Friday, 17 July 2009

Longevity and Bliss :)

Longevity Alert: Mr. M's secret stash of the last available 'Longevity Now' sets is rapidly dwindling down – his 110 packs of Wolfie's newest programme now number fewer than 40...if you'd love to fill your own aural tubes with the soothing sounds of Dr Wolfe teaching you how to extend your stay in the physical, you can click HERE to learn extraordinary tricks for building immunity, reversing degenerative conditions, kicking out parasites, improving your ability to whistle and much more (I probably made the last one up... ;)

on July the 15th I had:

1 quart water
1 cup goji berry soak water
2 cups energy soup – see video here, followed by goji yumballs :)
3 cups water
mini fruit salad: pineapple, plum, nectarine, grapes, cherries
2 cups veggie juice: zucchini, celery, cucumber, spinach, carrot
2 cups energy soup, followed by goji yumballs
1.5 cups tulsi tea
3 cups water

Abundant blissings to all the shiny people who have been coming out to play at our recent talks all over the yummy you are, dear community... :)
On Saturday July the 25th we'll be helping to expand the raw bliss exponentially in Kansas City at the delightfully named 'Bliss Fest', being held in the English Landing Park from noon to 7pm. Entrance is just $5 for adults, free for children under 12.
There's going to be live music, food demos, vendors, kids' tent, a farmer's market and raw food speakers, include Mr. M and myself, Tim Van Orden and the outrageously gorgeous Penni Shelton.
Come out and join us in the park as we big up the bliss in the mid–west – all details and sign–up available HERE.

on July the 16th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
bowl of green elixir ice cream
2 cups water
2 cups goji soak water with marine phytoplankton
big bowl of blueberries slathered with almond butter ;)
1 quart water

OoOoOooooo lalalalaaaaaaaaa, we have a new French translation available for you :) The lovely Colette over in France has just completed the translation of the Raw Union Wedding Recipes E–book, to add to my other three e–books she has already translated: How to go Raw For Weight Loss, Revealing the Physical Changes and A Juice Feaster's Handbook. I'm not going to attempt to give those titles in French here, as it will surely result in a mess of accented vowels, curly 'c's and impossible consonant, I'll leave the French to Colette and please click HERE to access her fabulous translations ;)

May all dynamic flow and joy be with you,
Ms.SM. xxx

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