Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Raw Food Excursion Tours to Iceland this Summer :)

As many of you reading this will know, Iceland occupies more than a little space in my heart ;) I lived in that remarkable land for around 3.5 years, on and off and truly fell in love…with the land, the culture, the people, the language, the nature, the clean air and water, the glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, whales, music and so on and so on…it truly is a magical place…(plus recently announced as THE best country in the world to live in for children and the second best country to live in for mothers (after Norway), FYI… ;)

I’d likely want to be back there in a heartbeat if it was warm all year round ;) However, right now it’s summer there and summertime in Iceland is totally BEAUTIFUL and extraordinary in my experience, with almost 24 hour day-light, super-high energy, lovely weather and all the usual wonders of Iceland to offer…aaaaaaaaand, our dear friend Gardar has just launched a new site offering raw/vegan/vegetarian excursion trips around Iceland – LOVE it :)

…aaaaaaaand, guess what? The trips are even based out of the beautiful ecovillage, Solheimar, where my whole raw food journey began ten years ago – I love it :) I was living in Solheimar as a volunteer for a year back in 2002 when a dear friend there lent me the book “Raw Family” by the Boutenkos and my whole journey unfolded from there – you can visit the very place where my raw story unfolded and eat straight from the greenhouses that I was working in at the time if you like – lol ;)

Here’s some of what’s on offer during these spectacular new week-long excursion trips:

* Lodging in the magnificent Icelandic ecovillage, Solheimar, where you’ll even get to plant your own tree :)
* All raw/vegan/veggie meals included
* Dine at our fabulous friend Raw Solla’s outstanding raw restaurant in Reykjavik, Glo (Solla was the head chef at our wedding in 2009 and was also voted the world’s Best Raw Vegan Simple Chef at the Best of Raw Awards last year :)
* Volcano trekking
* Icelandic horse-back riding
* Swimming and luxuriating in the world-famous Blue Lagoon mineral pools
* Geothermal pool/hot pool trips
* Visit lava fields, mud pits, geysers, live hot springs, black sand beaches, water falls, national parks, local farms, historic sites and so much more…

Wow…I wanna go on one of these tours myself after listing all that – lol ;) I am so so soooo excited to know that these raw tours are being offered to Iceland – it truly is a gem of a place and these new tours offer such a raw-friendly option for exploration… Upcoming current dates for these week-long tours are:

I sincerely hope that some of you choose to go and check it all out this summer and if you do, please do let us know how your experience was – I’d love to hear all about it… For now, you can see aaaaaall the deets for these tours and get yourself booked in to enjoy over HERE…happy trails, or in Icelandic, goda ferd :)

All love,
Angelalalaaaaaaa. xxx

P.S. By beautiful synchronicity, Iceland Express airline just today announced a very special 24 hour sale on flights to Reykjavik from 10 European cities - you can check out their sale and get your tix booked lickety-split-quick HERE - enjoy :)

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