Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Straight A's!

Today I took our Angelic Goddess to a 3 day silent retreat. I thought I would start off this blog by telling you something about Angela that you may not know.

Angela is absolutely Brilliant! She went through her entire College (University) career with straight A’s! She never received one mark below that! If you think that is amazing... out of her entire schooling career, she got all A’s and only one B. The B was actually a mistake and the teacher tried to reverse it but couldn't.

Angela is pure and filled with a Universe of LOVE. Her spiritual transformation makes her physical transformation look like a couple of pounds of weight loss.

Right after the car accident we witnessed yesterday, I was observing the situation. What could I do? For her, It was impulse. Immediately she said, “Baby, send him love.” My ray of light then joined hers. She is absolutely selfless.

Today I ate:

11 AM Green Vegetable Juice
1:30 PM - Meal 1:

½ avocado
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed butter
2 teaspoons of cut up green onions
1 Tablespoon of lentil sprouts
1 ounce of alfalfa sprouts
2 tablespoons of fenugreek sprouts
4 medium diced up ‘Black Russian’ Tomatoes
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
Romaine lettuce leaves to wrap the above in and EAT
4:30 PM Green Vegetable Juice
5:30 PM Meal 2:
6 or 7 large dried Turkish figs
(soaked overnight with just enough water to top them)
3 tablespoons of hemp seeds
**Blended all those ingredients above
1 small handful of goji berries swirled in
8:00 PM Vegetable juice
10 oz of beet juice

I walked over 10 miles yesterday and I was sustained by eating a similar meal plan as above.

Awhile back, Dr. Fred Bisci taught me the fig meal above without the goji berries. I added the goji berries because I like something to chew on. This recipe is so simple! Ladies... it tastes amazing. Men... it is a muscle builder. If you switch up the hemp seeds with sesame seeds, this meal is an awesome source of calcium. I started to play around with this recipe and I started to switch up the dried fruit and seeds. For example, I would soak a couple large handfuls of goji berries overnight and blend them with pine nuts the next day. That was quite interesting. AND THEN!... I soaked 8 oz of dried mulberries overnight and blended that with three or four tablespoons of hemp seeds or tahini. This is a DELICACY!!! Instead of adding goji berries to have a chewing sensation, I just add more dried mulberries. It may be a bit pricey, but I can literally eat that meal every day. It has a much lower glycemic index then the figs and tastes ~!HEAVENLY!~. In fact, I smuggled 20 one pound bags of them in my luggage and ate it with Angela every day for a month here in Australia. I loved it so much I tried to ship more into Australia but they were confiscated at the Agricultural Dept.

Why the beet juice? I do not recommend jumping in and taking this amount of beet juice. One should build up increasing their dosage periodically or it may make you dizzy and nauseous due to the cleansing reaction it has on the liver. Beets contain betaine which have been shown to improve liver function and reduce fatty deposits in the liver. I noticed that whenever I used just a small amount of beets in my vegetable juice, I would get really bad sulfuric gas so I started to avoid it. I thought, what if my liver just needs to be cleaned out. What if I drink massive amounts of beet juice every day until the gas stopped!!! This is my new experiment! The first week of this has been quite an event. Poor poor Angela.


  1. hey Matt, great inaugural post for your guest blogger session!
    Lovely to hear your praise for your darling Angela.
    Thanks for the info on beets. I love beet juice. Never noticed the gas actually, but will watch out for it next time ;)

  2. Matt,

    Bravo! In Angela's absence. You done her proud.