Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Raw Media Round-Up...

Ok, we’re going to have a little ‘media round-up’ today, as so many raw links have been sent in the last few days...so hold on tight, we’re about to enter a worldwide raw media whirl
I want to start with an update on the Andressohns, the raw vegan family in Florida I mentioned briefly last week, who lost their baby. After the death, the parents were arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of ‘malnourish-ing’ their children – the rest of whom were taken into custody. Thanks to all of you who sent in updates and news on the family. So, we have GOOD NEWS :) The parents are now out of prison, out of court and reunited with their gorgeous children. I was so pleased to read this – thanks especially to ‘Valerie’, who sent in THIS very informative link from Jim Carey’s Chidiet.com site. It seems Jim, along with Dr Flora Van Orden, have been doing a great deal to support this loving family during this whole process. Dr Flora was assistant to Dr Ann Wigmore for a long time and it seems rallied straight to the support of the Andressohns with this case, putting up her credit card for the bail bond. The family have been slowly getting back to life together and paying off the bail bond since they were reunited, helped by the generous donations of people worldwide. There is, however, still around $2000 left to pay off. We sent a cheque today in support, along with a ‘goodie box’ of raw yummies from our warehouse (shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell them though – it’s a surprise ;) If you feel similarly inclined to send something their way, please do :) Let’s help them get back on their feet asap. This is a loving, beautiful raw vegan family who are doing their best to raise vibrant children and enjoy amazing health and well-being together – we can help support that choice. They were separated from their little ones for over 30 months I believe and put on trial for feeding their children what many of us consider the healthiest food choices on the planet. I consider it an absolute blessing to know they are re-united again now and able to reconnect to their chosen lifestyle again. If you are drawn to send them some support, you can do so in the way of money energy or other loveliness, care of Dr Flora in Florida. Cheques, cashiers cheques or money orders made payable to Flora Van Orden can be sent to: Flora Van Orden, PO Box 900963, Homestead, FL 33090.

We’re going to have a double-whammy of food logs again, to get us caught up to date...breathe deep ;)

On January the 12th I had:

1 quart water
1 mango, 4 little dark plums
1 pint mizuna/tatsoi/romaine/celery/cucumber/ginger/apple/fennel/sorrel juice
1 pint water
salad of chopped romaine lettuce, cucumber, basil, garlic, tomatoes, ½ a mushed avocado, 2 tbsp hemp seeds, dulse flakes, lime juice – all squished together by hand
2 cups water
bowl of fruit salad: dragon fruit, guanabana, passion fruit, banana
1 pint mizuna/tatsoi/romaine/celery/cucumber/ginger/apple/fennel/sorrel juice9
3 cups water
10 dried figs dipped in tahini
1 quart water

On January the 13th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart watermelon/orange juice
1 quart beetroot/celery/cucumber/apple/cabbage juice
bowl of mushed soaked dried figs mixed with smashed egg fruit and tahini – absolutely DELICIOUS and VERY bizarrely tasted reminiscent of...baked beans on toast...(???)
1 quart water
3 cups romaine/celery/cucumber/ginger/sorrel/tatsoi/apple/fennel juice
bowl of mushed bananas with ½ a diced green mamey, maca powder, cinnamon and chia gel
3 cups water

