Monday, 7 January 2008


Did you get to see the E! Entertainment special with Wolfie this weekend? I couldn’t work out how to watch it online...we heard that the show had a bit of a ‘negative’ slant to it though, focusing a lot on the death of 5-month old raw vegan baby Wohyah Andressohn back in 2003. If you’re not familiar with the Andressohn’s story, HERE is an informative article from Jinjee, written back in 2005. In this article, Jinjee explains how baby Wohyah was born with a birth defect – DiGeorge Syndrome - he had no thymus – and that many babies with this condition die before they are 2 months old. Wohyah lived for 5 months – surely a testimony to his parents’ love. This side of the story is rarely reported however. Well, personally I’d lost track of this story and was not sure of many of the details, so was interested to at least hear something of the developments. I’m saddened however to hear that apparently his parents are still imprisoned. Hmmm...breathing deep here and sending prayers for them and their other 4 children, who were apparently taken from their parents on the day of their brother’s death, given non-raw foods and kept from their parents for many months. I don’t know where they are now – if anyone has more recent details on this case, please do let us know. Here is a statement from Lamoy Andressohn, the children's mother, which to me, clearly illustrates the love and compassion of this woman:

”God has somehow chosen me to walk this path and I’m not sure why. I know I must follow it for bigger reasons than I understand and I don’t hold any ill will toward any part of the state because they are doing what they are trained to do. I am honored that God chose me to walk this path and I will embrace it until the end. I know how much my pain and suffering will effect the rights of others and I can’t afford to be selfish knowing this will affect the rights of the children of the future who choose to live this lifestyle.”

On January the 6th I had:

1.5 quarts water
big handful of cherries
1 luscious mango
1 pint intense celery/carrot/beetroot/ginger juice
little pot of gorgeous freshly made raw banana/mango ice cream whip
little handful of dried figs dipped straight into raw tahini
3 cups water
1 pint mizuna/tatsoi/bok choi/celery/cucumber/arugula/ginger/lime/apple/carrot juice
3 ‘finger’ bananas mashed up and swirled with raw tahini, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and a diced apple
3 cups water

A man died in a car accident outside our house yesterday. Our garden backs sideways onto an old highway, which is still used by some drivers. We heard a huge bang and went out to see what had happened. We ran through the garden onto the roadside. There had been a big crash. Many cars were stopped and people were calling emergency vehicles. On the floor laid a man. A handful of people seemed to already be on the case with everything, so I kept still at the roadside and held a space of love, focusing especially on the guy on the floor. A few minutes later, he had left his body. Emergency vehicles started to arrive and he was pronounced dead. I was glad to have at least been sending love to him as he left. It was a sombre event that really ‘put things in perspective’ for me, as such dramatic scenarios tend to do. I reflected on the apparent fragile nature of things – how all which that guy had created and experienced for years here was suddenly ‘gone’ – blanked out in an instant...and on went the rest of life...people still drove down the street, the birds still sang in the trees and I noticed plants in the garden I’d never seen before as we walked solemnly back to the house... Death is not something I regularly encounter and I was drawn to think of my soul sis*star* Zoe, back in the UK, who is a nurse and works often with elderly and ill people who are close to death. She has been with many hundreds of people over the years as they pass on. She seems to approach this work with such gentle understanding and kind compassion. She has witnessed death so often, I think it’s much easier for her now to integrate it as part of the life cycle than perhaps it is for me. Today I took flowers to the place where he died, to honour his life. There were many dozens of people there, in roadside vigil. I have been sending blessings with him and to those whose lives he touched, including ours, in his closing moments here...

on January the 7th I had:

1.5 quarts water
slice of watermelon
1 juicy mango
1 quart cucumber/beetroot/apple juice
bowl of 3 finger bananas, mashed up and swirled with finely chopped basil and garlic, alfalfa, fenugreek and lentil sprouts, tahini and pumpkin seeds, with sunflower greens, cucumber sticks and a flax cracker on the side – yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
3 cups water
slice of watermelon
3 cups mizuna/tatsoi/bok choi/celery/cucumber/arugula/ginger/lime/apple/carrot juice
big handful of cherries
2 cups water

Hmmmmmm...OK, I’m sorry to be heading off after such a sombre day of messaging...I'm looking forward though to going off on silent retreat tomorrow for four days. Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote in the little poll about Mr Monarch taking over blogging here for the next few days. :) I’m sorry to hear so many of you had issues locating or using the poll – thanks to all of you who emailed your responses in instead for the –and the answer is: he’s in ;) You voted almost unanimously to receive the Monarch musings...NICE :) Well, I do hope you enjoy his yummy sharings…so, play nicely now, petals and I’ll reconnect in a few days :) All blessings to you all...

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. Fortunately I think your information about the Andressohn family is a bit out of date. The last information I heard & read about the Andressohn family was that they had been acquitted of wrong doing in the death of their DAUGHTER Woyah. They are no long imprisoned though they are on probabtion. You can learn more about this by going to this link or by listening to the interview update with the Andressohn's lawyer on episode 18 from Raw Vegan Radio.
    here is a clip from the E program.
    I did not see the whole thing so I can not confirm or deny how the Andressohn story was handled, however I do think that this segment is very positive!