Saturday, 3 July 2010

Three YUMMY Raw Food Recipes :)

We've been sharing more raw recipes recently over on The Raw Food World TV Show...(much to Mr. M's apparent chagrin ;) I'd love to share three of these recent videos with you here in case you missed them, as people seem to be enjoying them...

Easy Method to Make Sauerkraut:

These are three of the raw items we're regularly mixing up and sharing around here in Vilcabamba - they all seem to be very popular - ENJOY :)))

On July the 1st it was a day of travelling for us and I enjoyed:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
7 granadillas, ½ a papaya
2 tbsp bee pollen, 20 chlorella tablets
a dragon fruit, ½ a papaya
water of a young coconut
3 'little gold' bananas with a little handful of walnuts
2 cups horchata tea
1 cup water

Dear Si*STAR* Jinjee of would love to let y'all know that her next 21 Day Cleanse programme starts this Monday, July the 5th... Those of you in the USA may especially love to join in right after the July 4th celebrations - declare independence from bizarre processed foods and join Madame Jinjee for 21 days of clean raw living, fitness, weight release, support and fun...she has some AMAZING before/after pics of past participants to share HERE, plus you can find all the details for the upcoming cleanse there too - ENJOY :)))

on July the 2nd I loved:

1 quart water
2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
2 cups watermelon/cantaloupe juice :)
2 tbsp bee pollen
½ a papaya
2 cups greeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
Yummmmy shared meal with Mr. M of cucumber/jicama salad stuffed into nori sheets, followed by a hand-stirred yumpot of hazelnut butter, coconut nectar, vanilla and chocolate extracts :)
mug of reishi/shilajit/ormus tea
2 cups water

LOVE this little idea that came in via Hazelden's daily "Gift for Today" emails recently...

"We always think before we act, 
even if the thinking has become automatic."

Wow. So simple and rings so true to me... Those of us with 'addiction' backgrounds (which, from my perspective, actually seems to include the majority of people in 'Western' cultures, in some way or another...) might be able to identify with this pattern...
Acting out on addictions (alcohol, food, shopping, cigarettes, gambling etc) may become so automatic that we stop even NOTICING the thought prior to the action...the pattern has been played out so many times that we don't even witness the thought process, yet it IS there...and it may offer even a split-second of GRACE, during which we can choose to not act out the pattern once again, if that is what we truly want...
I hope that this little quote-ette helps to offer extra hope to anyone dealing with current active addictions, or for those who love someone caught in this flow...may we all acknowledge how self-destructive and abusive these addiction patterns usually are and how much they indicate low self-love...there are SO many other ways to help fill that gap within than with a cigarette, chunk of chocolate cake or glass of ARE loveable, loving and loved :)))

All love,
Angelalalalallaaaaaaaaaa. xxx
P.S. Today (July 3rd) is the last day to vote for Mr. M's Oprah audition video ;) If you didn't vote yet or would love to vote again, please visit and show some love - THANKS :))) Voting closes at 11.59 PST tonight...

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