Wednesday, 9 January 2008

All the wonderful comments I got today gave me the valor to write again tonight!

After reading the car accident post a friend of ours told Angela a story. I was emotionally touched and wanted to share it here:

Carolyn Myss, an awe-inspiring spiritual teacher, tells her experience. She was stuck in a traffic jam in her car. She felt that there was an accident far ahead so she started sending love to the people involved. Many weeks later a guy who happened to be in the car accident showed up at her door. He said, “Remember that traffic jam you were in? I almost died in that car accident. I had left my body and looked down at all the cars. There was a gleaming light coming from only one car. I took the license plate number down so I could track you down. Thank you!” It seems that the majority were probably angry because they were stopped on the street.

Today I ate:

11 AM Beet Apple Juice
16 oz Beet Juice, 4 oz Apple Juice
1:30 PM Meal 1:
½ avocado
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed butter
1 teaspoon of cut up green onions
1 Tablespoon of lentil sprouts
1 ounce of alfalfa sprouts
1 Tablespoon of cut up cabbage
2 medium diced up ‘Black Russian’ Tomatoes
1 cut up seeded center of large cucumber
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl
Iceberg lettuce leaves to wrap the above in and EAT
4:30 PM Green Vegetable Juice
5:30 PM Meal 2:
1 Banana
1 Black Sapote
4 cut up Turkish figs
1 hand full of goji berries
2 – 3 tablespoons of tahini
**all the above mushed with a fork in a bowl

It is so fun showing all of you what I eat in a day. It inspires me so much with my food choices that I am tempted to start my own blog. Besides almost passing out today from trying to show off by drinking 16oz of beet juice, this could be a great thing. You inspire me!!!

Notice how I eat almost the same thing with just slight variations each day. The kinds and quantities of food I eat each day are CONSISTENT. The variety of fruit and fat changes but there is a cap on the quantity of fat and carbs I eat in a day. I don’t ever get bored of it. My body looks forward to it with drooling desire. No matter what our diet is like, if we eat less then our consistent diet, at some point we will go through detoxification until we stabilize out at the new consistent diet. Here is a snip it from my new book Raw Success.

Stabilizing Out happens when the body gets accustomed to a habitual quantity and a certain quality of food. Biologically, we stabilize out, no matter what our diet is like – whether we are on a cooked diet eating three fast food meals a day, or a Raw Diet eating two small meals a day. If we are consistent, eventually, our body settles into a “normal” food day; this is called “stabilizing out”.

On a side note... Five days ago I gave up my natural salt addiction. It took me over 7 years of being 100% Raw to do that. Not too bad? For the first 7 years, I ate a considerable amount of dulse in my salads. That is how I satisfied my salt craving. Then I arrived in Australia and I didn't have any dulse so I started using Natural Salt (Himalayan or Celtic sea salt). Every romaine wrap I had would get a pinch of salt. If you added up all the pinches, you may have a small test tube generously filled. This natural salt was much more concentrated then the dulse I used to eat which inspired me to release it. Now I can’t even think of putting that much salt into my body just after five days of obstaining from it. The small amounts of onion, garlic and/or ginger gives satisfaction that my taste buds need.

Tomorrow in my last post I am going to tell you how I am going to change the world!!!


  1. I'm amazed by how little you eat. How do you stay full? I'm new to the raw diet and I find that I'm constantly hungry, plus I have trouble sleeping through the night without eating grains. Any suggestions for what I could eat before I go to sleep to keep me sleeping through the night? Thanks, Sara.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I've really been enjoying reading your posts - it would be great if you started a blog!

    I have a question I hope you can answer from the male perspective. I've read that alot of men, overweight or not, lose weight when they become raw and then eventually gain "healthy" fat. I'm curious to know what you experienced or have observed. What and how much do you think a guy should be eating, particularly if he needs to gain?

    Keep up the great, engaging writing!


  3. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for writing. It takes years to get used to the empty feeling in the stomach when someone does a raw diet. It took me many many years. The rewards are many. It isn't the best practice to eat last at night and it takes time to get over it but it will happen. I trained myself by eating only melon during the later hours. Since it is pretty much just water, I was able to stuff myself with melon and be fine. Hope that helps.