Friday, 12 August 2011

Honouring My Body-Mind-Spirit :)

THANK YOU all for all of your beautiful birthday messages and well-wishes this week - they have all been received with a full heart of joy :)

In case you missed my "birthday message" in my newsletter this week, here is a recap:

This Wednesday, August the 10th, marked my 33rd birtscreen shot 2011-08-08 at 10.42.12 am.pnghday :) I feel so very grateful to have made it this far into the game and today wanted to  honour and send gratitude to three of my most constant companions on this journey so far: my body, my mind and my spirit...

*Dear Body - I am humbled by your resilience, your forgiving nature, your desire to live and thrive despite whatever comes your way, your strength. When I consider the traumas and challenges you have experienced over these years together, I feel both a sense of sadness at all that you have endured and also such a huge sense of gratitude for your perseverance through this all. I love and honour you with deepest respect and appreciation - you are the vehicle through which I currently get to participate here on Earth and I desire to do my very best to help you stay strong, present and healthy for the rest of the game here.

*Dear Mind - now where would we be without your incessant commentary, chatter and observations? ;) Thank you for your insights, your humour, your creativity, your kindness  and all the funny little games and tricks that you share... While I am saddened that for so many years you were immersed in a mostly other-than-uplifting stream of input/feedback loops on which to reflect and co-create, I am sincerely delighted to now note how rich, gentle, generous and playful your presence tends to feel. Thank you for your flexibility, your willingness to let go, your attention-to-detail and your clarity. May I do my best to help you stay clear, positively-orientated and supple in the coming years...

on August the 7th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
an orange squeezed over a little bowl of granadilla pulp
bowl of grawnola with fresh apple chunks and coconut water
2 cups coconut water blended with Moringa Powder
water of two young coconuts
bowl of kelp noodles dressed with yummmmmers carrot/avo sauce, with Curry/Kraut/Chia crackers on the side, followed by a chunk of Mr. M's outrageous Pili Nut "white chocolate"
water of a young coconut
2 cups water

on August the 8th I appreciated:

1 quart water
1 cup mandarin/granadilla/maracua juice
chunk of papaya
2 cups coconut water blended with Ormus Greens powder
bowl of kelp noodles dressed with yummmmmers carrot/avo sauce, with Curry/Kraut/Chia crackers on the side, followed by a chunk of Mr. M's outrageous Pili Nut "white chocolate"
water of two young coconuts
2 cups water

*Dear Spirit - thank you for your profound gifts of intuition, honesty, care, resilience and upliftment. Thank you for reminding me so gently through all the challenges that you are here, that I have support and that all, ultimately, is well. I breathe deeply with gratitude into the space that you hold here and honour your desire to connect, share and help inspire others. Thank you for your sincerity, directness and gentle reminders that it's all just a game...may I do my best to bring us all along safely, happily and healthily as this game continues to unfold...

It is fascinating to me, to reflect on the various elements that apparently go to make up "me" - we seem to be so multi-layered, multi-faceted, complex in some way...each part with its own role(s) to play and contribute, intermingling to create the impression of one unit from the outside... Personally I am very grateful for all the parts that go to make up "me" and currently contribute to the flow I am experiencing here, which I enjoy very much and feel blessed to be co-creating...

So, as I set off around the sun again this Wednesday on the anniversary of my "Birth-On-Earth", I breathe a deep breath of appreciation for every part of my being and radiate brightest blessings throughout my whole energy field and beyond, to all of YOU - may you all feel and acknowledge the blessings of your life flow here and truly appreciate the wonder of these embodied experiences - enjoy... :)

on August the 9th I was blissed with:

1 quart water
1 cup orange/granadilla juice
a yummmmmers dragon fruit
2 cups coconut water blended with Greener Grasses
bowl of energy soup fresh from the garden, with curry/kraut/chia crackers on the side, followed by two little sliced apples with almond butter
water of two young coconuts
2 cups water

on August the 10th it was my 33rd birthday and I enjoyed:

1 quart water
1 cup orange/maracua juice
bowl of yummy thick greeeeen smoothie: papaya, mango, masses of garden greenery
amazing raw potluck joys of various salads/pates etc with *PHENOMENAL* blackberry/cherimoya cheesecake and a Mr. Monarch pie masterpiece :)
water of two young coconuts
2 cups water

One raw yumster, Eden, is currently working on a project about sustainability practices amongst African Americans and would LOVE to hear from y'all if you have some stories to share - here's her message:

Dear Friends,

I am working on a magazine article query regarding the presence of sustainable lifestyle practices amongst African American individuals and families. I am hoping to connect with and interview African Americans who for whom any of the practices listed below are a significant part of their day to day life. 

• Homesteading
• Homeschooling
• Gardening & Sprouting – (enough to provide all or at least 80% of the family’s produce needs.)
• Permaculture farming
• Hunting & Fishing
• Built their own home with their own hands
• Live off grid
• Raise own animals for food and wool
• Beekeeping
• Sell anything that they gain from the above to supplement or provide family income.

If you know of anyone, I would love to receive a reference or introduction from you. They can either contact me on facebook (Eden Fadzo Chuislekuda), email me or call me: or 520-216-4144.


All love,

Angelalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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