Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Would YOU Circumcise a Child...?

Did you hear Michael Mendizza's fabulous call on "primal parenting in a modern world" last night, for the Conscious Parenting Summit...?

If not, you can catch the replay here until 8pm Eastern tonight:

Tonight's free interview is on the delicate subject of Circumcision, with Marilyn Milos, founder of nocirc.org...to us it's blatantly obvious not to circumcise a child - how about you...?

All love,
Angelalaaa, Mr. Mmmm and Oria Berry. xxx

P.S. If you've missed any of the calls, you can find the audios and transcripts for the whole Summit HERE, along with all the speakers' books and other products. A portion of all the profits from this summit is donated to charities supporting women and children's well-being, including Robin Lim's "Bumi Sehat" foundation in Bali.

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