Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bring on the NEW...

Do you like Greek food? Ever had RAW Greek food? If you’re not familiar with the work of UK gourmet raw food chef Gina Panayi, you’re in for a treat... I first encountered Gina’s work a few years back at the fabulous Food of Life festival in Brighton. This was a festie based around raw/living foods, eco-living, conscious lifestyles, musical magic and more...Gina had a stall there, selling her Raw Greek, that place was PACKED that day, with all the finest raw foods the UK has to offer...chocolates, crackers, juices, cakes, salads, smoothies – you name it...and the unanimous favourite of EVERYONE I spoke to was the Raw Greek creations...perhaps it’s the novelty factor, perhaps it’s the love that Gina and her crew clearly infuse their food with...perhaps it’s the amazing taste combinations...or all of the above...whatever it is, Gina’s food is definitely LOVED and she now has a Raw Greek recipe book out, so you can learn how to recreate her masterpieces with your own Vitamix ;) We now have her book for sale in the RawReform Store – as far as we know, we’re actually the only people selling it Stateside at the, you might wanna get in quick before your other raw foodie friends get a copy and sparkle their tastebuds to pleasure paradise at your next potluck ;) Gina’s book is stuffed with raw vegan versions of Moussaka, Stuffed Vine Leaves, Frappe, Cinnamon Biscuits, Meatballs and costs $22.95 and you can see more about it HERE.

On December the 31st I had:

3 cups water
slice of watermelon
1 pint green lettuce/fennel/cucumber/mizuna/ginger/apple/celery juice
handful of cherries
1 mango
bowl of raw granola with sliced fresh banana and apple, with fresh macadamia milk and a chocolate bliss ball on the side ;)
2 cups water
1 pint tatsoi/cucumber/mizuna/celery/kale/fennel/apple/bell pepper juice
bowl of Mr Monarch’s outrageous cacao creation…mysterious concoction including at least dried apricots, hemp seed, cracao and goji berries…the rest is…an enigma… ;)
2 cups water

Oh hear ye, oh hear ye…myself and the Monarch were due to be speaking in the fair town of Adelaide upon this very weekend that does greet us next. It so happens that in the course of the unfolding of life, the date has been re-arranged. Consequently, it is intended that we shall convene instead upon the day of Saturday January the 26th, in the afternoon, with a suitable Adelaide venue to be announced…thanking you in advance for your understanding and we do hope to see your shiny buttons there in a few weeks…in the meantime, we are delighted to be presenting presently in the presence of the pleasant in Byron Bay…Saturday the 12th verily shall see us heartily expound the rewards of a raw lifestyle from 6.30pm at the Ambaji Wellness Centre…more details HERE

on January the 1st I had:

3 cups water
1.5 cups tatsoi/cucumber/mizuna/celery/kale/fennel/apple/bell pepper juice
big slice of watermelon
2 cups water
slice of Mr Monarch’s fabulous raw pizza
2 cups water
bowl of RICH raw dessert with soaked dried apricots/figs, hemp seeds, tahini, sliced banana and cherries
3 cups water
½ a big watermelon

Happy New Year :) Thanks for all your birthday wishes that have been coming in for the RawReform site and new year excitements...ahhhhhhhhh, here we are then, 2008...what a vibrant energy there is to embrace at this time of year…did you make some intentions/write out some goals for the coming year? May all your yummiest desires be fulfilled...
Remember that if you want to join Mr Steven Prussack from Raw Vegan Radio for his new year cleanse, it’s kicking off next Monday, on January the 7th and promises to be ‘the biggest group cleanse EVER’ Ooo la la ;) E-books, podcasts, webinars – sounds like fun :) I won’t be playing this time round…I’m quite happy in the world of solids at the moment after my recent psyllium-bentonite scrub-out...I’ll be cheering you all on from the sidelines though... :) ENJOY :)

One love,
Angela. xxx


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