Ok, now let’s hop across the water to the UK where a couple of interesting raw media eruptions have occurred in the last week or so.
First came a report in the Daily Mail from well-known British TV reporter Lowri Turner, who tried out eating raw for 7 days...how did she get on...? Hmmmm, well, it seemed Ms Turner was not exactly enamoured with the whole idea...you can read her write-up HERE.
Fortunately, various raw food yummies in the UK wrote back to present a different view, highlighting the potential yumminess and undeniable vibrancy of this lifestyle...’chief rallier’ was the wonderful Sue, who is oft found movin and shakin in the UK raw food scene, frequently in the background – this time however, the Mail loved her letter so much, they published it as another item and yanked her into the spotlight, as can be seen in this picture, pinched from the blog of Ms Suki ;)
Which conveniently leads us into UK raw media spasm number 2...last Friday, Suki, Mr Monarch and me ol’ cake mate Kate Magic and her boys were all featured in a documentary broadcast on national TV (Channel 4) called ‘Health Food Junkies’. We’ve not yet seen the whole thing – we look forward to getting a DVD of it in the post soon – we have heard a LOT of comments about it in the last days though...the general consensus seems to be that raw foodists were portrayed as ‘a bit crazy, lonely and odd’. Eeeeek… ;) Seems Ms. Suki has been receiving muchos feedback from people – many of whom are fellow raw foodies disgruntled about some of the aspects of her life she shared – like juicing, colonics and urine therapy. Yes, these choices might not appeal to everyone – I salute Suki for telling it like it is in her reality though – if you go to THIS LINK you can see a couple of little clips from the show – I love the way Suki keeps so still as she’s explaining her life – no shame, no bashfulness, no apologies – she does what she does, she’s honest about it and willing to share. Beautiful :)
(BTW – for any raw foodies in the UK who would like to reverse their loneliness, while sharing their crazy oddness together, there's a raw food potluck happening this Saturday – the 19th – from 6pm in Newton-le-Willows – check out http://www.purelyraw.com/potluck190108.htm for more info ;)

on January the 14th I had:

1 quart water
1 quart watermelon juice
1 quart beetroot/celery/cabbage/ginger/cucumber/apple juice
bowl of avo mushed with chilli Alive Hummus, salt, lime juice, mung bean sprouts and diced tomatoes, served with cucumber sticks, sunflower greens and romaine leaves
1 quart water
1 mango
1 pint celery/cucumber/fresh foraged wild greens/romaine/ginger/fennel/apple juice
2 cups water
4 tbsp chia gel with bowl of fruit salad: passion fruit, banana, plum, dragon fruit and sliced dates
1 quart water

On January the 15th I had:

1 quart water
Big handful of GORGEOUS cherries
1 quart zucchini/beetroot/apple juice
bowl of avo mushed with salt, lime juice, mung bean sprouts, mixed sprouts and diced tomatoes, served with cucumber sticks, sunflower greens and romaine leaves
1 quart water
1 pint celery/cucumber/fresh foraged wild greens/romaine/ginger/fennel/apple juice
2 cups water
bowl of 4 tbsp chia gel with dragon fruit, passion fruit, banana, plum
3 cups water

Alright, let’s bounce back over to the left side of the Atlantic for the final media melt-down…many of you sent in the following YouTube link which shows a 10-minutes or so clip from the E! Entertainment show some days ago on raw food – with Wolfie, Juliano and so on – I think it’s well made…enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtrZoWwK1pM

The final piece to share today just came in tonight – it’s a report from 6abc News in Philadephia, from a raw food potluck. You can watch it HERE. This seems to start off quite promising, then slides somewhat, into the usual interviewing of obligatory ‘nutrition expert’ who gets in some hilarious comments to the effect of ‘raw food may be dangerous in the long run – there are simply not enough nutrients in that kind of food’... ??? ...???? …????????????? ...and ends with the newscaster refusing to drink a green smoothie ;) Ho-hummmmmm…what to do, what to do...? Just keep on living our truths, growing, glowing and eating with love and embracing the differences with compassion, I guess ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx


  1. you sweetheart! thank you for seeing between the lines. you are both shining lights for all of us - examples of Love, compassion & openess. x

  2. ha! look at Juliano trying to push out his biceps with his thumbs. *snickers and runs away*
    the youtube video is great by the way. i only wish i has seen the whole 2 hour show. :(

  3. Thanks so much for posting these links, Angela! I'm so glad to hear the Andrehssons are out of prison and reunited with their beautiful children.

    The Health Food Junkies show can be viewed in its entirety on 4oD (Channel 4 on demand). You have to download 4oD first, though, unlike BBC's iPlayer. Anyway, the link is http://www.channel4.com/4od/index.html.

    Lots of love from Neens

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