Monday, 21 January 2008

Raw Emotions...

As you may have seen in my newsletter this weekend, I am EXTREMELY excited to say that my latest e-book – ‘Raw Emotions’ – is now available for pre-order HERE and will be officially released by March 1st :) It covers the emotional transformations and challenges that occur when we go raw, along with spiritual/psychological/mental/social and other shifts too. This book has been a loooooooooong time coming for me – a great deal of love has gone into its’s in the final editing process at the moment – so, I look forward to sharing it soon ;)

Combining proven ‘self-help’ techniques with a raw lifestyle, ‘Raw Emotions’ contains 60 specific tools and action tips for embracing YOUR transformation. It is a truly unique book in the raw food movement, based on extensive research and personal experience.
Many people are familiar with my PHYSICAL transformation, having lost around 160lbs with a raw food lifestyle. However, those who are a little more familiar with my story often comment that what they find more remarkable are the emotional and spiritual shifts I have experienced. In ‘Raw Emotions’, I share the major tips and tools that helped me experience a dramatic shift from a lonely, moody, angry and defensive overeater to a life of genuine joy, vibrancy, love and balance.

on January the 20th I had:

1.5 quarts water
1 GORGEOUS medium papaya
3 cups beetroot/apple/cabbage juice
bowl of avo mushed with diced garlic and tomatoes, lime juice and salt, served with cucumber sticks and sunflower sprouts
3 cups water
1 pint celery/cucumber/’tree spinach’/fennel/red chicory leaves/dandelion/ginger/apple juice
Big slice of watermelon
Little bowl of buckwheat grawnola with sliced banana and macadamia/maca milk
3 cups water

I went sea kayaking today. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH...full-on, mate ;) INTENSE was amazing :) I even got to see a dolphin leap out of the water a few metres ahead of me...and the swell on the sea was just extraordinary...I’ve never experienced anything like amazed me how the landscape was just CONSTANTLY changing...I noticed how much easier it seemed to be out there to accept the fact that the only constant is change – every moment seems crisp, succinct, heightened somehow to me, out there – every next moment the landscape has changed, the waves have shifted, one is being moved and moving in a different direction...on land too, of course, the same holds true – the only real constant is change – yet here, things tend to move at a much slower pace than was just so interesting to me to be out amidst that ever-flowing fluidity...
Oooooo, BTW, it’s full moon in Leo tomorrow night – the 22nd – YUMMY :) No WONDER the wave swells were quite so powerful today ;)
Speaking about the energies currently at play in the universe, master astrologer Lisa Dale Miller says this:

‘This configuration is all about enlivening brilliant, far-seeing, creative vision for global transformation.
…the Leo Full Moon provides an intense energetic field with which to release your intentions for achievement out to the world. It will be like strapping on a spiritual jet engine.
Leo loves to be the center of attention, so get out there and shine!
The Leo Full Moon assures us all that we have great personal power and we must learn to use it judiciously. This is the Full Moon to try on the role of leader. If you have wanted to come out front with your great ideas, this is the time to try.
Leo is total self-belief and it uses total commitment to gain success and glory. Yes, of course there is a dark side to power and glory. We all know that an inflated ego creates the right conditions for abuses of power. But power used wisely can be of great benefit to all.
The beauty of Leo is how much it truly cares about others, and since this is a Full Moon, let’s get into a celebratory space and bask in the light of Leo’s positive qualities.’

Purrrrrrrrrrr...for Lisa’s full fabulous report, see here: ENJOY :)

on January the 21st I had:

1 quart water
1 pint beetroot/carrot/celery/cucumber/red chicory/dandelion/ginger/apple juice
bowl of avo mushed with diced tomatoes, mixed sprouts and salt, served with cucumber sticks and ‘raw onion bread’
2 cups water
handful of lychees
3 cups water
handful of cherries
bowl of soaked dried mulberries blended with tahini, swirled with mulberry pieces, with a couple of little egg fruits on the side
3 cups water

…and moving on to another powerful LEO force, that loverly little Ms Andrea, the ‘Raw Ballerina’ sent a message recently calling for nominations for lion brother David Wolfe, for the annual 'Organic Leadership Awards’. NICE :) I’m up for that...
Here’s what the little tinker has up her sleeve:
‘…help spread the word about raw foods, superfoods, and healthy organic living in general! If each of us writes a quick little heartfelt paragraph recommending him and how he has touched both our lives and is changing the future of the Earth, David will have an excellent shot at winning! I really appreciate your time on responding to this -- every person who recommends David to the OTA (Organic Trade Association) makes a HUGE difference. We never know what one comment it will be that tips the scale and creates their decision into a "yes". Follow the link below!! THANKS!!!!

I just sent my nomination in tonight. I think Wolfie does outstanding work in this field and can definitely see how it would help raise consciousness about raw, organic lifestyles and more connectivity with nature if he were to receive this award. If you feel drawn to send in some yumminess too, just click the link above and fill in the Word doc form – there’s a few Qs – if you’re struggling, drop me a line and I’ll let you see what I wrote… ;) Nominations are due in by February the 1st...

One love,
Angela. xxx

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