Friday, 20 July 2007

Are you in...?

Thanks for all the entries that have been coming in so far for the current RawReform contest – some great tips are being shared on Raw Social Issues… :) If you want to be in the draw for the prize of a FREE $10 gift certificate from, to use on anything in their online store, just email in YOUR answer to the following question, to angela@rawreform.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

‘What strategy would you recommend for raw foodies to handle mainstream social functions like dinner parties and business meetings?’

Social issues, as we all know, is one of the most challenging aspects of being raw for most people. So, let’s share some fabulous tips and make all our lives a little easier ;) The winner will be drawn at random from all the entries at the start of August and announced in the next RawReform newsletter...(which you can subscribe to HERE if you don’t already receive it ;)

on July the 18th I had:

2 litres water
600ml rejuvelac
2 peaches
5 apricots
yummy yellow zucchini (courgette) pasta with explosively delicious pesto sauce, greens and dulse
500ml green juice with apple and fennel
box of strawberries with little glass of avocado ‘key-lime-mousse’
cacao balls
500ml rejuvelac
2 litres water

How many people do you know who are completely, truly 100% raw…? We were talking about this tonight and it began to seem like there aren’t really MANY people making this choice in our societies…interesting…humans seem so peculiar in that regard…and it seems so ironic to me – eating totally raw is truly all about simplicity at the core of it…yet for so many people it seems to represent a complicated, daunting, mysterious way of life…we really are so enveloped in our relationships with food, far beyond the simple function of it as physical fuel…does this all sound familiar to YOU? Have you ever in fact tried spending a whole day eating only raw foods, or...a week? …or a month? If these are new frontiers for you, I’d love to encourage you to explore and enjoy them…it's all about the experiences, baby ;)

On July the 19th I had:

2 litres water
500ml green juice with apple and fennel
bag of cherries
bowl of chia soaked in rejuvelac with lucuma powder, a mashed banana, spirulina, dulse flakes and chopped dried figs
500ml peppermint tea
500ml water
1 litre watermelon juice
small bowl kale salad with avo/dulse/tomatoes/lemon juice/olives
5 dried figs
500ml peppermint tea
500ml water

This Saturday, the 21st, Matt Monarch and myself will be speaking in Toronto, Ontario – hurray – I’m excited to experience a bit of this ‘cultural-melting-pot’ city…whereas over the ocean in Blighty, the Raw Revolution is going to be rocking Oxford…yep…that big ol’ city of traditions is going back to the roots with two raw foodie lads - Joe and Phil – handing out info and samples at a stall in the city centre…do drop by to join in the fun and show them some big raw love if you’re around that area… ;)

One love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. i see u like peppermint tea. i LOVE tea and find it hard to resist (since attempting raw). do u make urs raw or boiled?