Monday, 22 November 2010

Little Grandmother on Animal Communication, Crystals and More... :)

OoOOOoOooooo, the next video is up from Little Grandmother, wisdom-keeper Kiesha Crowther, check it out HERE - in this video she shares info on who the wisdom-keepers are, messages from crop circles, UFO sightings, the uses of crystal skulls and other crystals, her crystal-burying missions, how we can use water for global healing, how to communicate with animals, the role of dolphins, whales and elephants here, the importance of knowing how to grow your own food, masculine and feminine roles and more - you can check it all out HERE...

..and if you didn't see yet the other videos of Kiesha in Zurich posted last week, these have been HUGELY popular already and you might want to check them out... ;) The first video has already been viewed over 56,000 times in one week - see that one HERE...and the video on 2012 has been viewed over  46,000 times too - see that one HERE - enjoy ;)

on November the 19th I was blissed with:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
3 cups greeeeeeeen juice mixed with pineapple juice
bowl of papaya/banana/maca/carob/ashwaganda/stevia
water of a (very) young coconut
four *amazing* fresh figs from our baby fig trees :))))
1 quart pineapple/cucumber juice
2 cups greeeeeen smoothie: mango, banana, greeeeens from the garden, with some dried Incan Berries swirled in :)
mug of horchata tea
1 cup water

We have an exciting new "Healthy Holiday Survival Guide" raw recipe book to share with you, compiled by the lovely Heather Haxo Phillips of Various raw chefs and authors contributed to this beautiful new publication, including myself, Cherie Soria, Elaina Love, Chaya Ryvka, Melissa Mango, Russell James and others...the book is beautifully laid out, with full-colour pics and is packed with Heather's astounding attention to detail and *loving* touch ;) There are 35 Holiday-themed recipes, plus tried and tested guidance and tips for raw foodies at this time of year...Heather even had the books spiral-bound to make them easy to use in the kitchen (she really thinks of *everything* ;) You can get this lovely new book just in time for the Holiday season HERE - enjoy ;)

on November the 20th I enjoyed:

1 quart water
little glass of orange juice
bowl of papaya/banana/maca/carob/ashwaganda/stevia
shotglass of wheatgrass/greenjuice
water of a young coconut
little glass of cucumber juice
shared cucumber salad meal with Mr. M - salad stuffed into nori sheets with Sea Clear, followed by a carob "Brownie Batter" yumpot ;)
1 cup water
mug of horchata tea
1 cup water

on November the 21st I appreciated:

1 quart water
3 cups watermelon/orange juice
6 granadillas
bowl of papaya/banana/maca/carob/ashwaganda/stevia
2 cups wild greeeens coconut elixir from Mr. M
shared cucumber salad meal with Mr. M - salad stuffed into nori sheets with homemade basil/cilantro/macadamia sauce, followed by a carob "Brownie Batter" yumpot ;)
1 cup water
mug of fresh mint tea
1 cup water

I *loved* this recent "Gift For Today"email message from - this speaks very deeply to me:

Going Easy

Go easy. You may have to push forward, but you don't have to push so hard. Go in gentleness, go in peace.

Do not be in so much of a hurry. At no day, no hour, no time are you required to do more than you can do in peace. Frantic behaviors and urgency are not the foundation for our new way of life.

Do not be in too much of a hurry to begin. Begin, but do not force the beginning if it is not time. Beginnings will arrive soon enough.

Enjoy and relish middles, the heart of the matter.

Do not be in too much of a hurry to finish. You may be almost done, but enjoy the final moments. Give yourself fully to those moments so that you may give and get all there is.

Let the pace flow naturally. Move forward. Start. Keep moving forward. Do it gently, though. Do it in peace. Cherish each moment.

Today, God, help me focus on a peaceful pace rather than a harried one. I will keep moving forward gently, not frantically. Help me let go of my need to be anxious, upset, and harried. Help me replace it with a need to be at peace and in harmony.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, *deep sigh of relief* - thanks Hazelden ;) 

All love,
Angelalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. xxx

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