Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED and happy and grateful and RELIEVED…any of you who have purchased RawReform E-books this last month will know there have been issues with the delivery of the e-books via Paypal…this has been a huge challenge to straighten out, during which, every single transaction has literally had to be handled manually – not remarkably enjoyable…but TODAY, the magical webmaster of the RawReform site fixed it all and it all now flows flawlessly again…HURRAY :))) Apologies to anyone who experienced a delay in the delivery of their e-books as a result and I would LOVE to make an offer to you all, to celebrate – for the next week, you can use the following code to get 20% off ANY purchase of the RawReform items – HURRAY :))) The coupon code is:


After placing items in your cart on the RawReform site, you can enter the code ‘celebrate’ into the box that asks if you have a ‘Coupon Code’. THEN press the SUBMIT button (be sure to hit Submit BEFORE you go to the checkout, or your coupon won’t be activated). This code is valid up until next Wednesday, the 25th of July – and you can see which goodies are on offer HERE.
ENJOY :) and thank you for all your patience while we were fixing this issue ;)

On July the 17th I had:

1.5 litres water
small glass of rejuvelac
600ml green juice with apple and fennel
bowl of chia seeds soaked in green juice and rejuvelac, mixed with apple pulp, goji berries, cinnamon and honey
1 litre water
box of cherries
2 peaches and a handful of sunflower greens
3tbsps bee pollen mixed with hemp seed and cardamom powder
500ml water
cup of banana/strawberry ice cream
cup of green smoothie with almond milk, mango, romaine and sunflower greens
500ml water

Following my water ramblings of yesterday, this question came in today from another reader, Sonia:

“re the water question, i am always thirsty, i drink loads of water, and i have been tested, i am not diabetic, Why is this?”

Thanks for your question, Sonia. Well, I assume you are asking about why you're always thirsty, rather than why you're not diabetic... ;)
It is tough for me to give you a good answer about this however, without seeing you and knowing much more about your current situation and eating habits. For a start, how much is 'loads' of water for you? Are you eating 100% raw? If not, what else are you eating? How long have you been on a raw path? What was your health like before that? Do you exercise/sweat much? Are you eating many WATER-RICH foods? Do you live/work with air conditioning? Are you getting many salty foods into your body, that 'hold' the water? Are you taking care of your colon to help eliminate old waste matter that's being released? There are SO many factors at play here... MOST people in our societies are chronically dehydrated, so drinking 'a lot' of water for most people is something useful, rather than an issue...(see the book 'You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty' for more info.) My guidance for you at this point though would be to check in with a HOLISTIC practitioner of some kind if this really concerns you - someone who will take a look at the whole picture with you, not just an isolated part of your health/body, like blood pressure or smthg...I'd suggest a homoeopath or naturopath or better yet, someone who is trained in a number of alternative fields and can give you a good, broad perspective...all best wishes to you with this ;)

I spoke tonight in Barrie, Ontario, with a lovely little group of people and will speak again this Saturday in Toronto on Saturday with Matt Monarch – details HERE – hope to see you there if you're around... ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx


  1. Personally, the more water I drink, the thirstier I get. I know quite a few other people who say the same.

  2. Wow!!!I'm listening to your podcast on the ipod and its great!Is raw food all you eat???