Wednesday, 28 December 2011

17.5% Off Any Size Order + January's At-Cost Specials Came Early ;)

Hey all :)

Trusting the "Holiday Season" is unfolding with grace for you all...

...all is flowing well for us in our daily explorations with our beautiful baby Oria - we have so much to feel grateful for... :)

If you didn't see already, as a holiday gift to y'all, we currently have a coupon code that gets you 17.5% off *any* size order in our store, :)

There's also a code for 12% off appliances... :)

...aaaaaaaaand Mr. M put up the "At-Cost Specials" for January early too, so you can enjoy both December's AND January's specials, PLUS 17.5% off everything, all until Dec 31st at Midnight Pacific time...

You can get all the deeeeeets and get in on the discount action over HERE - enjoy and brightest new year blessings to you all... :)))

All love,
Angela. xxx

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