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Alright, it’s time…there’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you for weeks and have been holding off…this is a matter of such power, beauty and magnitude to me that I have felt awestruck just at the thought of writing about it…well…time to stop sweating the details and just share the magic…I’ve been reading a series of books that move me far beyond anything I’ve ever read before…these books are becoming known as the ‘Anastasia’ books, after the ‘heroine’ of these volumes…perhaps you've heard of them already...aaahhhhhh, Anastasia…my heart space opens at the mere mention of her name…
Anastasia is a woman who lives, contemporary with us, in the wild forests of Siberia, in Russia…she’s probably about 36 years old by now I would guess…yet she is absolutely timeless… Her spirit inspires me more than any other I have ever heard or read about…Anastasia represents, to me, pure, loving, flowing, powerful connectivity with the Universe and all within it…the books recount how the writer, Vladimir Megre, encountered her in the Siberian Taiga back in the 90s and spent three days witnessing her incredible connection with nature and the whole of the universe…
Anastasia lives alone, wild, in the Siberian Forest…she has no particular ‘home’ or shelter - a few dug-outs here and there around her glade which she may bed down in overnight, perhaps asking a female bear to lay with her to keep her warm…she has almost no clothing…no possessions of any kind…she is TRULY raw… ;) she never stops to eat meals, just picks a few berries here, or a few leaves there, or snaps her fingers and squirrels scurry to bring her nuts and dried mushrooms…she has clear, loving communication with all the animals, plants and life in the entire glade and FAR beyond it…it may sound fantastical, yet this is no work of fiction…the author was in fact a very ‘left-brained’, mainstream entrepreneur when he encountered Anastasia…he had never written anything of any significance in his life…Anastasia however informed him that he would, after their encounter, write about their experiences together and that the books would become very popular…and so, via the intense clarity of her vision and intention, it all came to pass…the books, originally written in Russian, have been translated into over 30 languages now and have been moving people worldwide ever since…they are absolutely, exquisitely beautiful to me…and many millions of other people too it seems…

on August the 22nd, I had:

1.5 litres water
600ml watermelon juice mixed with orange juice (WOW…)
800ml green juices with carrots
bowl of persimmons blended with ground flax and almonds, swirled with mulberries
1 litre water
1 banana with a little bowl of hemp seeds, goji berries and pine nuts
500ml peppermint tea
1 pear
romaine wraps with avo/dulse/sauerkraut/sprouts mixture, fresh tomato sauce and sprigs of coriander/cilantro
1 litre water

The Anastasia books have deeply affected my life and being…when I read them, I feel divinely connected to nature, to truth, to the power of all oneness and simplicity everywhere…her heart and soul resonate so powerfully with my own and I feel bliss just to think of her, out there in the forest, doing her thing… :) So…what does she ‘do’...? Anastasia is like a power house of light for this planet…she heals, she sends out love, she encourages, nurtures and supports…she ‘tunes in’ to people all over the world, all the time, via the power of her ‘third eye’ or ‘Ray’, as she calls it and supports them on their journeys…she pays particular attention to people in Russia who raise their own vegetables and other foods…these are the people she really appreciates and sends masses of supportive energy to…the people who work with and care for plants… I have, for many years, held the vision of wanting to live on a piece of land somewhere warm, where I can be growing my food and living more in tune with nature…when I started to read these books, that vision expanded and compounded itself ever more deeply into my whole being, so much so that it began to feel almost impossible to deal with my current daily tasks like writing a book and answering emails…I just wanted land…connectivity…hands in soil…and I know it will all come to pass ;) The books have apparently been inspiring MILLIONS of others into growing their own food too, all over the world – in Russia especially, hundreds of eco-villages have been forming…people have also been producing incredible works of art by the hundreds too – songs, poems, paintings…there is so much creative flow and love that has sprung forth from the sharing of these books…it is all truly awe-inspiring…I am on Book 2 now and just love it…the moments in my day when I open these books are like sacred times for me…I TOTALLY encourage all and anybody to delve into these incredible pieces of light-work…you can see more about them and order them HERE.

on August the 23rd I had:

1.5 litres water
450ml warm water with lemon
500ml watermelon and orange juice
700ml green juice with carrot
big salad of broccoli pieces, lettuce, avo, dulse, red pepper, sauerkraut, sprouts, lime juice, cilantro and remainder of fresh tomato sauce
1 litre water
500ml rooibos tea
yummyness meal of chia soaked in blended persimmons swirled with mulberries…mmmmmm ;)
400ml rooibos tea1 litre water

PHEW…wow…I did it…I wrote an Anastasia review…that was a looooong time coming…feels good…
Thanks to all of you who have already sent in your lovely submissions and suggestions for Matt’s new book cover – it’s great to see all YOUR creativity flowing too ;) This is just to let you know - in case you didn't already see - that the deadline for the submissions has been extended now until Monday evening (the 27th) at midnight, PST – that gives you the weekend too, to get in any bursts of creative flow that you might want to share, to ;) If you’re wondering what this is all about, or to remind yourself of the yummy prizes on offer, see my last post HERE for more details…

One love,
Angela. xxx

P.S. BTW - yesterday marked the 200TH post on this blog... :O wow...thanks for all your comments, questions and feedback since this started...I never anticipated writing this's fun though, so...onwards... ;)


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