Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Wild Things...

Hellooooooo, I do hope all you Americans have been enjoying some wonderful (raw) Independence Day celebrations today ;)
I’ve had a fun time – I just gave a raw food talk here tonight in Canada for the first time in abt 5 weeks and it was great to speak again with a large crowd…I feel so immersed in raw foodism these days, I forget how many people are still new to this path – it’s exciting to share with people for whom this is all totally fresh…'s amazing to think that we've become so accustomed in our societies to consuming denatured, processed things, that many humans struggle to even conceive of eating 'only' raw curious we are as a species...sometimes I look at the essence of what a lot of my work these days entails and it seems a little absurd - all it really is, after all, is telling people to eat food that comes directly from nature...I don't believe such events happen among cheetah or antelope populations, for example... ;) they do not seem to need meetings to remind each other what is most beneficial to them to eat...yet we humans seem to have wandered so far from the 'wild' path that we can definitely use a reminder and some support here and there...

On July the 4th I had:

1.5 litres water
600ml cucumber/celery/fennel/lemon juice
box of raspberries
500ml water
bowl of soaked chia seed with bananas, lucuma, goji berries, pinch of salt
500ml water
box of cherries
3 tbsp hemp seed and bee pollen
box of strawberries
bunch of red grapes
1 litre water

I am SO into red foods at the moment…look at this list today – raspberries, gojis, cherries, strawberries, red grapes…full of iron, energising, grounding –plus these are all low glycemic, aside from the grapes…I LOVE it…yesterday I also forgot to say that I foraged some fresh berries on a hike - mmmmmm...some very yummy different red and black some wild greens that had my third eye chakra blows me away everytime - the difference in the power I feel from fresh-picked wild foods, compared to shop bought greens...completely different voltage ;)
One reader – Dana – sent in some great feedback abt the ‘toilet talk’ from yesterday: in her bathroom she has a sign that says: "Do not flush unless you have a SOLID reason" and she uses ‘a double thickness plastic zip-loc bag filled with water as a "hippo".’ NICE…thanks for sharing, Dana ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

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  1. This is interesting. I thought about doing this but I thought I wouldn't be able to keep it up. I'm a vegetarian. I eat dairy, fish and sometimes eggs.
    160 pounds! awesome. I'm trying to lose 50. I feel encouraged. Keep sharing.