Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Heart Fuel :)

OoOoooooo, I want to share a BEAUTIFUL story with you today, from my dear friend Solla, the raw goddess in Iceland ;) Solla was voted one of the top raw chefs in the world in the 2008 ‘Best of Raw’ awards :) Those of you who are friends with her on Facebook will know that she posts amazing raw recipes there daily – she is so popular in fact on Facebook that she has reached the 5000 people limit to the friends she can have there ;)
WELL, this woman’s love and generosity flow with such beauty and today she sent me a message that I felt was SUCH a gorgeous illustration of love in action that I wanted to share it here.
Recently, Solla’s laptop unfortunately ‘died’. It seemed that ALL her work was lost and she had no back–up. She was very sad and concerned about this situation. She took the computer to be fixed and the engineer told her it was highly unlikely he’d be able to do anything to retrieve any of the lost data. Solla was very upset. Then a while later, she got a call from this repair–man telling her that somehow – and he had NO real idea how – he had managed to retrieve nearly everything that had disappeared. Solla grinned and affirmed that she is blessed ;)
The man reflected on this and began to tell her a story from his own life of feeling blessed. Apparently for many years he had worked as a cleaner on the night shift in one of the large supermarkets in Reykjavik. Every shift, he would find a plate of delicious food left there for him. He didn’t really know where the food came from, but he very much appreciated these ‘midnight snacks’ during his 11pm–5am ‘grave–yard’ shift.
Solla listened to his story and suddenly something clicked into place for her – she realised that SHE was the one who had left all those yummy meals for him ;O She used to do food demos and classes in the supermarket and was aware that someone must clean the place up at night, so she would leave a dish of whatever she’d made, for them to enjoy.
After they uncovered this curious trail of connection between them, the man happily handed back her computer with no charge ;) He was delighted to be able to ‘re–pay’ her for all the delicious meals over the years. :) WOW – the Universe truly works in some marvellous, fantastical loops of weaving wonder at times ;) LOVE it...

on Feb the 10th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, endive, kale, celeriac, ginger, lime
2 cups energy soup with okra and tahini
little cup of spicy tea and AMAZING ‘Celestial Cina–Pecan’ nuggets – WOW :))))
3 cups water
gorgeous little heart–shaped ‘burger’ from Manna, followed by lemon/mint cheesecake and many cups of berry tea ;)
3 cups water

Those of you following the RevitaLive Plan will know that Solla made all the recipes for that programme too...and we’ve been getting GLOWING feedback about the meals so far :) If you missed out on being friends with Solla on Facebook to access all her yummy recipes, you might like to know that she is going to keep on providing ongoing monthly raw/Intermediate meal plans in our ‘Inner Circle’ community. You can learn more about the community HERE.
We’ve been getting WONDERFUL feedback about the RevitaLive programme so far – here are a few recent comments:

“I joined three days ago and am loving the plan!! Love the menus!
I'm noticing more clarity in my life and I feel more vibrant. I've lost 5 lbs in three days. Thank you thank you for the plan and for your example.”

Brilliant program. Love the videos...enjoying this immensely. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful program. I’ve been eating raw for 5 days now and I already lost 10 pounds. Is that possible?! I cannot believe how fast it’s going and how good I feel. I feel like a new person!
This is coming from someone who has been a compulsive overeater all her life. I don't feel like I need to overeat anymore.”

You can see more about the RevitaLive Plan HERE.

on Feb the 11th I had:

1 quart water
2 cups green juice: celery, cucumber, fennel, endive, kale, celeriac, ginger, lime
2 cups water
2 delicious little persimmons and 2 apples
2 cups energy soup with okra and tahini
cup of dandelion tea
little bowl of hand–blended yummmm: hemp butter, carob powder, lucuma powder, maca, vanilla, cinnamon, water
cup of dandelion tea
2 cups water

Mmmmm, I was recently sent a link by one reader – Natasha – to the music of a guy called ‘Brett Dennen’ on YouTube. WOW :) I am SOOOO loving his message, tunes, spirit, style. He really seems to sing, write and play with HEART – his lyrics are so direct, sincere and ‘socially conscious’, based around his observations of human interactions, environmental issues, the economy, sustainability, human rights and so on – yet he tackles these often ‘heavy’ subjects in a way that comes across as very accessible and light, rather than any anger–filled outbursts or dry, melancholy clichés. He helps open out issues that people may not necessarily tend to look at, with catchy tunes and lyrics that really touch the heart. He really seems to be on his path in life so beautifully. He seems to be expertly walking the tightrope of communicating edgy social commentary, while delivering these messages as catchy, heart-led music that appeals widely - WOW :) I’m loving his toooons so much that I made my own playlist of them on YouTube ;) You can watch that HERE. I think my favourite song so far overall is ‘Blessed’, for its gorgeous, positive message. I love the video too for ‘Make You Crazy’ – check them out at the link below and ENJOY :)

All love,
Miss A. Stokes. xxx

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