarts water
12oz spinach/carrot/kale/watercress/green pepper juice
bowl of fruit salad with chia gel: banana/mango/golden kiwi/fresh figs
1 quart water

While we’re on a ‘fundraising’ note, here’s a little update about the Andressohns in Florida – the raw family who were separated and put on trial after their youngest child passed over a few years ago. It seems they received the care package of food we sent over to them, this week...YAY :) Thanks too, to all of you who have been generously sending in donations and support, to help the Andressohns pay off their bail bond and re-establish themselves after this traumatic period. Know that every gift and prayer sent their way is very much appreciated. From this message below, from Dr Flora, their friend and benefactor, it seems however that the Andressohns are still in pretty challenging circumstances...

“…One of their sons had his 7th birthday a week ago and he shyly asked me for a present the next time I come. He got underpants, but no toys. She (Lamoy – the mother of the family) is happy to know that the principle for the bail bond has been paid off...and is struggling to make sense of having to pay interest too. This innocent young family had not even had a checking account when I met them and had been trying to live just from their pocket change. ...the minute they were forced into that expensive home by the state, with the payments of $1,400/month for just the rent, there was nothing left. She has gotten her driving license, and has sent in the papers for her business license. She's almost there to being an independent businesswoman with a catering service. Help her just a little longer, and then she will make us all proud. I'm proud of her for just being a good, loving mother under the circumstances, and trying as hard as she is to help others, and never doubt God's path for her.”

Hmmmm, we’re breathing deep and sending love from here...if perhaps you feel moved to send more assistance their way, please do ;) You can send gifts or cheques made payable to ‘Flora Van Orden’ to: Flora Van Orden, PO Box 900963, Homestead, FL 33090.

All gratitude, blessings and love to you,
Angela. xxx

p.s. - thanks to ALL of you who sent in yummy wishes to Mr Monarch for his birthday - twas a yummy occasion :)

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  1. thank you so much for your dedicated blogging! i want you to know that when i became instantly infatuated with the idea of juice feasting, re-reading your experience on your blog inspired me tremendously! you enjoy life with such grace and enthusiasm! you and matt have also inspired me to blog myself-i would be honored if you would like to check out - i am just easing out of my AMAZING juice feasting journey! Warm blessings! kelly ordway