Monday, 16 July 2007


Alright everyone, I hope as you read this you are either READY to ‘Fire the Grid' on the morning of the 17th of July OR you already did it and had a FABULOUS time ;)

For those unfamiliar with ‘Fire the Grid’, basically the idea is very simple… at the allotted time, everyone, worldwide, is invited to enjoy ‘firing up the grid’ of the planet with joy, love and appreciation ;)

The three recommended methods to ‘Fire the Grid’ are:

1. Random, spontaneous acts of kindness.
2. Enjoying whatever it is that you feel happy doing, and noticing that happiness. Feeling grateful for this joy.
3. Listening to uplifting music. Filling your space with uplifting images, colors and music…

You can watch an Intro Video about the whole thing HERE on YouTube.

The times for participation are (among others) 11.11am GMT, 12.11pm UK time, 7.11am EST, 4.11am PST.

ENJOY – for ALL our sakes ;)

On July the 16th I had:

1.5 litres water
small glass of green smoothie with rejuvelac
handful of cherries
500ml water
romaine lettuce, dulse and sunflower sprouts with sunflower seed cheese blended with rejuvelac, cayenne and cumin – yummm
1.5 litres water
700ml green juice with apple and fennel
handful of gorgeous raspberries
500ml water
500ml green smoothie – bananas/spinach/apple pulp/drop of honey/rejuvelac with goji berries swirled in…yummmmm…
500ml water

Another reader’s question from the comments:

‘…how long do you wait after eating to drink water? I notice you drink A LOT of water, and I want to drink more water myself but i was told to wait 3 hours after eating. and if i'm only eating between 11 and 7 its difficult to get 3 meals in and lots of water and juices, or so it seems.’

Yes, I drink a LOT of water – I LOVE it – it feels vital to me – especially first thing in the morning – that’s when I usually take in the biggest amount in one go – before I take anything else in. If I don’t have at LEAST a litre at that point, I don’t feel set-up well for the rest of the day. AFTER eating, I like to ideally wait abt an hour before drinking water again – this varies though, depending on what it was I ate. If I had a simple mono-meal of fruits for example, that will be digested in around 30mins and then I’ll feel fine to drink again…a heavier meal though – like a big salad with some fats etc – is a different situation – I’d wait at LEAST an hour usually before drinking water again, so as not to dilute the stomach acid…it may be longer, depending on how much it feels like I have digested the food…usually, whenever I DO drink water, I drink quite a lot in one go – like 500ml or more, so that in the space of a day I get at least about 4 litres/1 gallon in – that feels optimal to me at this point…
Hope that helps… ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx


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