Monday, 23 August 2010

Musical Inspirations :)

:) Last night was FUN - we went to see one of my favourite new bands, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, at the Sunset Junction Street Fair in LA. The concert was wonderful :)

We went backstage to meet Alex, the lead singer and to gift the band with our books, raw chocolates and other raw goodies...they seemed excited to receive these offerings and Alex even said that he was a raw foodie for half a year recently ;)
The massive 13-piece band played with a lot of joy and eclectic juiciness, sending balloons and inflatable balls sailing out over the audience from the stage, then bringing a minister onstage and inviting the entire audience to marry each other in a live massive group wedding ceremony ;) Later the whole crowd was welcomed to sit down on the floor along with lead singer Alex as he came down from the stage and sat in the centre of the crowd on the was a lot of fun ;)
It was also interesting to hear that just two years back, Alex and Jade, the co-founders of the band had been walking around this very festival as 'members of the public' here they were two years later headlining on the main stage - lol ;) LOVE case you're not familiar with their work, here is a live version of my favourite song from them, "Home":

on August the 20th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
3 cups greeeeeen juice
1 tbsp spirulina crunchies
feast with Mr. M of fresh figs with almond butter and acai powder
2 cups water

Mmmmm, I also have a new musical inspiration these last few days...his name is K'Naan and he is a sweet, soulful singer from Somalia who shares such delicate and insightful glimpses into growing up in a country torn by conflicts and beyond...I was introduced to his beautiful music via one reader, Colleen, who pointed me towards his classic "Tiny Desk" performance at NPR Music - check it out below...Apparently his song 'Wavin' Flag' was used as the theme to the World Cup recently, so perhaps you're familiar with his music from that...he also is apparently usually a hip-hop/rap artist, however this acoustic "Tiny Desk" performance is not presented in that way at all...I am especially in *love* with the bitter-sweet tribute song "Fatima" in the middle of this set - wow, there is such light in this man:

On the subject of the "Tiny Desk Concerts", there is such a *wealth* of talent and inspiration to explore in those YouTube videos - wow...if you haven't seen any of them, a tradition has been formed of various amazing artists cramming themselves and their bands into the tiny desk space of one of the workers at NPR Music...incredible live acoustic sets tend to are three of my personal favourites (you can click through them all in the "Tiny Desk" section on the right of the NPR Music page on YouTube, HERE):


on August the 21st I loved:

1 quart water
1 cup greeeeeeen juice
samples of stone fruits and figs at So-Cal farmers' market
2 tbsp bee pollen, 2 tbsp spirulina crunchies
2 cups greeeeeen juice
nori rolls stuffed with Sea Clear, avocado, cucumber, sprouts and sauerkraut, followed by 3 tbsp acai powder and sample of the spirulina 'cookies' from GoRaw
2 cups water

on August the 22nd I appreciated:

1 quart water
3 cups greeeeeeen juice
samples of stone fruits at farmers' market, followed by meal of fresh fruit salad with a little almond butter
samples of crunchy seed snacks - yummy :)
2 cups water
2 cups greeeeeen juice
handful of cherries and a juicy peach, amazing acai smoooothie :)
1 cup water

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All love,
A. C. S-M. xxx

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