Tuesday, 14 August 2007

'Urban' Raw Foodism...

MMmmmmmmm, yumminess abounding…have you been listening to the free Raw Summit calls…? Hope you’ve enjoyed the sharing so far – I’m impressed with it – I think Kevin’s such a great interviewer – I love how he delves into stuff that doesn’t always get covered in interviews – a rare talent ;) Tomorrow night (Wednesday the 15th) is Matt Monarch’s talk (yay;) then mine, somewhat appropriately, the day after, on Thursday – hope you can make it along for the calls. Remember too that if you miss the calls when they air (8pm EST each day) you can still listen to them FREE for the following 24 hours, until the next call goes out…if you are still yet to sign up, or want to read more, click HERE…enjoy ;)

On August the 12th I had:

1.5 litres water
500ml rejuvelac
tiny glass of orange juice
big glass of amazing courgette (zucchini) juice, followed by lashings of green ‘garden’ juice with apple
bowl of ground chia seed blended with banana and mulberries
bits of raw chocs and treats, sprout/greens salad with tomato sauce, apple pie and herbal tea at a raw potluck
2 litres water

We manifested such a bargain today – a Breville Juice Fountain Juicer for £1 ($2) at a car boot sale (like a big swap-meet/garage sale with many vendors in one field, selling things from the trunks of their cars) :O…wow…we’ve been using the tiny little random centrifugal juicer I bought my Dad years ago for the past few days…the Juice Fountain feels like SUCH an improvement – we are so blessed – we’d been talking about buying a new one for the house, then while out jogging, found ourselves at a huge sale, where the juicer sat waiting for us near the entrance…the Juice Fountain is one of those amazing juicers with a HUGE hole for the produce, so we can literally juice whole apples in one go – much less chopping involved – almost none in fact – it’s SO fast…I love it…see HERE for more info on them...we’ve been juicing whole giant courgettes (zucchini) – if you’ve never tried that juice straight, I’d highly recommend it – it is so smooth and milky – yummmm…

on August the 13th I had:

1.5 litres water
300ml rejuvelac
tiny glass of orange/grapefruit juice
800ml veggie juice
big bowl of salad with greens, dulse, sprouts, red pepper and flax seed/tomato dressing
400ml rose/chamomile tea
500ml water
500ml courgette (zucchini) juice
3 peaches
sprinkling of spirulina sticks
bowl of ground chia seeds blended with apple juice & bananas, swirled with mulberries and pine nuts
2 litres water

I was speaking with Rob from Funky Raw the other day and he said he no longer buys greens – he picks all his own – and he lives in CENTRAL LONDON – now, that is SO inspiring for me as a raw-foodist-forager-wannabe…imagine…freshly picked wild food is SO much more vital than shop-bought/days-old/limp/ produce that’s possibly been flown many miles…even if it IS organic ;) It strikes me often that most of what’s going on with the raw food movement at the moment seems so 'urban' – it’s recipe books and appliances and beautiful restaurants and so on – rather than foraging and getting your hands dirty and composting ;) Well, it is what it is…I know for me that my heart and body resonate a lot more towards simplicity though, in my truth…and tuned-in foraging skills would be SO exciting to me…hmmmmm…Rob says he’ll be heading up some foraging walks at the Funky Raw Festival which starts on August the 22nd, near Portsmouth...nice…more details HERE

One Love,
Angela. xxx


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