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Healing the Ancestral Lineage...

I just posted an article this week in my newsletter about healing our ancestral case some of you missed this piece, I wanted to share it again here...enjoy :)

Yesterday I experienced a very powerful healing meditation that I wanted to share with you here, as perhaps some of you will love to guide yourselves through this healing too. Most of us at this point seem to have blockages of some kind in our family lineage that might benefit from some loving attention and release...

This meditation I enjoyed yesterday was suggested to me by a fabulous "Reiki Do Satori" practitioner here in Vilcabamba, called Elena Alekseeva. The meditation helps to clear any blockages/issues/karma in the ancestral lineage, especially through the female line. Elena gave me the outline for the meditation and I will share with you here how I experienced this healing process:

I sat outside in nature for this meditation with eyes closed and got calm, quiet, centred. I visualised myself as a baby inside my mother's womb. I then sent love, light and healing into the energetic field around that vision - I chose to use the "Ho'oponopono" prayer especially, to help clear the energy:

"Thank You, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I'm Sorry".

I kept repeating this prayer until it felt like the energy in that connection was lighter. Then I moved backwards a generation, to visualise my mother as a baby inside the womb of my grandmother. Again, I sent love, light and healing into that energetic connection, repeating the Ho'oponopono prayer especially until it felt like something shifted...then I moved backwards another generation and so on, clearing the fields all the way back through seven generations of women.
It was a very powerful and transformative experience for me. I found the messages and energies I received from the women of the different generations very interesting - those from the pre-Victorian era for example seemed a lot more at peace with life than those who came later...
Once I had worked back through all these generations, I then visualised the clear flowing luminescent light and energy through the whole lineage, from myself stretching back through all the women who came before was a very beautiful moment. (Continued below...)

on July the 26th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
a small papaya
shared meal with friends of chopped fruits, raw soup, salad, walnut pate etc
2 cups water
mug of horchata tea
1 cup water

I also chose to visualise this generational healing through my father's side of the family too, starting with him as a male, then moving backwards solely through the female line from there, again from womb to womb. This also felt very healing. screen shot 2010-07-26 at 9.39.57 pm.png
Once I had completed both lines and could visualise clear, shimmering energy paths through each side, I united both sides into one vision, with myself as the current 'end point'...there was a great sense of release and lightening...and I was also prompted to pick up pen and paper and draw two pictures to represent what I had experienced. These were given the names "The Lineage" and "The Union". Although I do not feel like I am *fabulous* at drawing at this point in my life, I will share these pictures here below, as I sense that others may enjoy these images and also receive healing benefits from the energy they carry...

screen shot 2010-07-26 at 9.38.54 pm.png

I appreciate these images and feel there is great power behind them, even if they look nothing like the shimmering, glorious versions that I see in my mind's eye ;) In fact, I was also prompted to share the message that if any of *you* do feel more gifted as visual artists and would love to re-interpret these drawings in your own style, I would LOVE to see the outcome... :)
For now, I trust that some inspiration for generational healing may have been transmitted through my sharing this story here...I wish you all the very best with your own healing journeys... :)

on July the 27th I loved:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
½ a papaya
2 cups greeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
cucumber salad meal stuffed into nori sheets, with walnut pate on the side, followed by a mug of horchata tea with stevia :)
cup of horchata tea
2 cups water

On another note, I suddenly got a rush of emails lately asking *what* exactly we use in our daily greeeeeeen juices...I thought it might be a good idea to answer this here too, as this seems to be a Q for quite a few we go:

...right now we're living in Ecuador and picking all the greens straight from our garden, so the 'ingredients' might not be so recognisable/transferable to your location, depending on where you are in the world...we use a lot of 'weeds'/wild greens for example...
Things people *usually* use in green juices include: celery, cucumber, lettuces, spinach, kales, fennel, cabbage, beetroot/carrot tops, herbs such as parsley, dill, dandelion, cilantro etc...pretty much anything green that you can find and eat ;) If I'm drinking STRAIGHT green juice, I prefer to have it with lime and ginger to flavour it a in Ecuador we use pineapple, as it is abundant, cheap and makes the juice VERY tasty ;) Most people who are starting out find green juices VERY intense, so it's best to 'cut' them with something like apple or carrot juice etc...

For 'recipe'/combo ideas you might look at a site such as for green juice recipes, or here are a few simple ideas:

'chocolate milk' - spinach/romaine/carrot
celery/apple/cucumber/ginger - very light and refreshing
pineapple with greens

We make green juice using a's an example video:

You can also make green juice in a blender - see here:

Hope this helps ;)

All love,
Angelalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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