Saturday, 17 December 2011

Life as New Parents... :)

Hey everyone :)

Well, as predicted, I haven’t been around much online since the birth on 11-20-2011 of our beautiful little daughter, Oria Berry Monarch :)

Everything has been going great so far with our new unfolding lives together, even if we are definitely in a newborn-sleep-deprivation-time-warp much of the time… Thanks so much for all of your kind messages, love and gifts – they are all so appreciated :)

In case you missed any of our recent videos about our new life with Oria, here are some links to check out:

Our Child’s Name is Oria:
Respect Women & Unassisted Birth:
How To Avoid Hospital Visits For Children:

…and we have lots more to share in upcoming videos, such as which supplies we had ready in advance of Oria’s arrival, answering your top Qs, our Lotus Birth/placenta procedure and so on…stay tuned over at for updates :)

All love,
A. C. Stokes-Monarch and Oria Berry Monarch. xxx

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