Friday, 13 January 2012

Blowout Sale & Baby Bliss :)

Greeeeeeetings all :)))

Trusting all is flowing well for you all...

Our little Oria Berry will have been Earthside with us for 8 weeks this Sunday - things are flowing reaaaaaally well - she is a delight and we feel so blessed :)
It really seems like she's trying to *talk* already, making funny little sounds and she's very smiley ;) You can see some pictures of her I uploaded to FaceBook yesterday HERE - enjoy :)

I thought you might also like to know, if you didn't see already, that Mr. Mmmmmm just kicked off a massive "blowout" sale last night - here's what's on offer:

* Pili Nuts * Maca (crazy deal) * Water Filters * Cashews *
Camu Powder * Sacha Inchi Oil * Enema Bags *

Something for can check out all the deals HERE and get in on the bargains while stocks last - enjoy :)

All love,
Angelaaalaaalaaa, Mr. Mmmmm and Oria Berry. xxx

p.s. We've been *loving* this sweet, interesting little video from Walk Off The Earth, which I'm sure many of you have seen already, as it went "viral" this last week - you can check it out HERE if you didn't enjoy it yet ;)
Note how much the guy in the middle resembles Mr. Vitalis...he has an equally fabulous name it seems: Gianni Luminati - love it ;)

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